Sinister and strange: The murals at Denver Airport

Here is something that the Conspiracy Theorists have been getting excited about.

The Murals at Denver International Airport, painted by Leo Tanguma. They first came on show when the airport was opened in 1995.

Very apocalyptic !

Here is a World burning with children of different races suffering and dying.

The Earth destroyed by firefrom a naturaldisaster or a nuclear war ?

Is this the Anti-Christ causing death and killing the Dove of Peace? He carries an Arab scimitar and a Kalshnikov rifle. He wears a gas mask.

Here is detail of one mural. The death of.......?

The Anti-Christ lies dead, defeated. Two Doves of Peace sit on him. A new era of peace is heralded.

Then they all look to some New Age Flower Religion.

The runways at Denver form a Swastika. Not practical as aircraft movements could conflict.

A strange plaque describes 'New World Airport Commission'. There is no such thing !

Here's what Govenor Jesse Ventura has to say. Watch all six videos:-

How about a mural on a subject more relevant like this Lockheed Constellation ?

Or this Boeing Stratocruiser.

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