More Bashing

The internet, what a great tool to level the playing field. One just has to take a look at the Thai forums to see how quickly Thais are changing and adapting their communication skills to match a global society.

On the internet in dealing with global issues Thais are throwing out Thai rules of communication and adopting western rules of communication. Just like everyone else Thais can hide behind the computer. No more smiling no more silence no more politeness rules of Thai society. Why because it does not work it is a global audience. Read the comments smiles are interpreted as deception to gain access to ATM cards no one smiles in the west unless they are up to something or watching comedy central. Polite is interpreted as buy me a house. Silence is interpreted as just plain stupid as seen when ET ask his 5ws to the class and no student responds. ET interprets this as the students must be stupid or the education system must be failing certainly not as advanced as western education system where are all the guns?

Enter the Western Dragon where loud mouth, direct, aggressive behavior moves you up in politics, society and business. Anything less is interpreted as weakness and worse inept. In short, the Alpha dog characteristics are taught very early and learned if one is going to be successful. If one can not perform the wolf pack eats you alive. Results are as an Alpha dog being bigger, meaner and better than any other dog on the block and deserves success as such, less aggressive dogs deserve their lot in life because they chose to be weak non aggressive. A good communicator can shoot off the 5Ws faster than a machine gun with one linear goal in mind of I am right and you are wrong no grays in this world. Although, a good communicator can also grasp incremental thinking also, such as the Japanese

Example I wish you luck but quickly adding I hope you fail. Never use circular communications this is also interpreted in the west as deception stick to linear and incremental.

Where East meets West, hopefully, Thai society can keep the two means of communications separate Japan did. I would hate to have to walk the streets of Thai society with a stun gun in hand.

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