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Saturday , September 24 , 2011
The Indian Perils
Posted by Piset , Reader : 1150 , 23:53:17  

If you had been in Thailand long enough, you owuld have heard the question that has been going around:

"If you see a (poisonous) snake and an Indian, which one do you kill first?"

I would not need to give you the answer, someone else will, I am sure.

Then we recall that "racial joke about the four passenger on the Tran-siberian Railway. After the British grab the Indian and threw him out of the window of the running train, he just calmly told the socking fellow passengers:

"In England, there are too many Indians."

I heard that the social list uprising in Mynmar was actually caused by the desires of the local to find some ways to get rid of those selfish and self-profiteering Indians from Burma.

I had a few classmates from India. Just maintainedsome kind of polite, yet guarded, relationships with them.

Each time I had to go to Pahurat, very honestly, I don't feel comfortable. I have tried not to be prejudiced. But just don't know why.

Heard that a number of African countries have also been rather uncomfortable about the Indian merchants in their countries.

Your comment please.

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comment 11
Piset date : 28/09/2011 time : 23.46


Would you please define what you meant by "trouble" and how do you quantify and compare that?
comment 10
wch date : 26/09/2011 time : 19.13

Simply saying, here in Thailand there are many Indian and Chinese business families. Which one makes less problems now?

More aggressive China is in the southern inner sea, more reactionary they will encounter in future. All are virtually interested in purchaisng sub and destroyers and negotians flourish now.
comment 9
Piset date : 25/09/2011 time : 17.07

Since gaining its independence from Great Britain, India has, by far, the biggest and longest sustaining, receipient of the westernstyle politics and economic systems. If you ask any Japanese multinationals, which country is most difficult to deal with, the answer should by "India." At least that the kind of message I got while working for Asahi group.

If you noticed, Bangkok International Airport will show you the Indian travellers, possibly the contract labors returning to India after terms of employments. These poor Indian travellers would drag, possibly a dozen old plastic bags containing their belongings, rather than using any luggages. i simply imagined how their employers had treated them.

What I am saying is that India, to this date, is still a nation so badly divided among the religions, races, social and economic status. If ait cannot even harmonize among its own people, How could it coopeate with any other countries. In all of my 60 years, I have not seen any successful cooperation between India with any other countries at all.

Thus, if wch want to talk about India's attempt to link up with Vietnam to threaten China in South China See, then I would regard that only as the porrest pretentious act in international politics. Of course, you know who is holding the end of the leashes for India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Phillippines at the moment. That kind of show is no better than the "one-shot" show you might perform at Chaopraya III massage palor. Nobody is taking these acts seriously.
comment 8
noonin date : 25/09/2011 time : 12.56

Better version.

comment 7
noonin date : 25/09/2011 time : 12.52

My mistake, niggers and wops!http://youtu.be/IeJ3OwLN1mQ

comment 6
noonin date : 25/09/2011 time : 12.41

Easy answer, just ask Jack, they are black!
Wops versus coons!
comment 5
Alien date : 25/09/2011 time : 11.36

Plaadip - yes, I think the Chinese are more likely to try for political power than the Indians are. Once you control the politics and the police, the graft, which is more lucrative, falls right into your hands.
comment 4
Plaadip date : 25/09/2011 time : 09.14

It's starange that, as much capable as they are, Indains are not in the least as dominant or influential as Chinese as immigrants in their host countries in SEA. Maybe Chinese were even more canny than Indians in sucking up the greedy local rulers.
comment 3
Alien date : 25/09/2011 time : 08.24

African countries are uncomfortable for everyone - even Africans.
comment 2
wch date : 25/09/2011 time : 08.23

Introvert Japanese politiicans only choose Indian migrants that fill the manpower shortage in Japan in technical area. but to Chinese migrants, no-no, why?

Of course, our patriotic Piset sensei tries tacitly to express unpleasant on the recent issue of Indian military presence in South China Sea (Silk Sea as I earlier proved this).

Truly, Indian military expansion into the sea is something unpleasant to all, US, CJK as well as EU and ASEAN.
However it is China that cause this matter.
The Silk Sea must remain as The Sea to all, not exclusively of China. This is against the sea history and against world peace.
comment 1
Ian date : 25/09/2011 time : 07.07

It is mainly cultural differences, Indians are very extrovert and in business aggressive, this can be upsetting if this is not one's cultural norm. Compare the behaviour of actors in a Bollywood film, to us it is exaggerated and very over the top.

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