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Just blogging from MOM & Daughter
I'm 38 Thai, young looking mom with 13 year old sweet daughter and 2 cute French Bulldogs. I'm Thai/Malaysian Chinese. I grew up in Malaysia and came back to Thailand when I was 17.
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Saturday , May 2 , 2009
Swine Flu and Sweet Pork?
Posted by panalwayscute , Reader : 5364 , 20:23:20  

I made this dish a month ago, when price of pork was only Bht. 100.- per kilo. Today they cost Bht. 130.- per kilo, and with the invasion of swine flu, I think the price will go down very soon.

Does the H1N1 virus affect people consuming pork these days? I think so, eventhough there have been confirmation that eating pork does not get you infected with the swine flu at all.

I stronly believe that eating pork will not get me infected.

This is Sticky Rice with Sweet Pork.

You will need brown sugar paste (narm tan peep), sweet black sauce, fish sauce and soya sauce. Cut these pork into cubes. You can use "moo sarm chan", pork with fat, too. Marinate them with salt and pepper.

Finely chopped shallots.

Fry these pork a little. You don't have to actually. You can actually cook them with the sauce right away.

Once fried, add some water, sugar paste, little bit of black sauce and other sauce.

Let it boil at medium heat and keep stiring from time to time.

When most of the sauce is about to dry up, add shallots.

Prepare some sticky rice and serve with sweet pork.

Dinner is served!

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comment 14
happyjack date : 06/05/2009 time : 11.38

Hygiene,have you seen the Cans put directly into the ice chest,then the ice is sold off to the Public.I have got that stopped now,with many thanks for pointing out the Dangers.
comment 13
Ian date : 06/05/2009 time : 10.30

HJ, just add some disinfectant to the bucket of ice water the cans are floating in.

I used to get rats from my neighbour, now I have 8 cats. I now have no rats, no geckos and no roaches.
comment 12
happyjack date : 06/05/2009 time : 08.39

Pan has a valid point about the Rats.Dont drink out of Cans,like most Men do, after their 4th.
comment 11
xena date : 05/05/2009 time : 12.46

Don't worry I clean them thoroughly before cooking. You keep frightening me like this, I will have to skip food in Thailand.
comment 10
panalwayscute date : 04/05/2009 time : 19.49

xena-I'm serious about the "dirty" water cooking khao nau..... Actually, you can buy the smallest bag of uncooked khao nau and keep it just like rice. I strongly suggest this, because the ones you add with the red beans are not clean either. There are late night unexpected guests (rats) having free dinner at these "open" bean or rice corners.....Eat safely my friend!
comment 9
xena date : 04/05/2009 time : 09.45

Thanks Ian, I shall try it as this gives a quick solution to my small portion.

Please frighten me like this. Usually I buy my Khao Niau at the supermart. I must tell this joke. I usually need a little stick rice for my red bean soup. So I would buy red bean and grap a small handful of sticky rice(uncooked) into my red bean packet. That is how little I need. One Packet portion that they sell on the street is my whole day consumption.
comment 8
panalwayscute date : 03/05/2009 time : 17.53

xena-I used my rice cooker... It tastes alot better than buying them. It's soft and definitely cleaner....I have seen some local hawkers using "dirty" water to cook their Khao Nau....
comment 7
Ian date : 03/05/2009 time : 17.02

Xena, quarter fill a cup sized container with rice, then a pinch of salt a splash of oil and fill to near the top with water, close the lid and give it about 10 mins in the microwave.
comment 6
xena date : 03/05/2009 time : 16.28

Thanks Ian,
What I meant was that cooked sticky rice is not readily available. I have to cook it myself. As I eat only a very small portion cooking it myself is a hassle.
Actually this dish is similar to Chinese "Gu Loh Yok" and the sugar paste gives it the final glaze. I have a soft spot for glazed stuff.
comment 5
Ian date : 03/05/2009 time : 14.18

Xena, sticky rice is a Thai name, in English we call it pudding rice.
comment 4
xena date : 03/05/2009 time : 12.47

Another good simple dish, yummy. My problem is sticky rice cannot get them as easy in Singapore.
I will add some chilli into it at the time of adding the shallots.
comment 3
Ian date : 03/05/2009 time : 10.19

Hey, what went wrong, you left out the garlic
I might try this, it actually looks edible to my western eyes.
Have you ever tried honey instead of sugar paste, in the west who are very fond of honey cured ham and pork?
Incidentally as the AH1N1 virus is a respiratory infection and long as you dont eat the lungs or nasopharyngal head parts you could never catch this by eating the meat.
comment 2
happyjack date : 03/05/2009 time : 08.04

You are so luckey you City Folk,the poor old Piggy Farmer gets 30 Bht a Kilo,if hes luckey.
comment 1
Tow date : 02/05/2009 time : 21.16
Close to nature ...

It'd be my tomorrow's breakfast.
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The funny duo.........

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