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Saturday , June 20 , 2009
H1N1 infection - no need to panic
Posted by MaxHeadroom , Reader : 5021 , 12:34:39  

Last Monday my son caught H1N1 - he contracted it at school where some 25 more students got it that day and stayed home. Sure the scare was great among parents - as you can imagine rumors spread the school would be closed.

Now, the way I expected - it was all one act of sensationalism - one that together with the pandas that get annoyed by crazed photographers - distracts attention everywhere be it from the economic downturn or politics.

One reason why I didn't think it's going to be bad in the first place: the virus had already adapted readily to its host and probably mutated to become less lethal as it made its journey out of Mexico.

Anyway after just a day and a half of muscle aches, fever and dry cough everything went back to normal with all the kids as far as I know showing no complications.

In light of this I am inclined to think that H1N1 is no worse than seasonal flu which in turn is a much more uncontrolled threat killing scores of people - more probably than H1N1 ever will. Last year I got 'seasonal flu' and lay in bed 2 days looking like a cholera victim. I would rather pay more attention to the spread of drug resistant tubercolosis, HIV or exotic strains of encephalitis that are transmitted by mosquitoes - after all raining season will soon take over everywhere. These spread quickly in densely populated urban areas and display a much higher fatality rate as well as severe and long lasting health problems.

So no reason for panic.

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comment 39
notdisappointed date : 01/07/2009 time : 16.00

Ian, Yes you're right. AV's coalition now fear that he will dissolve parliament thus they will not be so pushy. The table has been turned in AV's favor at most or at least he and his partners are on a shaky table and don't wish to upset it's stability until they're ready. Which would mean next year at the earliest.

How can the parliamnet be dissolved anyways since the various committees studying the revision and amendments of the constitution are still weeks away from their report?

Now we can relax a bit.
comment 38
Ian date : 29/06/2009 time : 16.01

ND, 37, second paragraph, " Now his intransigent coalition partners will no longer be so feariung a GE.", surely they will fear it more, not want a GE?
comment 37
notdisappointed date : 29/06/2009 time : 12.34

I don't know if it was due to the excess of liquid falling from the sky or t himself turning a new leaf; but with much relief to the populace of Bangkok the red rally turned out to be out-of-character. No overt violence, no profane acts, and no over the wall rethoric. And t. himself was also not in form since, as Ian and I have discussed previously, t might have his chance for a pardon IF he remains a 'good boy'.

THe bi-elections in Sisaket and Sakon Nakorn have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for AV. Now his intransigent coalition partners will no longer be so feariung a GE. The re-election to replace the MPs and senators who hold state enterprise shares will also be a good measure support for or against since it will be widespread over the various regions of the country. Things are working out fine for AV.
comment 36
Frankie date : 29/06/2009 time : 10.44

Well it's always good advice not to panic, and we have been reassured on this blog over the past few days that the H1 N1 was just another cold in the head, and that with plenty of fluids and bed rest. Ah! it will come and go without any big deal.
That is until in the last three days three people have died from this flu, here in our city of angles.
I hope they hadn't been reading advise from our experts.
comment 35
Ian date : 29/06/2009 time : 01.33

ND,34. I would compare Christy with peacefulness as suitable opposites.
Kant doesn't just attack me, why do you think he got banned 8 times (that I know of) on the BP forum?
At the moment he seems to be trying to turn over a new leaf, both here and in the BP, perhaps he's learning something here, the BP can be a bit boisterous.
comment 34
notdisappointed date : 28/06/2009 time : 19.22

Ian, I've got a good idea. W

Why don't we introduce your K-virus to christybitter sweet; they'd make a great couple. A perfect match.

Well I'm having second thoughts, after looking over some K's blogs they are a lot more resoanble than chrity's will ever be. Christy is inane and vile all the time.

K is just like that with you. Your personal demon.
comment 33
Ian date : 27/06/2009 time : 23.01

ND, 32. Well sorry about the rain, I'm sure it spoilt a lot of fun for the police and army. Probably upset Suthep as well, all the writing for nothing
here it is warm and sunny, indeed the Met Office has issued a hot weather warning for next week's temperatures, up to 32 deg and not dropping below 18 degs at night, just perfect for Glastonbury (that's an English mob of about 100,000).
comment 32
notdisappointed date : 27/06/2009 time : 22.35

I agree that the red virus originated form the PAD virus but it metamorphosed into a more virulent form. Compare that the PAD virus took 180+ days before it became threatening. The red shit virus took only a matter of days and affected the whole of Bangkok metropolis, causing deaths and destruction.

They say that fluids is the best medicine for a virus. This proved to be true for the red virus tonight. Raining cats and dogs, I think that the phone-in by the main carrier was rained out.
comment 31
Ian date : 26/06/2009 time : 18.45

ND,29. Whilst Red shirt virus is controllable by the military public health authorities there is a related much more severe form called yellow PAD virus which neither the military nor Government authorities can control. The one good thing is that infection with the Red virus does give immunity to the more virulent yellow strain. Further the worst symptoms of the red strain are believed by many experts to have actually been caused by mutated viruses of the yellow strain.
comment 30
Outsider date : 26/06/2009 time : 16.21

Max, correct Tamilflu does work but needs to be administered within the first 5 days of infection otherwise it has little or no effect.
comment 29
notdisappointed date : 26/06/2009 time : 11.51

A much worse form of virus is expected to again besiege Thailand on June 27th. A virus that is violent in form affecting the part of the brain that controls logic and reason thereby causing reasonable people into degenerate into mindless violent rampaging zombies. A virus that is more heinous than the worldwide outbreak of H1N1.

It's called in it's less frequent mild form: "red shirt" virus; in it's more frequent deadly form: "red shit" virus. Everyone is advised to avoid the Sanam Luang area and any people wearing red shirts people between June 26 - 27.

This is a public service annoucement. Have a good day.
comment 28
Frankie date : 25/06/2009 time : 11.13

You opened the blog and Stevensin flu in.

As Ian has commented one way to rid yourselves of a virus is plenty of fluids.

As with the virus Stevensin, plenty of fludis and maybe we could drown the SOB
comment 27
BangkokRay date : 23/06/2009 time : 23.05

nd, #25,
Here I thought you had gone "mellow". Suppose you might need to take your "afternoon" meds.
comment 26
MaxHeadroom date : 23/06/2009 time : 21.06

Of course every flu should be taken serious and symptomatic treatment is usually a first step. Tamiflu has been said to work with H1N1 as well. But then again few kids got any of that and all looked fine after a few days ...
comment 25
notdisappointed date : 23/06/2009 time : 19.08

stevensin you've just wanted to jump in to try to attack me; and you stepped in shit again!

I was talking to Ian regarding his K-virus - our c 19/20. Which if you had just spent some time researching instead of trying to be your typical self (an asshole) you'd not have made your inane comment.
comment 24
Ian date : 23/06/2009 time : 16.32

Steven,23. Many infections can be lethal if not treated, but the assumption is that the sufferer is getting treatment. Unless very young or very old, or already compromised by some other condition, the treatment for H1N1 is no different from any other flu, bed rest, antipyretics and fluids.
comment 23
Steven_ date : 23/06/2009 time : 15.25

So HINI is hostile but not deadly and its just an annoyance.

Don`t this clown realise that it can kill when not treated
comment 22
notdisappointed date : 22/06/2009 time : 21.16

Well keep up your spirits the virus is hostile but not deadly.

Just an annoyance to be put up with.

comment 21
BangkokRay date : 22/06/2009 time : 21.16

nd, #19,
If that's the case maybe you can summon up some pictures from pissfull.

Just a joke, don't get grumpy.
comment 20
Ian date : 22/06/2009 time : 18.01

ND, 19. Kant is not someone you can reason with, so for the moment until something is done I have locked my blogs. He is now attacking me via PMs but they are much easier to deal with, just two clicks and all his 38 messages are deleted.
comment 19
notdisappointed date : 22/06/2009 time : 15.43

Ian, tried to get you on your blog but it seems a k-virus has infected all of them. I really have to commiserate with you on your problems.

Maybe you can ask br to see if he can do something about kant. Then we can have some peace on the regular blogs.

Just a joke br; don't get grumpy!
comment 18
notdisappointed date : 22/06/2009 time : 14.48

br, just trying to say it's hard to figure you out. Under a truce I am concerned with how I respond to yours. You however still on a 'high' from jumping on Exp. or alien or somebody else want to keep within your character or something of the sort.

You seem to want to enciurage me to fight with you.

What is your problem or need that you actively seek confrontation? Best you go over all of my response to you and try to find when I have ever broken our truce.

That is unless you wish it broken then I won't have to worry about being blindsided again as you had done on yoon's blog. You are a strange one!
comment 17
BangkokRay date : 22/06/2009 time : 14.15

nd, #14,


Seems as though taking a few days off makes you "lose your edge"
comment 16
BangkokRay date : 22/06/2009 time : 14.12

nd, #15,
And your "heroes" propose what?
comment 15
notdisappointed date : 22/06/2009 time : 13.22

hap c3, here in Thailand we call your culling 'B30 health care' the epitome of Medicare.
comment 14
notdisappointed date : 22/06/2009 time : 13.20

br, So you're trying to say that the way out is the way in. And that the 'wrong' answer may be the right answer? And that success, if it makes an appearance, will most likely happen by accident.

I don't now br, it's tricky to get away from this upside- down approach to life unless you have a lot of discipline and yet don't take yourself too seriously. You've got to be both rigorous and flexible. However I do think you're up to the challenge; what do you think?
comment 13
Outsider date : 21/06/2009 time : 23.26

Max you are correct the mortality rate is still under 1% at the moment so it is not as virulent as first thought. That being said there are numerous strains at the moment most being mild but the actual "swine flu" component is still out there. Just take the usual flu precautions, lots of fluids and plenty of rest and he should be ok. BTW make sure he washes his hands too!
comment 12
Ian date : 21/06/2009 time : 22.56

Max, I'm sure you have heard of junk DNA in our genes? Much of this junk is actually old viral infections of the past which now just travel along as freeloading passengers. The ultimate adaptation
comment 11
MaxHeadroom date : 21/06/2009 time : 21.46

C7 / C9: Usually viral infections are most dangerous shortly after crossing over from one species to another because they haven't yet fully adapted to the new host's physiology. In the ideal case for a virus, it spreads without making the host sick at all - in this case the host is a reservoir.

I think that dangerous mutations such as the one of the Spanish flu might have been caused by a mix of two strains exchanging genes in a way that made them particularly difficult for our immune system to adapt.

Of course I am not a geneticist or virologist. What I see is merely from news by the WHO and the media which report few fatalities outside of Mexico. This is where the original strain surfaced and may have crossed the species barrier.
comment 10
happyjack date : 21/06/2009 time : 19.09

C6.Cruel Blue Eyes,and Long Blond Hair to wipe away Panda Blood,and Teachers Entrails.Yummey .
comment 9
Ian date : 21/06/2009 time : 17.59

DKO, 7. There is a simple logic to viral strains becoming milder. Take any virus, it will have substrains of lethalness from 10(rapid death) to 1 (mild symptoms).
Now to spread, the carrier (sufferer) must survive long enough to pass it on, if the person dies rapidly with a type 10 there is less chance of passing it on, with a type 1 to 4 the carrier can pass it on to many people. Thus over time the virulent strains 10, 9, 8 die out and the less virulent become common.
This is true of any new disease, HIV for example is becoming weaker.
Equally, if infected and recovered from a mild strain one will have immunity from a more virulent strain. This the rational behind "live" vaccines, they are artificially weakened viruses.
comment 8
noonin date : 21/06/2009 time : 15.12

Happyjack is of the master race.
I hope you have blonde hair and blue eyes.
comment 7
DKO date : 21/06/2009 time : 13.49

Thanks for this reassuring account Max - much appreciated.

I am delighted your son has recovered quickly and without any worrying incidents.

I would like to query one logic with you. Namely your supposition that the strain had probably mutated to a less lethal version since it left Mexico.

I think you are correct, but I understand virus mutations can go either way. I understood the infamous Spanish Flu's first round was mild, but the months' later second round mutations did most of the damage.

Someone, I met recently here in Thailand who worked in a hospital in the West for many years (as a doctor I believe) suggested to me that those (like your son) who catch the current mild H1N1 and recover fully without complications may well be lucky as they may be much better protected against possible future mutations (be they milder or worse) due to having acquired some antibodies from the first infection.

Having said that there I understand there is no reason to assume a worsening mutation based upon what happened in the the Spanish Flu epidemic as each virus outbreak is different.

Proviso: I can only pass on what was said and not validate it, as I am no medical expert.
comment 6
happyjack date : 21/06/2009 time : 06.10

C4.I disclaimed the Teachers,i only had 2 deacent ones, and they were Ex Army.Useless Sods, as this blog proves,with 1 exeption.Pennyless Bums, who failed the Entrance Exam to the Uni of Life.Flu isnt worth bothering about,Flu Jabs, balderdash,a fit person doesent need em,let the weak croak,as Nature Intended.
comment 5
Alien date : 21/06/2009 time : 01.13

Mr. Headroom, I totally agree with you about not panicking. I have built a bunker on my property and have it stocked with 6 months worth of bottled water, 1.5 tons of freeze dried foods, 1 ton of medicines and lastly, 2 M-16's with over 8,000 rounds of ammo. I also have a short-wave radio and a good supply of batteries on hand. These people who panic are out of their minds. I cannot fathom what is going through their heads!

This reply was only kidding of course, but there are some people like that. I think most of them live in Montana!
comment 4
expresso date : 20/06/2009 time : 23.17

hj, c3, no wonder a guy like you whom teachers of yours would like to disclaim and want no part of you survive.

Oh, what are the reasons again
comment 3
happyjack date : 20/06/2009 time : 20.45

Does it never cross today's minds that Nature has a part and purpose to play,That of Culling the Weak.Animals have more sense,they Cull their Runts for the good of the species.Look around you, in some ways Medicare does more harm than good.Its uses by a few Docs n Boffins for Ego Trips,and Money.
comment 2
BangkokRay date : 20/06/2009 time : 19.35

Don't you see, the flu pandemic, Thailand's new panda and Thaksin's flatulation habits now occupy the headlines. There's no room for all the wonderful accomplishments of the current government. However, This fine government has now completed the DNA testing of thousands and declared that the govt is in no way responsible for the fiasco in the south. Besides, AV seems to be quite busy trying to re-form a coalition/cabinet.
They like the flu and panda keeping the front page.
comment 1
Ian date : 20/06/2009 time : 17.25

You have left out resistant Malaria strains on the Cambodian border and also Dengue fever. Flu is flu, not pleasant but if healthy you recover.

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