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Saturday , November 12 , 2011
(Repeat No3)My Prediction About Yingluck Quitting Premiership Under Nervous Wreck Will Come True Soon
Posted by Piset , Reader : 987 , 00:22:16  

I am not sure of the exact date that this little trick took the office of Thai prime minister. Perhaps about exactly 3 months ago!
I am sure my prediction would be correct!
The following was my blog predicting Yingluck to be brought down by nervous wreck within 3 months. The timing could be off a little. However, unless she quit soon enough, she could turn insane.
Quore from old blog:
Prediction: Yingluck Shinnawatra Faces the Similar Agony That Has Haunted Abhisit Vejjacheeva


"In no more than 3 months, we will see the hell pulled down against Yingluck from both inside and outside her govrnment, she will get about 20 years older in her appearance within the next 6 months, and perhaps under very serious psychological conflics and mental pressures. I predict that she will try to get out of premiership as soon as she could after her first 3 month."

Let's make it clear here, I am neither pitying nor stomping on a fallen person. I sympathize her being victimized by her convicted criminal brother and ex-prime minister.

I did not know much about her, however, one look on the TV and listening to a little talk by her, I know that the only difference between her and a wooden puppet is the raw materials used.

I am quite glad for her to hear that arrangements are now on the way to let her off this political hook.

The problem now is Veeraphong Ramangul will repeat Samak Sundaravej's agonizing end instead of enjoying a restful and happy retirement.

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Steven_ date : 17/11/2011 time : 10.14

Don`t worry she won`t resign. She is one hell of a woman, soft on the outside, determine on the inside. Bush and Obama could not contain Katrina and other small disaster compared to the Thai flood which is more serious. Anyway she may resign after the amnesty but I doubt so unless there is a coup. She is here to stay.

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