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Friday , August 24 , 2007
Merlin has won BOT forced out
Posted by Tawan , Reader : 1366 , 10:01:24  

The Finance Ministry plans toask the BOT to abandon its unpopular capital control measures and instead force the BOT to adopt an exchange rate target for the baht that copies regional currencies.Thailand knows what is coming down the road after the credit crunch is over. Emerging Market economies growth for the first time is fueling the global economic engine instead of the US consumer. The US dolla....

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Thursday , August 23 , 2007
China Envy American Woes
Posted by Tawan , Reader : 1592 , 07:49:58  

CHINA ENVY AMERICAN WOESEnvy and why not, China has averaged annual growth of 9.5% for 30 years. China has put growth above all costs. The roots of a communist capitalist system goes back to 1980s and 1990s when the late leader Deng Xiao-Ping declared it was ok to get rich. Beijing down to the local level cadres are all judged by GDP growth. Gross Domestic Product growth was based on increasing p....

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Wednesday , August 22 , 2007
More Bashing
Posted by Tawan , Reader : 1706 , 02:05:03  

The internet, what a great tool to level the playing field. One just has to take a look at the Thai forums to see how quickly Thais are changing and adapting their communication skills to match a global society.On the internet in dealing with global issues Thais are throwing out Thai rules of communication and adopting western rules of communication. Just like everyone else Thais can hide behind the....

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Sunday , August 19 , 2007
Thai Democracy Yes Western Democracy No
Posted by Tawan , Reader : 1235 , 00:39:01  

I agree with a recent statement I hope Thailand will find the right way into a bright future. IMO Thai Democracy does not need to be a copy of Western Democracy. The blogs that say Thais do not understand democracy need to look at their own democracies.I believe Thais are free. I believe Thais are tolerant people. I believe Thais are intelligent people.I agree with China, western society has more....

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Saturday , August 18 , 2007
Good Ole Boy
Posted by Tawan , Reader : 1634 , 21:54:23  

Everything seems to come full circle around every ten years. The above link talks about exactly that. Case studies keeps repeating the same mistakes. Politics and Business works together in a "Good Ole Boy System" of greed not honest business.History 1980's Savings and Loans local Politicians and Businesses get loans based on phony book values no income statements etc... sound familiar only....

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