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Wednesday , October 19 , 2011
a Quiz "If 250 boats rush altogether to the River mouth,,,,,"
Posted by wch , Reader : 1106 , 09:18:19  

I was fascinating at a new (Thairat) that, our beloved premiress led her cabinet members to have captained, 250 plus boats and made 'PROCESSION' hoping the river flow is sped up !. Of course, all local TV cameramen on alive coverage and her bright, ear-to-ear smile, mesmerizing,, with twin big V's,,,,,

Question is, if this will speed the water? or what if they drove all the boats upstream-ward????

I can not solve this quiz but,

I heard there are a bunch of scientists and engineers in th 'powerful 50 men's cabinet'.

Especially our MR. Pladprasop and His name, i forgot but the IT engineer, Minister of Forign Affair,,,,,

ONly honest one is another, MR. Sukhum,,,, the wise-man who bloodily fights now to defend the Bangkok Citadel.

Give up Sukhum, the Eastern Canals, it is not your zone.

If they dont open all the canal watergates,declare the emergency decree and call in the Metropolitan armies, the army division 1 and 11 and secure all the watergates!

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wch date : 20/10/2011 time : 16.34

She scratches her left thigh while mosquito stung the right,,,,I dont know,
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Ian date : 20/10/2011 time : 07.52

Piset. I suspect you are confused. At the moment many dykes are being built of dredged consolidated mud, mud dredged from the canals. This mud needs to have grass grown on it in order to stabilise it, there are special strains of grass designed for this. If you need to do more do a Google search for "sand dune stabilisation".
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Piset date : 19/10/2011 time : 15.03


Just heard that the robotic prime ministress had just encourage growing some kind of water grass to help prevent flood.

Perhaps, she should be nominated for Nobel Prize, if that idea really works.

Oh, Dear God, what kind of sin has Thai people committed to deserve such all time worst flood and most stupid prime minister!

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