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The purpose is to publish my viewpoints on Thai politics, traditions and other topics. Comments to agree or disagree with my views are welcome but I reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments.
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Monday , October 11 , 2010
Thaksin is exposed by Foreign Policy as ex-PM who is still active in negative political activities
Posted by krajog , Reader : 2667 , 11:59:01  

Foreign Policy's article by Joshua E. Keating, an associated editor, which was published on Oct. 1 exposed five former presidents and prime ministers as bad Ex-politicians who are still active in politics. Keating started his article by saying, Most ex-presidents and former prime ministers devote their lives to making a positive difference in the world, or at least fade away into obscurity. Here are five former leaders who have done neither.

Heading the list is
GERHARD SCHRÖDER , ex-chancellor of Germany (1998-2005), followed by JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR, ex-prime minister of Spain (1996-2004; OLESEGUN OBASANJO, ex-president of Nigeria (1999-2007); JOSEPH ESTRADA, ex-president of the Philippines (1998-2001). He is described by Keating as Action-movie-star-turned-president Joseph Estrada was ousted in 2001 after serving less than half his term amid a flurry of corruption charges. Estrada has also admitted to having numerous children out of wedlock and reportedly made crucial policy decisions with the help of a "midnight cabinet" of old drinking buddies. He was finally convicted of "plunder" in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment, but was pardoned by his successor, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, just a few weeks later under a deal in which he promised not to go back into politics.

And the fifth one is Thailand's indisputable champion of corruption, THAKSIN SHINAWATRA the most scandalous Ex-prime minister of Thailand. Here is what Mr. Keating describes Thaksin.


Old job: Prime minister of Thailand, 2001-2006

New image: Since being deposed in a 2006 coup amid allegations of graft and human rights abuses, Thaksin has lived a peripatetic existence. The former billionaire businessman has served as a "special ambassador" for Nicaragua and an economic advisor in Cambodia, and was briefly owner of the Manchester City* soccer club. Thaksin reportedly lived under a false name in Germany for more than a year and has used illegally received passports from a number of other countries as well. He now makes his home in Dubai.

This year, Thaksin's supporters, known as "red shirts," occupied central Bangkok and stormed government buildings throughout the country in an effort to force the government to step down. Around 90 people were killed in the ensuing clashes between often-armed protesters and police before the two sides agreed to a cease-fire. Thai courts charged Thaksin in absentia for his role in fomenting the protests. Although Thaksin was vocally supportive of the red shirts -- he once called into a rally and promised "to make all Thais rich" if his supporters were able to regain political power -- he denies funding their efforts. He has also been convicted on additional corruption charges since going into exile, though he maintains that those charges are politically motivated.

Since the red shirts' defeat, Thaksin has cut back on his media appearances and political activities. In August, he gave up his position with the Cambodian government, helping ease relations between the two countries.

*The text was corrected from "Manchester United soccer team" to "Manchester City soccer club."

The followings are comments made by readers of the article:

Thaksin was the devil from hell

Most of Thai peoples need Thaksin and his whole family will dead immediately
In Thai history never ever have some one who wicked, profusely viciously, devilishly, deceitfully, immorally AS THAKSIN SHINAWAT

He stole money from his motherland and burn own country pay the bad money for bomb and destroy the country that he born He say to his gang if he not get Thailand no one can live happily



11:19 AM ET

October 10, 2010

Thaksin worst than human can describe

I think many Thais who voted for his party the first time including me and he became Thai prime minister. However, since then I couldn't believe how so wrong I was to elect his party. He always says he never involves with all violences in Bangkok but he has the connection and influence to stop all the conflicts but he decides to let his supporters burn business buildings and let them to die for his own cause what's such a selfish and coward things to do. Any bad things happen in Thailand he always says that he's not involved but all evidences suggest otherwise. I hope that he will look back and see how he badly hurts his motherland economically, socially, and politically. Please Thaksin if you still think that you are a decent human being, you should find the way to amend your mistakes and help Thai people to come together and live in harmony.


8:57 PM ET

October 10, 2010

Scold and curse him forever.

Thaksin Shinawara is an unknown and unclassified animal is capable of scaring people by cheating all people in Thailand, his own nation. He is a great pretender and corruptor and yet a traitor. He is the worst of the worst animal on this planet.

Reference: http://www.thaksindead.com/world-20-ugliest-beasts-of-2010

9:49 PM ET

October 10, 2010

Thaksin Shinawatra International Terrorist

Facts About Criminal Thaksin Shinawatra Former Prime Minister of Thailand, NO Home Land International Terrorist!


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comment 27
Ian date : 17/10/2010 time : 12.33

Gothai, In my village many call me "Ajarn" it has taken several years to persuade them to call me Ian. Even now most call me Khun Ian or Mister Ian, which is incorrect usage, only the children seem willing to simply call me Ian.
HJ 24. I participated in many of the early PAD marches and demonstrations, they reminded me of the Aldermarston Marches and Ban the Bomb rallies. Like these there was also a rowdy element there for the fun of "having a go" at the establishment.
Every mob has its fringe antisocial element including the Reds.
comment 26
gothai date : 16/10/2010 time : 11.32

Farang has the misconception to understand what & why Thais address another Thai as archan teacher.
comment 25
FelixQui date : 15/10/2010 time : 17.20

Brainy dinosaurs?
Or just brute force and mindless might?
comment 24
happyjack date : 14/10/2010 time : 20.03

No Ian, you are totally wrong about my opinion of Reds.I see an element of the Thugs in England who dropped lumps of Concrete of Motorway Bridges,and killed at random .This element is swinging in Hammocks ready for action around me.I'm not Bloody Stupid or Biased.I leave that to Krajog and Dall,but Dalls a Canuck.
comment 23
Ian date : 14/10/2010 time : 16.04

Krajog, I find it entertaining the way you always miss the point of my comments, you seem to understand the words but not the semantics. I am not attacking your love for your King or for Thai land, I am attacking your blind hatred for over half of the Thai population. I am simply pointing out that no matter how justified YOU might think that hatred is, your country will always be divided and in a moral and political mess, unless you can accept that they have some right on their side, just as do the yellows, PAD, even the Moslem South. This is why you are a dinosaur, you lack a mammal's heart.
As I said you are blinkered, I feel sorry for you in your arrogance.
comment 22
FelixQui date : 14/10/2010 time : 15.06

Acts are not right because AMerica or the West do them. The relationship is the other way: America and the West are good because they often (certainly not always) do what is right. And it's easy enough to point out where teh West does the wrong thing, both now and in the past. I have NEVER argued that something is right because Western, although in fact it is often the case that Western values are morally superior to the alternatives. But it is that they have got something right that makes teh West a little better, never that something is better because it's from the West.

Non-Western cultures also often do well on moral issues, but there are also glaring cases of grave injustice, and Thailand's barbaric and draconian LM laws for which there is no good excuse are a prime example. And those laws also necessarily entail that any feelings towards the topics so censored cannot be well-informed, but must be blind, at least to the extent that the person with those feelings has obeyed the law and submitted to the officially enforced state of ignorance.

Loving your country is a good thing, as is respecting your head of state. But well-informed respect is worth more than blind love, however sincerely blind it may be.
comment 21
Alien date : 13/10/2010 time : 22.51

HA_HA - "his money" ?

I'm surprised Jimmy Carter hasn't received "honorable mention" on this. Maybe he was excused because of delusional thinking?
comment 20
krajog date : 13/10/2010 time : 20.15

Dalmasian, c5 & c13,

Thanks for supporting me on this blog. You and I are branded as dinosaurs of the Lost World. Wow, what a great honour. Dinosaurs roamed the world for more than 200 million years before they became extinct. That means they were great and mighty kind of animals. Many of them were brainy enough to survived for a long, long time. We are now like club fellows, rights?
comment 19
krajog date : 13/10/2010 time : 19.34

Dear stalingrad, c15,

I put in a break for more than a month here but not totally immobilized my blogging. I started blogging in Thai at OK Nation in the middle of Sept last. If you want to read, here is the url: http://www.oknation.net/blog/tatchai2/2010/10/13/entry-1 and another one here:http://www.oknation.net/blog/tatchai/2010/10/10/entry-1

I don't think there is any change here in terms of mentality of some expat bolggers. They still think I were a dinosaur in my way of I LOVE THE KING, I LOVE THAILAND expression. They took every opportunity to blasted me with unkind words. They enjoy throwing rubbish on me. I don't give a damn about it.

I think I know their real nature and the way they think about Thai people who do not agree with them in Thai politics and legal matters. They are slaves to their own sense of bigotry and looking down on people who refuse to take their ideas. Probably,they have superiority complex against Thai people. Many expats who live in Thailand for a number of reasons, I think, generally are good people. Anyone who made comments in contempt of this blog should open their eyes to reality. Anyway, many thanks for your concern.
comment 18
Ian date : 13/10/2010 time : 16.44

When I read people like Krajog and Dalmasian it is like reading comments in Thai-Visa, the totally blinkered anti Red thinking is so totally predictable.
Even people like HJ tar them with the same collective brush, it makes me wonder if peace will ever be possible in this totally polarised environment.
People in Thailand, including resident Farangs have what I call a Moslem mentality, the world is divided into them and us, there is no compromise, we the "us" are right and and they the "them" are totally wrong.
I hope Krajog represents the past and I hope HA_HA the future, I think while the Krajog mindset maintains dominance in Thailand then Thailand has no future. Many Thai bloggers politely address him as "teacher", in fact he is not a teacher he is a demagogue a member of a class and culture which is holding Thailand back. I am not supporting Reds nor even attacking Yellows, I am attacking the sort of thinking which Krajog reveals. Thailand is run by dinosaurs that refuse to become extinct.
comment 17
Plaadip date : 13/10/2010 time : 11.54

c14, Gothai, I don't think they can do it for the terrorism invetigation (you are talking about a on-site invetigation that the police usually organize for a public stunt, right?) The "special method of investigation" can be an excuse for them to leak whatever they want while showing no concrete evidence, but it's also true that terrorism investigation is usually like this.

See the case of Metee who is now in "witness protection program". When he was arrestred they said his case was a kind of bum-rap and accused DSI for providing media with information that he didn't say, but now we found that he didn't recant his statement even after he was allowed to access the media. (I think he can't deny the charge anyway because there is a picture taken by NYT in which he hold M16 on the night when the 20 more people including military officers were killed .)

I don't blindly believe whatever the government or CRES said, but my hunch said that this 11 military trainees' story have some substances, though there may be some exaggeration.
comment 16
FelixQui date : 13/10/2010 time : 07.11

Stalingrad, re c.15,
I do not think that any (none) of hte westerners on this blog site doubt, or have ever doubted, "that Thaksin is one of the most creative crooks ever, manipulating their beloved democracy to shreds".

The trouble is that Abhisit and his mob, also appear dead set against democracy and the free speech that is a necessary foundation for a healthy democracy. Thakin loved to use law suits and threats of financial loss to control the press and peaceful expressions of honestly held, if offensive, opinions, but the current Thai government and the CRES are hell bent on using terror backed up by the old draconian and barbaric LM laws to suppress the peaceful expression of honestly held opinions so as to enforce with seeming increasing desperation their official policy of keeping Thai citizens ignorant of matters that matter very much to most Thai citizens.

Some Thai people have a problem understanding that Taksin's very real evils do not excuse the equal or even greater evils by his enemies, such as teh PADster terrorists, coup leaders, and the current Thai rulers.
comment 15
stalingrad date : 13/10/2010 time : 00.03

Hi, Khun Krajog, haven't visited these blogs regularly, due to other pressing concerns, but glad to see your blogs again. On this piece of news, it's something we knew all along but the bleeding heart western types who are stuck in a democratic timewarp have refused to consider the obvious, that Thaksin is one of the most creative crooks ever, manipulating their beloved democracy to shreds. Now with this article from certainly not a kids glove magazine (actually classed as a journal), they're probably disoriented and have to retreat a few months to think the whole matter out. Mind you, it took even Foreign Policy more than a year and two Bangkok uprisings to see the light and come up with a relatively mild condemnation. Being put in the same class as Fujimori and Estrada is a bit of an insult to the man, who could claim more destruction and booty to his credit than all the others on the list.

I feel like coming back to this blog, as we are in a critical stage in Thai politics and economics, and would like to solicit some opinion of bloggers here. What's the atmosphere here like these days? Still a cold war going on ? Young Ha ha I see is still around, and I see she's still as lively as ever. How about changing your pic for a change, it's been what a year now?
comment 14
gothai date : 12/10/2010 time : 19.55

C8 Plaadip
It a good piece of evident against the red shirt movement if it is really true. Police should being those to be train assailants to reconstruct their deeds which they normally did to bring prime suspects reconstructing what they had done in the interest of the public in general. Another good opportunity for AV government to drive the coffin nails harder to seal their evil deeds. Do you agree with that?
comment 13
Dalmasian date : 12/10/2010 time : 17.37

Like I wrote earlier, Krajog once again published an excellent blog. It is based on this article in the Foreign Policy web site of the Washington Post news organization.



If anyone is so obsessed with "shreds or shits of evidence" in whatever quantity I strongly suggest he or she contact the author of the article, Joshua E. Keating.

I am sure Mr. Keating will be more than happy to comply with whatever shit of evidence he has in his possession.

As they say, one can lead a horse to water but cannot force it to drink. How true it is for some bloggers here!

-- Dalmasian
comment 12
FelixQui date : 12/10/2010 time : 15.37

I agree that the bodies are solid evidence of who was involved in making the bomb that exploded. The bodies and statements of the arrested Payao 11 would also be good evidence.

No, I don't have any evidence to the contrary. But that's not a good reason to blindly trust the Thai government, and certainly not the CRES, given their track record of making allegations that were later quietly forgotten because they were always baseless. Remember a few months back there were allegations of a widespread and much touted conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy made by teh CRES. When it didn't wash, that embarrassing boo-boo was quickly and quietly forgotten. But it remains as evidence of the sort of baseless allegation that the CRES is prepared to make. Their equally well known habit of using censorship to suppress knowledge also counts as evidence against the credibility of the CRES and teh current Thai government.

I'm quite prepared to believe that the latest allegations are true, but it would be silly to believe without evidence merely because some officials have said it.

It's easy to make up a good story, with lots of exciting plots, characters and twists, but in Thailand, it is prudent to ask for some solid evidence before believing that the story is more than a story, especially when it's such a good one.

When it comes to trial and the evidence comes out is perhaps the appropriate time to decide whether this particular story is true or not.

We know that Taksin is guilty of many crimes because the evidence is there: dead bodies from his war on drugs, Yoon's family harrassed by Thai police, law suits against reporters who spoke out and the like.

My question was sincere - I want to know if it's true or just another story made up to discredit others.
comment 11
Plaadip date : 12/10/2010 time : 14.34

c10, Felix, No, the police chielf of the province said so with some details in a press conference, that's all. And those who confessed it to the police were in "witness protection program", so unreachable. But you can't brush off the allegation as a mere propaganda or frame-up, (anyway, you don't have any evidence supporting your allegation against the CRES or the government, neither right?), in particular, after we knew about who was behind the bombing in the suburb of Bangkok. Was the bomber who was killed by the accidental explosion an army's saboteur embeded in the red gourd? I have no reason to believe it.
comment 10
FelixQui date : 12/10/2010 time : 14.02

Plaadip, re c.8,
I read that with interest, too.

Has any evidence been presented, or is just another baseless story spread about by the government and CRES?
comment 9
Dalmasian date : 12/10/2010 time : 12.19

Why is the "Royal" Thai Government doing absolutely nothing about the Mother of Al Thai Crooks after all of the bad things he has done? This truly boggles my mind.

What a bunch of idiots and charlatans in Government House. If someone who is more assertive and drcisive is in power, I am sure that rascal would have been long sent packing to meet his ancestors.

-- Dalmasian
comment 8
Plaadip date : 12/10/2010 time : 09.15

Today's news on the 11 red trainees in Payao was quite shocking for me, in particular, on its "brain washing video" part. I didn't think that the red went that far.
comment 7
gothai date : 11/10/2010 time : 22.04

What were penned here or anywhere can change into any better scenario? Then congratulate the present coalition of their efficiency & corrupt free environment. Good governances, the Baht gets stronger to the old days of Sept 97, approx 25B to 1USD & high interest rate. Presume Thaksin die tomorrow, no more Thaksin, liberated, thus no more corruption in Thailand starting with AV. Then be awakening.
comment 6
FelixQui date : 11/10/2010 time : 21.37

Dalmasian, re c.5,
And presumably as PM, Thaksin's other sin was to collude in the vast international conspiracy to keep secret the fact that we are regularly visited by intelligent extra-terrestrials, whose reverse engineered technology is the real reason for the US's scientific excellence. Doubtless Abhisit is now fully engaged in that very same conspiracy. (According to Dalmasian in his recent series of blogs on UFOs - another example of incisive and sound reasoning.)
comment 5
Dalmasian date : 11/10/2010 time : 20.52

Another great, truthful and useful article by Khun Krajog. keep up the good work!

-- Dalmasian
comment 4
FelixQui date : 11/10/2010 time : 16.42

thaksinded.com ?

Now, why are we amazed to find such abusively anti-Taksin comments there, and why is that site conspicuously NOT blocked by Thailand's official enforcers of pervasive ignorance on matters that matter most to most Thai people?

This recklessness is unlikely to heal the ever deepening divide in Thai society.
comment 3
FelixQui date : 11/10/2010 time : 16.22

The obvious way to find out what the Thai people really think is to hold an election and abolish the draconian laws used to stifle free speech. If a majority of Thai people don't approve of Taksin, they will not vote for any party connected with him. If people are permitted to peacefully say what they really think, a lot of relevant knowledge might come light, at the very least, some open discussion would make possible much better informed voting decisions.

It is conspicuously the case that the current government is not taking up either of these democratic and just options.
comment 2
krajog date : 11/10/2010 time : 15.23

HA_HA c1,

I think I admire you for being faithful to an idea that Thaksin is innocent of all the blames he got. I would not argue with you if Thaksin is a saint or a devil. Time will tell. You seem to have a kind heart toward other people. Good impression for bad people does not hurt you. But the right impression for the right people is far better.
comment 1
HA_HA date : 11/10/2010 time : 13.23

umm... i have no doubt that mr. thaksin still involves with thai politics unless he has reached secret agreement with the old power which i hope he does not. i hope he'd fight for justice rather than compromise so he can has his money back (if there's such proposal.)

in general, i don't understand why ex-presidents or prime ministers are considered bad if they still involve in politics. why a person who is interested in politics all his life should quit politics after he reaches the top? it doesn't make sense to me. IMHO, i think as long as anybody can accept critism he should be allowed in politics. only people who cannot take critism, or protected by law should not be involved. that's only fair.

For those comments, i wold say i don't know if mr. thaksin is really evil or a saint but from those hateful comments if anybody wants to destroy someone i will recommend him to use Sondhi Lim's service i think to hate or to love someone like that must only be the product of very good smear or propoganda.


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