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Thursday , December 3 , 2009
Thai Boxing's Challenge Kung Fu in Foshan
Posted by Piset , Reader : 2507 , 18:19:28  

On TV in China this week is the denial of the abbot of Shaolin Temple, the center of China's Kung Fu martial arts that, the temple had kep silence by Thai boxers who issued a challenge to the temple for a match in Foushan, Guangdong.

In the past few years, I have occassionally seen a few of the so called "Thai boxing champions" being badly beaten by the "Free Fight" champs in the matchers being staged in China. Having watched some Thai boxing on TV for years in Thailand, I seriously doubted the real status of those socalled "champions" from Thailand as they have not exhibit any of those fiercely flying kicks and those murderouskneeings at all. Of course, there was one limit. The "Free Fight" banned the uses of elbows. Yes, one would wonder, what might happen when the real champions of both camp really meet on a neutral ground for a really "free fight."

Recalled the early 60's when Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium put on the so called "World Wrestling Champion" from India against Apidej Sithirun, the Thai boxing champ then. It did not take more than half a minute for that big fat Indian "champion" to go to sleep on the canvas from a blow by Apidej's deady kick.

Later, it was discovered that the so called Indian World Wrestling champion was actually a night watchman in Bangrak area.

I would not be surprised if the fight in Foshan this month would be some deceiving match just like before.


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