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Wednesday , October 12 , 2011
London Time: "Summer Olympic 2012 in Beijing"
Posted by Piset , Reader : 1375 , 23:21:22  

Of course, the residents of Beijing might not welcome Olympics of Summer 2012 to return to their city while their nightmares of traffic jams and car use restriction is still fresh in their memory.

According to media report, the Times discussedthe possibility that the IOC might have no choices but to request China, the most recent host to repeat its hosting of this world sport festival next year, as London's recent street violents have raised concerned in addition to the growing concerns that England might not be in a good economic condition to host the Olympic if the current European and American economic crisis continue its contamination of the west.

Beijing or Shanghai might be the cities that could take over the task of hosting Olympic on short notice if the IOC should decides so.

Well, Ian, don't look at me. Its the Times, not me that made that suggestion!

Of course, if that happen, it would be very unusual and unprecedented. Another possibility could be the cancellation of the 2012 Summer Olympic, if the west's situation become serious and no government could afford any attention on anything else.

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Piset date : 13/10/2011 time : 20.41

Well, if London can't host it, and Beijing people don't want to host it. Maybe, they will have to as Qaddafi, whether Libya is willing to host it?
comment 1
Ian date : 13/10/2011 time : 07.15

I would be very pleased, I much prefer a normal life without millions of tourists and inflated prices. In fact I had decided to give returning to England in the summer a miss this year.

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