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Wednesday , April 1 , 2009
Treasures along the Khlongs
Posted by marhas , Reader : 1736 , 03:49:47  

Beautiful architecture at Wat Paknam

Not many of them are in the tourist guides. I'm talking about the treasures along the khlongs in Bangkok: Temples, mosques and markets, the mix of Thai, Chinese and muslim style of architecture. Many tourists go to khlong tours and do not know, what they miss, when they just drive by. But many bloggers have already written und published pictures of these parts of old Bangkok. But it's here and there in the internet, you don't really find, what you are looking for. That's why I start my collection of Treasures along the Khlongs now with Khlong Bangkok Yai. I collected english and Thai names, history information, pictures and links to deeper content. You can start with a Google Map of Khlong Bangkok Yai or you may enter into my trip along the khlong. Please feel free to comment on my mistakes or make suggestions, what I should add. If you like to send me your own pictures, please do, but add the Thai or english name of the location (send to hasmartin@bluewin.ch). This little guide lives from the informations, that many people bring together. Therefore I thank you for everything you will add.


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