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Thursday , November 3 , 2011
The Red Shirt Flood, After the Damning Red Shirt Hell-Fires! What's Next?
Posted by Piset , Reader : 1157 , 21:40:30  

Please, please, partisan stances aside!

I am sure, there would be no argument that the red shirts were responsible for the fires at various places in the most expensive commercial center of Bangkok, following their other actions.

Now about the flood that is terrifying Thais for now and the future in the central plain, Bangkok and the surrounding areas, no one would argue that the flood originated from water flow down the rivers from the northen part of Thailand.

There would be little argument again that one of the main cause of this unprecedented flood was the deforestation in northern Thailand.

Is it likely that most of those deforestation were done by people from other areas other than those living in the north along those river and up in those hills in the north? Of course not.

Now, where are most of the red shirts including their leaders from? Northern Thailand, of course.

Is there any reasons to believe that the "Influential People" of the north were not those mainly responsible for those deforestation in the north? Of course not.

So, who were and who are those "Influential People" of the north of Thailand, if not the red shirt leaders and mobsters.

So, really, who else can be blamed for those deforestation and thus, this flood.

I would most respectfully appreciate those responds with documented and proven fact and figure or rational arguments.

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comment 13
Khabom date : 18/11/2011 time : 08.24

Who's responsible for logging in the north?

One word Piset, one word.

comment 12
Piset date : 10/11/2011 time : 15.40

Old buddy Ian:

You are under stress!

Please take good care of yourself, stay dry!
Don't let the flood water get into your brain so much!
comment 11
Ian date : 10/11/2011 time : 08.47

Make that 2 tablets Plus some carbon tablets to absorb all that hot air
comment 10
Piset date : 08/11/2011 time : 18.09


I will do bette than that for the sake of the quality of the web.

I will first make a collection of hundreds of your personal attacks against points that you ran out of ability to disprove or argue reasonably.

However, I need to leave your blogs in tact for a while to substantiate my source of citations of your blogs.

I dislike empty talks. I would always back up my statements with evidences or supporting rationales.

You can stop this exposure of your acts by stopping your personal attacks and concentrate on the topics and issues of each blog.
comment 9
Ian date : 08/11/2011 time : 08.19

Piset, go suck a water sterilisation tablet
comment 8
Piset date : 07/11/2011 time : 21.34


If you were your own son or grand son saying what you have just written. You may have already told him that he would have make much sense and himself respectable by concentrating of the subject rather than personal attacks.
comment 7
Ian date : 06/11/2011 time : 08.28

Piset is becoming increasingly wilfully ignorant and stupid, perhaps he needs a holiday, might I suggest a few quiet days in downtown Bangkok, visit the latest attractions like the new Chatuchak floating market, or take of tour by long tailed boat of Nonthaburi and Ayutthaya.
comment 6
FelixQui date : 05/11/2011 time : 22.16

And Piset,
Like Ian, I also think that HM the King is right.
comment 5
FelixQui date : 05/11/2011 time : 22.13

I agree that the airport has contributed to the debacle, but I think that if you do the research, you'll find that it wasn't actually Taksin's idea - all he did was actually see it through. Now, whose idea was it?

But it's still only one rather small piece in a much larger pattern of ill considered development. And again, the airport is Bangkok development to aid teh mob who rule in Bangkok, including the SHinawatr family and other immigrants from outside who come here to make their selfish fortunes at the expense of all of Thailand.

And please get over your stupid and perfectly baseless idea that I an a Taksin supporter - such childish persistence in a known falsehood does not reflect at all favourably on you. It makes you look wilfully ignorant and stupid: I'm sure you are capable of something better.
comment 4
Piset date : 05/11/2011 time : 17.22


Thank you, you also have failed to disprove any points taken by me in this blog. It is your own business what crazy argument you tried to make. I
comment 3
Piset date : 05/11/2011 time : 17.19

Felix Sin-nawatra:

Do you need any maps to show you where those major rivers running through Bangkok comes from? Do you need me to show you the map of the deforestation durin gthe past 50 years? In fact, I see no arguments on any point I brought forward from you at all. Silence, in a lot of legal circumstances amount to admission!

For your charges against Bangkok's development, there is certainly no worse counter nature acts than Nong Ngu Hao development into that huge International Airport and the land quietly acquired by your Shinnawatra family's businesses planning to build a new city around that airport. If you need to see the land title deed, ask your old Shinnawtra family members.

As wch said, while Nong Ngu Hao is geographically lower than most of Bangkok. It is completely dry. That means somebody is protecting somebody's estate in that area by some means?

The strange thing is that same idea of flood diverion was not used for other valuable Industrial Estates around Bangkok and nearby provinces?
comment 2
Ian date : 05/11/2011 time : 16.22

Rational argument and Piset is an oxymoron. Even the Thai king lays the blame fair and square on the unchecked development in and around Bangkok.
comment 1
FelixQui date : 05/11/2011 time : 11.59

"There would be little argument again that one of the main cause of this unprecedented flood was the deforestation in northern Thailand."

No. In fact, it was simply the vast amount of water that needed to reach the sea. Cambodia is suffering even more for exactly the same reasons.

If you want to apportion blame, then the real problem is Bangkok - especially the Democrat and other types, mainly Yellow, who selfishly built up Bangkok and blocked the free flow of water to teh sea.

Again, it's the Yellow PADsters made up of selfish, self-serving Bangkok types who don't care about the rest of the Thai people and have brought about the current disaster, just as their seizure of the airports wrought far greater economic harm to Thailand than did the burnings after the suppression of the Red protest in the centre of Bangkok last year.

Piset, perhaps you should follow your own request to "respond with documented and proven fact and figure or rational arguments".

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