Sondhi's son alleges "Gestapo" behind his father's assassination attempt

Jittanart Limthongkul, Sondhi's only son, said tonight that a "Gestpo state" is being formedas the base for a new political force that's "as bad as the red shirts."

"A new form of war isemerging-- it's being launched by the collusionof certain police and military officers. They are plotting a new coup. It is said that a minister, who is said to be involved in the attempted assassination of a privy councillor, is actively behind this new exercise," Jittanart said in a "phone-in" from Bangkok to a concert in Phuket organized by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD).

He said this group of plotters was employing "assassins" to hunt down those they consider their enemies.

He added that they are creating conditions for the dissolution of the House -- so that the police and military officers involved would dominate the political scene.

"The red-shirts can suddenly turn blude shirts. This plot has many levels. They wanted to make Sondhi Limthongkul and Chanchai Likhitjitta (privy councillor) their sacrifical lambs...."

Sondhi's son said the incident at the Interior Ministry last week when Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva came under attack had been planned "to kill the prime minister -- and put the blame on the red-shirts."

Jittinart said this "newpower group" is putting up military barrier on the outer ring to preventThaksin Shinawatr from returning while blocking Premier Abhisit with an inner ring. He said: "The people like us must be united and don't let them hold us hostage."

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