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Friday , November 18 , 2011
Law, and Law Enforcement
Posted by Piset , Reader : 1135 , 09:21:02  

The day before yesterday, an illegally modified school van crashed head-on with an overloaded coal truck in Gansu. Two days later the preliminary results are:

1) 21 persons died

2) The owner and manager of the kindergarten that owns the van were suspended from their jobs and detained for investigation.

3) The chief of education bureau in the district and city were suspended from their jobs and detained for investigation

4) The traffic police chief and the motor vehicle chief were suspended from their jobs and detained for investigation.

In another previous case taing place almost at the same time as the deadly fire at Santika Night Club in Thailand, within three days of a fire buring up a nightclub in Fujian, the action taken were:

1) The city's chief, fire chief, buiding administration chief, and night club owner and managers, were suspended from duties, arrested, and prosecuted in court.

In another big fire in Shanghai last year killing dozens of persons, the action taken were:

1) The deputy city chief in charge of civil work, and construction, the chief of fire safety, the building's renovation contractor's management, altogether 47 persons were arrested and put on trials, the deputy city chief received 11 years jail sentence and confistication of personal assets, similar and varied punishment for all others, the welding worker causing the fire were release on suspended sentence due to working on expired job license.

What have Thailand done to the culprits, owners, persons in charges in the cases of Santika fire, Bangkok flood, Burning of Rajaprasong buildings and other buildings by red-shi t mobs, who has been arrested for the armed attack resulting in the death of dozens of soldiers.Are Abhisit and Suthep in jail yet? Are the red shi t and black shirt criminal gangs prosecuted? Does Thailand has any police still alive?

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comment 13
gothai date : 22/11/2011 time : 18.28


Do AV previous enter the back door government ashamed of themselves upon seeing their fugitive Thaksin move around freely internationally where now Korea allow him to enter Seoul for visit. Isn’t it proofs these world leaders agree that his conviction is political motivated?
comment 12
Ian date : 21/11/2011 time : 09.12

The nearest thing to true communism can only be found in hunter/gatherer communities, you own what you can carry, all else belongs to the tribe.
comment 11
Piset date : 20/11/2011 time : 10.03

Communistic economy appeared in China as early as 3000 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty, about 5-700 years before Chin dynasty (that built the Great Wall) and before Confucius. It was a # character farming system, where people own the 8 farms surrounding the center square, and were required to contribute their time to the center piece of community farm. It was discontinued after the result showing bad harvests from the "public farms" despite theoretically having 8 families looking after it.
comment 10
Steven_ date : 20/11/2011 time : 05.28

This is the what Communism has been define " theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.

As such China currently cannot be considered as Communist. Only 2 countries can now be considered as Communist. North Korea and Cuba.
comment 9
Piset date : 19/11/2011 time : 11.29


Ahhh, that's the precise word Ayn Rand wrote about the bankrupted Gold Mine Company in her book, Atlas Shrugged.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".

Then the ables and healthy will find themselves unfairly overworked and underpaid while those without needs would create fictitious needs.

As a result, John Galt left that community and swore to stop that machinery from running.

Australian Labor Party in the 70's tried similar approach socialistic approaches and found themselves virtually bankrupted.

Perhaps, I came to China too late, 1991, to see the real Communism at work. I really cannot see any things similar to the communism ideals here at all.
comment 8
Ian date : 19/11/2011 time : 10.16

The basic original philosophy of communism, never achieved in reality. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".
comment 7
Steven_ date : 19/11/2011 time : 08.43

Thailand military very much alive. They will go against anyone when their interest are in jeopardy.
comment 6
Piset date : 18/11/2011 time : 22.37


What is the differences between Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, and Individualism?

The worst communism I have known is Thai Civil Servant System. It's Article 44 states that all civil servants must devote 24 hours of each day for the governmental work. No prsonal time, all belongs to the government. That's communism.
comment 5
gothai date : 18/11/2011 time : 21.16

Simple, compare modern China today, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, you notice any different in her modernizations? Is it still in communist rules?
comment 4
Piset date : 18/11/2011 time : 20.17


Would you please explain the core or key concept of Communism ideology? It is difficult to get anyone to explain that to me now in mainland China. Perhaps in Thailand with all the copied Red Guards roaming around, it might be easier to find someone knowledgeable on Communist Ideology.
comment 3
Piset date : 18/11/2011 time : 20.15

What is the law for if there is no enforcements? What the hell does responsibilities and accountabilities mean to you? Dark Age? good answer mate, now we know who is in the Dark Age.
comment 2
gothai date : 18/11/2011 time : 19.35

Not bad using communist ideology.
comment 1
catch22 date : 18/11/2011 time : 17.09

Hey easy on old chap, coming out of the dark ages isn't easy.

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