Swine Flu and Sweet Pork?

I made this dish a month ago, when price of pork was only Bht. 100.- per kilo. Today they cost Bht. 130.- per kilo, and with the invasion of swine flu, I think the price will go down very soon.

Does the H1N1 virus affect people consuming pork these days? I think so, eventhough there have been confirmation that eating pork does not get you infected with the swine flu at all.

I stronly believe that eating pork will not get me infected.

This is Sticky Rice with Sweet Pork.

You will need brown sugar paste (narm tan peep), sweet black sauce, fish sauce and soya sauce. Cut these pork into cubes. You can use "moo sarm chan", pork with fat, too. Marinate them with salt and pepper.

Finely chopped shallots.

Fry these pork a little. You don't have to actually. You can actually cook them with the sauce right away.

Once fried, add some water, sugar paste, little bit of black sauce and other sauce.

Let it boil at medium heat and keep stiring from time to time.

When most of the sauce is about to dry up, add shallots.

Prepare some sticky rice and serve with sweet pork.

Dinner is served!

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วันที่ เสาร์ พฤษภาคม 2552