Thai Democracy Yes Western Democracy No

I agree with a recent statement I hope Thailand will find the right way into a bright future. IMO Thai Democracy does not need to be a copy of Western Democracy. The blogs that say Thais do not understand democracy need to look at their own democracies.

I believe Thais are free. I believe Thais are tolerant people. I believe Thais are intelligent people.

I agree with China, western society has more than enough problems of their own and has no right to criticize other countries. It is not constructive criticism being offered by western societies. It is criticism offered with a holier than you sarcastic superior attitude that all things western are superior education, government, business, people etc.

May I ask? Are westerners born with this trait of absolute belief that they are superior or is that trait taught in your education system? What Thai people do not need is a history lesson about the Civil Liberties ratified in 1791 by the US Congress known as the Bill of Rights by hypocrite slave owners. You want to know about Civil Rights ask Martin Luther King after 250 years of living in a so called free democratic society the struggle continues today against the same leaders that seems to forget the recent past that they were a part of in western society. Even though Dr. King is gone the powers that he fought against are still alive today. If the US democracy model works like the above statements with 300 years of experience of not getting it right how is it going to work in Thailand?

Thailand does not need to be an exact copy of the US. China proves that communism and free markets work. Japan proves that Japan Inc works none of which copies the US. The US policy of you are either with us or against us proves how narrow minded the US is and is the major cause of a lot of problems in the world. What problems is Thailand causing in the world on that scale?

I would rather walk the streets of Tokyo at midnight than try that in New York the so called capital of the free world. As far as history lessons the western free world needs to go back and read those great documents and start living by them.

Yes, we need constructive criticism not laced with sarcasm and the word respect needs to be added back to the English dictionary and used.

I have noticed too many westerners speak without concern for the listeners thoughts are feelings. This is not the Thai definition of freedom and is a sign of a very uneducated person.

Thai Democracy Yes, Western Democracy No

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