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Wednesday , September 16 , 2009
Golf: Cool Off With a Round Here
Posted by Piset , Reader : 2276 , 17:36:26  

When you have to walk (assume that you are anti-golf carts) for 5 hours under the sun for that round of 18 holes under the hot sun. Would this tee of just under the snow on the ice covered course interest you?

Use a red, green or orange ball, not a white one on these courses.

If you shanked, there would be no grasses for you to dig up. But if the ice surface is hard enough, it might bend your golf club!

And don't be surprised or upset if the course's pro appeared with his usual advices.

Here a compromised golf course between Nakhon Nayok and Iceland

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Piset date : 17/09/2009 time : 16.28

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GGrass date : 17/09/2009 time : 13.29

In case you are wondering what happened to the golf tournament I was preparing for,

I WON!! ^______^

I won the lowest NET score trophy... it was 36 system play.

I wanted to win the lowest GROSS score trophy, but for now, I'll have to be content with what I won.

Next time... my eyes are set firmly on the lowest GROSS score trophy.


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