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Wednesday , November 2 , 2011
Are you sure? Suwannaphum airport!
Posted by wch , Reader : 1292 , 06:31:02  

"Twain is enough against the surface flood". (twain is two fathoms, about 3.6 meters of water depth). I wrote this far earlier from my past experience in the metropolitan flood.

However, the real problem on, not only an airport but also on most of manufacturing plants in many industrial complexes is SIPPING WATER AND SUBSIDING GROUND after massive flooding.

Suwannaphum airport was built in the middle of seasonal flood arresting low land - minus 1.5 meter under mean sea level. ALSO many mysterious underground water streams are running unseen and often some of them surface and destroy surface structure, such as runway pavement.

This time, this, COBRA MARSH land - Nhong  is fully saturated by massive flood ON and to be worse, more are yet to come. The state of the watery soil may continue for next 6 or 12 months, or until next year's monsoon season.

HOPEFULLY, no more PLOWING on the runaway, with heavy body of Jumbo or A380!

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comment 5
Ian date : 03/11/2011 time : 08.09

Dal 3. Stop being an idiot, I'm not defending PT, The Dems would be just as bad, whichever group is in power the other group will make it impossible for them to function.Naturally each will blame the other and so the divide widens. You keep saying PT, I say government and administration, why? Because this government is not just PT, it has smaller parties also feeding at the trough, and parliament itself has plenty of Dems guzzling away as does the BKK administration.
With a decent social structure you would have decent politicians, not a rabble of PT/Dem incompetents. You are attacking a symptom not a cause.How long have you lived here?
comment 4
wch date : 03/11/2011 time : 07.27

In the past, two great floods around 1986 and 1995, the most damaged area were in Samut Prakarn province.

The province is splitted in two areas today, by Bangna-Trat highway, the eastern side, say Suwanaphum airport side and shore side say, Bangpli, Bangpu, Bangbo industrial estates side.
This, western side area is pretty low land and is embanked by shore-running, old, Sukhumvit Road. Suwanaphum side was called, Nhong U Hao or Cobra Mash land as functioned as temporary flood water holding (Monkey Chic or Ling Gem). All the royal, nonrth-south running canals in Bangkok East end up to the Cobra Mash and is pumped out to the West Samut Prakan area, where again the water is pumped off into sea.

In the past, many of Japan investments were gathered in the province and got heavy damages by inundation, they they moved to Nava Nakorn, Rojanna, High Tech and Bang Sai industrial estate. Some of them also run own industrial complex like Toshiba. This time AGAIN they were all hit by the great flood.

Once an American electronic giant, SEAGATE was severely hit by inundation in Samut prakarn (Teparak road), they moved RATHER far away to the high land, SOONG NUN of Korat (Soong Nun means High Hill, 555). Process water has no problem there as Korat province supplies sufficient water from Lam Takong Dam as well as electricity.

SUPRISINGLY, all the flood hit norther Bangkok industrial estates locate blocking the nature flood drainage system. They block the water corridor.

Addition to that, other facilities block all the royal canal projects, who are;

Wang Noi power plant of EGAT and natural gas pipeline from Rayong, Chachungsao.

The highway between Wangnoi and Saraburi, where only ONE small bridge is built, only 5 meter width.

Northward it, large Rojanna industrial estate BLOCK completely the water flow in length from EAST and WEST direction, still,

They continue buying up inside cheap land and build more factories. This expansion just RUNs toward EAST and they SEEM to be resolute the total block of the water.

Singburi river side, are two LARGE PAPER MILLS that block totally the Chaopraya river.
comment 3
Dalmasian date : 02/11/2011 time : 21.56

Today I saw TV news reports covering the floods along the Vibhavadi Rangsit Highway heading towards Rangsit, and of course passing by the old international airport of Don Muang.

Don Muang means "high ground" or something like that and that airport has never been flooded in the past. Yes, maybe just a bit after heavy downpours but never for too long.

Today I saw quite a few "big sized" passenger airplanes submergd in 2 to 3 meters of flood waters, some with their nose cones and engines completely underwater. I simply could not believe my eyes. How could this be happening?

What a bunch of stupid and useless rascals populating Government House! I'll bet if this situation happened in England, Ian will be all up in arms and screaming bloody murder. But in Thailand, all he can do is defend the indefensible -- The P.T. Gang of Crooks and their Red Shirt Militant followers.

How pathetic.

-- Dalmasian
comment 2
Dalmasian date : 02/11/2011 time : 21.26

That is why the stocks of civil engineering contractors and road builders are shooting up in the local bourse. Buy ITD, CK, and TASCO.

-- Dalmasian
comment 1
Ian date : 02/11/2011 time : 09.42

In my area as the ground absorbs water it is swelling and uplifting, but that is just as bad for roads and structures.

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