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Saturday , November 19 , 2011
On the Ocean current, river flood is just a wake on duck feet , 555
Posted by wch , Reader : 1231 , 07:44:11  

Obama moved his decisive horse, All or nothing, for his second term parley, unfortunately to China and Thai reds, in this south east Asian water (that I early renamed 'Silk Sea') and the Bengal Bay targetting the junta-ites Burmeses.

This blog is only for the interested, and well knowledged ones about what is going on this recent EAC summits at Bali where, Obama got spotlight. US lost taste in middle east, where old lords play big and so naturally (American sociopsychologically) take this south east Asian water to establish American ego.

Earlier, US decided to base a new military force in northern Australia. This is the signal to break earlier silence on the issue of so called "South China Sea" with China but,

Obama took the second thought and turned great U-TURN on his Foreign policy.

Sooner or later, Burmese China military sea port is stemmed 'Farfare', launching ceremony, that makes India uncomfortable. Earlier India decided to run own naval port in Vietnam.

Inclusion of Burma is significant, to Thailand. Offence to Burma, Thailand is badly needed to US military and it will give Thai military a force.

In this oceanic undercurrent, Thailand has no afford to play its home plays.

Phillippines, Indonesia and Malaysia distance themselves little away from ASEAN plus Three and feel still they need US.

THAILAND NEEDS POLITICAL STABILITY, to US and it is wanted to All, those allies of US in the Pacific Ocean.

Taming China is already started. Tibetans will move very fast from now on. Taiwan will apply UN membership that was illigally kicked out by UN and the stupid unsc. Ban must abolish unsc and form new system.

to be continued.

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comment 8
wch date : 21/11/2011 time : 19.51

"For your latest information, Taiwan has announce the setting up of missile base on Taiping Island to counter threats from Vietnam and Phillippines."

This is interesting though,,,

comment 7
Piset date : 20/11/2011 time : 00.36


Thanks for your comment. They all hear that when they see my name already. without speaking a word or doing anything, they would brand me Communist.

Actually, living and working in China, being accepted as a member of the Chinese Communist Party is an honor that no foreigner has ever received.

Neither have I.

I believe that, as a rule, and a practice with history records. America always tried to scare the whole world so that all the talents and capitals would flea to the US. I have made the prediction 2-3 years ago that as soon as Iraq issue isubside, American would try to stir up trouble in East Asia in order to sell weapons and to scare people.

That old trick will not work any longer. In August, China has reduced about 59 billion of their holding in US government bonds, I like to believe that Chinese officials are finding ways to reduce those worthless paper in the shortest time possible.
comment 6
Steven_ date : 19/11/2011 time : 13.00

This is not about pro or anti. Don`t you understand, America and the West has been bullying us for much too long and is still trying to do so by dictating terms. Previously we are weak is because we have been divided and rule by them but now no more. Now we don`t play by their rules but by rules that will be fair to all of us. Just as China PM said, we do not play by your rules but by rules that we have negotiated and agreed. Why interfere in the internal affair of China knowing full well that Taiwan is and has been an integral part of China.

Don`t talk about human rights to China. Where is your human rights when you attack and invade Iraq all in the guise of weapon of Mass Destruction which were not found. Did the UN gave the US and the West the authority to bomb Libya. It is their internal affair. Why can`t Iran & N Korea develop nuclear bomb when the the West, Israel, Pakistan and India can do so. This is some of the double standard by the US and the West. You want to move around and dictate so shall China. China do not need your type of democracy and value and they are doing quite well with their current system and reform. The Soviet Union was duped into their type of democracy that resulted in bloodshed and the splitting up of the country.
comment 5
Piset date : 19/11/2011 time : 11.52

Hey guys, why are you posting pro China and anti-American message from Piset using other names?

For your latest information, Taiwan has announce the setting up of missile base on Taiping Island to counter threats from Vietnam and Phillippines.

That move on one hand might embarass the US trying to drive the South China Sea issue against mainland China, ended up irking Taiwan instead.

The good point now is American can sell scrap metals in the name of war ships to Vietnam and Philippines while pushing Taiwan to buy more weapons to defense itself and the South Sea island against China, or Vietnam and Philippines.
comment 4
Steven_ date : 19/11/2011 time : 09.38

Its good that Iran and North Korea shall be producing the Nuclear Bomb. Venezuela should start now. Let no nigger dictate terms to us.
comment 3
Steven_ date : 19/11/2011 time : 09.25

Hussein Obama promise change to the American and he lied to them. Oop he did not lie, he is just too incompetent to manage USA. Yes he has given change and that`s change for the worst. Unemployment is now at its highest and the economy is now sliding down. Dow Jones and almost everything is now in negative territory. And he is trying to divert his incompetency and mismanagement by engaging China. Better f off. America and Europe better wake up to this Pariah which is a bastard that is neither white nor black or American
comment 2
Steven_ date : 19/11/2011 time : 09.16

China shall have Pakistan, North Korea and Burma together with nations of SEA to counter America. Africa, Central and South America, Iran and some Arab countries are now mostly aligned to China. America is one of the highest debtors to China and Europe now need China money more than ever. It is now for China to dictate terms and not the other way round. Buzz off you pariah Hussein Obama. Just pay us back the money or else .............
comment 1
Steven_ date : 19/11/2011 time : 09.06

Obama is a pariah. Trying to antagonize China when it is now the most respected nation on earth. Rising up next will be India. China will play by the rules only when it is a party to negotiating and not the other way round. The American by voting in Barack Hussein Obama has make America and Americans the pariah of the world. Soon Europe will follow this same course if it tread the path of American leaders & Hussein Obama policies. China will always remembers 55 days in Peking and thereafter when China was made to pay millions in compensation. Now its retribution times to America and Europe when they are now mire in the financial crisis. China cannot just listen to you Obama. To us and most of us Asian you are just a Pariah.

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