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Saturday , November 14 , 2009
UPDATED: Stephffs work on Hun+Sin (Hunsen and Thaksin)
Posted by veen , Reader : 5864 , 15:56:05  

Stephff sent these colourful cartoons and told me I could put them on Nation blog.He said it was a shame we don't have colour page for op-ed. So here your chance to enjoy his Thaksin and Hunsen cartoon series in colours.

Have a nice weekend

PS: Stephff sent another 3 cartoons for this series. They are the first three.


The End...

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comment 19
Ian date : 17/11/2009 time : 23.32

Dal, you seems rather confused, perhaps your GPS toy needs new batteries, this is Thailand not Chicago. Perhaps you have not noticed that the culture is different.
comment 18
Dalmasian date : 17/11/2009 time : 17.38

Ian (c17),

Wrong again! All PAD supporters are normal level headed persons. It is the Red Shirts and the toxic traitor's supporters who are abnormal.

During the prohibition in Chicago, it was the business community who came forward with a plan and necessary funding to get the federal government in Washington, D.C. to send special investigators to get rid of Al Capone. Thy could not depend on the local government in Chicagoto do the job because everyone from the mayor, police force, judges, etc. were in Al Capone's pockets.

I am calling on the business community in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand to come forward and do the same to get rid of all traitors for the sake of the country and the good people of Thailand.

-- Dalmasian
comment 17
Ian date : 17/11/2009 time : 14.56

Veen, I never realised you were a PAD/Yellow supporter, you just seemed like a normal level headed person to me.
comment 16
peacefulness date : 17/11/2009 time : 10.07

pics, betrayers, traitors to their motherland.....the mbrs of puea thai pty.
comment 15
peacefulness date : 17/11/2009 time : 10.06

pics, betrayers, traitors to their motherlan......the mbrs of puea thai pty.
comment 14
Alien date : 17/11/2009 time : 00.40

Dal, we could go to Pomjuk for the 3 million but he needs to pay me 1,000,000, Pan 1,000,000 and 1,000,000 to Windy's family (sin sot) if he wants to hook up with Windy. Other than that, I don't know anyone else with a spare 3,000,000 laying around.
comment 13
Dalmasian date : 16/11/2009 time : 18.39

stalingrad (c10),

Sorry but there is no confirmation that I know of yet. If someone is willing to pay me Baht 3 million then maybe I shall ake it upon myself to get ther necessary confirmation. Otherwise, I would rather go visit Stalingrad and let those who do not have anything better to do pursue it!

-- Dalmasian

comment 12
yabua date : 16/11/2009 time : 06.45

Goodnight, naughty boys.
comment 11
Alien date : 16/11/2009 time : 01.09

I wasn't at the seminar but I know some of the waiters and waitresses. They were complaining that all they got for a difficult night's work was a red shirt and a promise of 500B if they went to Bangkok and hold up signs for a day in December. They told me that they and their children went without food that night because of the missing tips. I asked them why didn't they take the left-overs home to feed their families and they said that a "Mr. Shinawatra" took all of the extra food. tough night for the wait staff att he hotel. The thing that stuck most in their mind though was that this "Mr. Shinawatra" accused one of them of being a drug dealer and he shot and killed him. They said that waiter never used or sold drugs in his life. Like I said, tough night for the wait-staff.
comment 10
stalingrad date : 15/11/2009 time : 23.43

Alien: that's just roughly what happened in the evening, as my Cambodian source confirmed after escaping to Thailand where he is now spilling all the beans he has in a Thai army safehouse. Were you there at the "seminar" ?

Dalmasion: What was their reason for resigning? Is this confirmed?
comment 9
Alien date : 15/11/2009 time : 23.04

I can believe that those involved have resigned from the Phue Thai Party. I cannot beleive that they gave back their signing bonuses. Do you have proof of this?
comment 8
Dalmasian date : 15/11/2009 time : 22.38

It has come to my attention today that several of the 50 or so ex-army brass who were "persuaded" by Chavalit the "traitor general" to join Phue Thai Party recently have "resigned" their memberships and each of them has "returned the Baht 3 million signing bonus (read BRIBE)" that was given to them. I think details will leak out soon enough in the Thai press.

This time around the Mother of All Thai Crooks has certainly shot himself in the foot real bad. Everywhere we go we hear people talking about how bad the Square Faced TRAITOR really is . . . at the RBSC Polo Club, for example, at church after the Sunday morning service, in restaurants, at shopping centers, etc. Some red shirt fanatics have even reportedly turned their backs on TS after realizing what a traitor he really is.

This is truly wonderful and fantastic for the Democrats and the New Politics Party because their popularity will be rising at the expense of the Party of Thugs.

Three cheers for the s.o.b. fugitive traitor. Keep up the good work. Your day of reckoning will come sooner rather than later.

-- Dalmasian
comment 7
Alien date : 15/11/2009 time : 10.30

Stalingrad, if you're going to print the itinerary, please print the whoe thing. I'm getting tired of cleaning up after you.

1416: Guests start frantically looking for the money they were given during the day. Thaksin apolgizes but states he can't stay and look as he has business to attend to. He picks up his plain paper-bag filled with unknown items and leaves.
1500: With nobody finding any of the money they were handed, the remaining guests leave.
1502: They see Thaksin in the lobby, putting what appears to be a bank deposit slip into his wallet. He tells them he's sorry about their lost mony but says they shouldn't feel bad. He explains the Thai governmnet seized billions of his money so he knows how they feel.
1510: They agree to go to the hotel restaurant where they will "Eat and drink like Romans".
1600: Thaksin excuses himself to use the bathroom.
1602: The bill comes for the lavish banquet. The guests decide to wait for everyone to be there so that they can "chip-in" for the meal.
1700: Giving up, the remaining guests pay for the lavish banquet even though not everyone is there. They wonder who has been having champagne sent to stall no. 3 in the men's room but feel they have no choice but to pay for that too.
1701: Thaksin comes out of the bathroom and apologizes for being away when the bill came due. He says he will "catch them next time".
1703: The waiters and waitresses start looking for their tips, which wee on the table a minute ago. Thaksin tells them not to feel bad. he explains that the Thai government seized billions of his money so he knows how they feel. He apologizes he cannot stay to help them look for their tips, takes a plain paper bag filled with unknown items and leaves.
1705: Restaurant management appears and wants to know "what the hell happened to all of their silverware".

See next installment for day 2 of conference.
comment 6
stalingrad date : 15/11/2009 time : 08.04

Veen: Brilliant. More. Some cartoons on the gems of wisdom talk on economics he gave in Phanom Penh would be good. Here incidently was outline of talk, smuggled out by a Cambodian traitor, who subsequently was arrested.

9 am: Introduction, guest speaker hands out 100$ to each participant.

930-1030: Basics on how to do policy corruption and get away with it

1030-1130: How to throw scraps at the people and make them foreverlastingly grateful

1130-1140: coffee break. Guest hands out $100 to each participant

1140-1240: Bribing the justice system as part of economic development: case study of a failed attempt on 2 million Baht sweets bag, Q+A on
how to improve on it.

1240-1340: Lunch: guest hands out 50$ and manual "How to cheat, bribe the key state institutions and fool the stupid masses into believing it's a great moral idea" (1st 50 copies autographed--with 50$ bookmark)

1345-1415: (after lunch wake up period)The international front: How to recruit bloggers to do one's bidding: case study of Nationmultimedia blog: an invited foreign blogger from the West gives his/her experience ( 100$ again handed out to all)

etc. etc.
comment 5
notdisappointed date : 14/11/2009 time : 21.15

K. Veen, much thanks.

robinhole you are the prime example of a moron.
comment 4
Hermano_Lobo date : 14/11/2009 time : 20.47

Thai Justice is a classic example of an OXYMORN !
comment 3
Mobydick date : 14/11/2009 time : 17.42

These cartoons make me think of Chit Phumisak (จิตร ภูมิศักดิ์).

Power to Thai people.
comment 2
noonin date : 14/11/2009 time : 17.28


How unpatriotic!
The foreigners are united in support of Thaksin.
Why do you mock him?
He has done nothing but good for Thailand.
I will give examples:
Help me Al!
Oh yes, Universal health care, all Thai are now treated at Bumrungrad style hospitals.

Sorry I need some help.
Equality before the law.
Something else.
Lots of money for Thailand( in an oversea account.)
Please help Ian, Ha Ha and Al, even Red and White Stripes, come on , my sickness is deteriorating!
comment 1
yabua date : 14/11/2009 time : 16.59

A good laugh for a gloomy weekend.
Thank you , Khun Veen.

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