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Tuesday , December 8 , 2009
Is Tiger Woods just too damn Thai for his own good?
Posted by lurker , Reader : 6864 , 13:11:22  

I don't know if anybody has noticed, but the US is going crazy over Tiger Woods and his multiple mistresses.

I can't help but think he doesn't act any differently than any other Thai man with power and wealth.

I don't consider myself superstitious or hung up on karma and past lives, but I do wonder about the past, where you had Thai princes, many of mixed heritage, who were powerful and talented in their own right, but had dozens of wives and mistresses.

Personally, I don't care if Tiger is banging his brains out with multiple women, but I just find it interesting that his behavior is reflective of Thai male behavior--for the most part.

The only difference is that Thai men seem to be more discreet and don't live out their affairs in front of billions of people.

By the way, if you are a Thai male and monogamous, I know I am generalizing, but this has been my own experience, so I apologize if my generalization doesn't apply to you.

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comment 71
ernie9 date : 22/12/2009 time : 09.47

"but I just find it interesting that his behavior is reflective of Thai male behavior--for the most part." ...

... All of Thai people think that some of Woods' blood is Thai but deep down inside Woods' mind ,I am sure that, he never ever has any feeling that he's a part of Thai.
comment 70
notdisappointed date : 20/12/2009 time : 14.49

I can't imagine how this will affect Tiger's game. Of course in the short-term he'll be depressed and disappointed but he's got the natural talent without having to resort to drugs to overtake Jack Nicklaus.

It just depends how long this circus will carry on. It's a good thing that it happened during the 'off-season'. He's got two months to clear it up and then get back to work doing what he does best.

That's golfing not serial sex.

But you've got to admit his taste in bed partners have a lot to be desired.
comment 69
Alien date : 19/12/2009 time : 13.18

Another large sponseer hs just dropped tiger (a swiss watch maker). An alleged mistress has stated that Tiger only got married to burnish his image and to get all of these sponsers in the first place. I think it is coming full circle now.
comment 68
wch date : 17/12/2009 time : 07.30

I remeber a Korean winner to Woods declared "To catch Tiger, it will take 20 years".
He seems wearing big grin " What a world !".
He got him within two months !
comment 67
wch date : 17/12/2009 time : 07.28

Too soon to say "Tiger is finished"?
I wrote this early.
He is now under bashings of suspicious drug use.
His game and taking hefty game money was influenced by drug ?.
He used to eat thick beef steak on walks.
comment 66
Ian date : 12/12/2009 time : 20.10

PJ, I don't manage them, they manage me, though I do have a limited power of veto. I am not the boss, I'm a constitutional boss Anyway they will be together in February, plus my son.
comment 65
Pomjuk date : 12/12/2009 time : 13.34
Windy'sánumber one faná

c63: Ian: Tiger should learn ro manage his girls from you. I think tiger is having a problem with most of his girls want to be on the front page news and make s a few bucks selling story to the news.
comment 64
HA_HA date : 12/12/2009 time : 12.30

c63, uncle ian, i think "divide and control" strategy would not work in your household. i this case you should let them "unite and contro" you. farangs say, you made your bed now you have to sleep over it, yes?

my salute to mrs. ian, senior.
comment 63
Ian date : 12/12/2009 time : 11.59

ND, the windy/PJ banter has been going on for several years, it does no harm, least of all to Windy.
HA_HA, the good relationship between my wife and Thai gf was brought home to me when I was discussing my "will" with my wife (a lawyer), she strongly objected to the provision I had made for my gf, it was NOT ENOUGH!
I have now altered it at her instructions, my life seems to be increasingly controlled by two women working together. I wonder what it must be like to be a Moslem and have four wives.
comment 62
HA_HA date : 12/12/2009 time : 11.35

c60, hey p'pomjuk

i think k windy understands you truly admire her and your cheekiness (ta-lueng tueng tang ba-ba-bo-bo) But now what makes her considering harder is if she has to change her name to Lisnaree Pakwan!!!
comment 61
HA_HA date : 12/12/2009 time : 11.27

c46, thanks mom.

me think, since everybody here has his/her own definition of love it should depend on the couple. whether monogamy or polygamy i think both party in the relationship should agree with each other. and whatever they decide is not other people to judge.

uncle Ian, you're a lucky English guy ..that mrs. Ian & all the Ianlets think like the chinese. I heard the wife and the children were happy to get a mistress to take care of their old father to releive their burden. And i say you're lucky because in the US or modern Japan now the wives of straying old man are glad too but before that they will get everything from the man and leave him with nothing to his mistress. I think mrs. Ian is a sensible woman and loves you very much, she wants you happy.

comment 60
Pomjuk date : 12/12/2009 time : 09.39
Windy'sánumber one faná

Disappointing idiot wants to act smart. Sexual harassment I have to have something to harass her for i.e. I am in the position to determine her well being in an organization or I am in the position to determine her promotion or raise.

Windy is not working in my organization and she has the right to talk back to me any way she wants, idiot.
comment 59
notdisappointed date : 12/12/2009 time : 07.55

pj c57, in the US it's called 'sexual harrassment' and a criminal offense.

Windy if he keeps up his unsavory attitude, even when you politely told him you had a boyfirend and decline his many advances; you may call attention to his harrassment through his many blogs where many people have seen them to the Nation, the police, or even the Paveena Foundation.

His disgusting attitude goes far beyond jesting into crude, predatory, and abusive. You may not fully realize his uncouth character as shown by his many subtle innuendos and double meanings.

And then he has the gall to play the offended party; 'what me? No you're wrong I'm just a nice guy playing a jest.'

from March 12 - Dec. 9 he has made 9 direct blogs to Windy; not only that his many other blogs also make mention of her snidely. This blog itself is an example of his crudities and lack of moral standards.
comment 58
notdisappointed date : 12/12/2009 time : 07.39

Lurks, Tiger has been taking so much heat lately and there's been a wildfire of news commentary of his many nay indiscretions that he will take an indefinite leave from golf to focus more on being a better husband, father, person.


His golf and goal to overtake Jake Nicklaus may never be the same again or be achievable.
comment 57
Pomjuk date : 12/12/2009 time : 01.32
Windy'sánumber one faná

"predatory and abusive?" The idiot probably want to charge me with LM law and put me in jail for 15 yrs. what an idiot
comment 56
notdisappointed date : 12/12/2009 time : 01.02

Is it me or doesn't anyone else see pj's comments to windy as being sexually predatory and abusive.

It seems alright to many of you but it is in bad taste.

Has the nation's moderators fallen asleep again?

Windy you don't have to take it from him just report him - so easy.
comment 55
Pomjuk date : 11/12/2009 time : 15.40
Windy'sánumber one faná

c52: Windy: Oh well you get used to the burden after a while. Sometimes though, it’s very hard and painful to hide the harden burden. Sometime I have to wear my shirt loose not tugged in my pants to cover up.
comment 54
RN date : 11/12/2009 time : 13.11

hehe, I can tell you that most men with a big bunch of money are like that, not mostly Thai. Just look overseas where most men like to cheat on their girlfriends/wife with or without money. So, saying that most Thai men are screwing around is wrong, just say most men in the world next time, OK?
comment 53
Ian date : 11/12/2009 time : 12.42

Windy, 52. I am sure plenty of men would love you to share their burden
Whilst I know the reason for it hanging outside, I am puzzled why Nature elected for this design.
comment 52
windy date : 11/12/2009 time : 12.31
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

ignoring all the comments about pomjuk I have more to add, though I am sure my dad will hate what I have to say....

I really have sympathy for the guy's anatomy...I mean it is outside and gets provoked sooooo easily. I am not sure what I would do with that burden on me, if I was a guy
comment 51
wch date : 11/12/2009 time : 11.02

The oldies enjoy it from finger to mouth.
comment 50
Ian date : 11/12/2009 time : 10.45

Anthony, 49. Love in the romantic sense is a fairly recent concept, it has been fostered by the media and books of the "Mills and Boon" type. It started with the Arthurian novels of the 18th and 19th centuries, Sir Galahad, Knights in white armour, tourneys and jousts and ladies' favours.
Prior to then marriage was based on wealth, possessions and ownership, love in the modern sense was not part of the deal, at most was affection, friendship and companionship. Sex was not automatically part of the deal although procreation was. The medieval world was full if "Fitz'es" There was no shame involved.
The institution of marriage empowered the church, now it empowers the state, it is a confidence trick bereft of logic, animals don't need it yet many pair bond for life.
comment 49
anthonyford date : 11/12/2009 time : 09.13

C44-Ian you are obviously a good communicator. Good question, what is love, I have found that word to be so fluid, and is only defined by the user as Netnapit has demonstrated in C45. Netnapit and others with similar views are indications of people bound by fear of loss. Here is an unknown quote:öFear leads to jealousy which leads to unhappiness.ö
However, Tiger did not show strong character in hiding so many relationships. He could had followed in the footsteps of Hugh Hefner and openly demonstrated his fondness of the fairer sex. This probably would of only enhanced his brand image.
comment 48
Pomjuk date : 11/12/2009 time : 05.10
Windy'sánumber one faná

c41: Windy: What’s? Have a moral standard when having sex? No way! Good sex is really based upon love and trust moral is not in the equation. For me there is absolutely nothing wrong morally or practically with having you as my addiction. For us it is going to be and enjoyable exciting journey to the top of the peak with full of experimental and exploration. It’s going to be something you will never forget.
comment 47
netnapit date : 10/12/2009 time : 23.47

c44, congratulations, good for you, Ian.
comment 46
netnapit date : 10/12/2009 time : 23.44

c39, Ha_Ha, it's possible, but it takes a lot of hard work in forgiving and letting go of egos and false expectations, lots of real communication.

Temptations will come and go, but they are like the breath, like any emotions, like any natural phenomenum. What counts is your understanding of what is more longer lasting. What keeps people together is a steadfastness to not take harmful actions on the temptations. Then you have someone to share and enjoy your golden years with.

In the case of Tiger Woods, I hope the crisis will prompt him to look at his own self honestly. He can take responsibility for his hurtful action by apologizing for one things, instead of just using excuses like, "I'm only human". If he can't do that, he should resign from being a public figure and mess up his own life in private.
comment 45
netnapit date : 10/12/2009 time : 23.31

c37, Anthony, less to do with love than with a person's sense of responsibility and integrity.

People who forget about values in their positions of power and wealth are people who just show themselves to be selfish and it's simply "me first" and "because I can" for them. For that attitude, we should not condone such behavior, forgiving them just because they happen to hold positions of power and wealth. Tiger Woods was a priveleged person, when he decided to take 10 mistresses or whatever, he has abused his privelege as a public person.

Certainly, my values were not the result of any Western indoctrination, but from a general observation of life, of people around me. Abundant examples of happy lives, and unhappy lives. The happy ones are those that have values, the unhappy ones those that lack them.

I don't expect people to be all the same or to live by same rules. What I'm saying is that if you want to have several women at the same time, that's fine, just make sure you come out clean in all your relationships and maintain them with responsibility. Like I said, obviously some people don't mind. Those people that don't mind should understand that some people do mind, and that those people that do mind deserve to be told the truth so that they can have their choices too!

People get married not just for love, but to build foundations for the future. If that's not for everyone, fine for me. There's more at stake than just two 'me's in a marriage, there's that agreement to be something beyond two 'me's that's forgotten in modern society. If you're not ready to commit to that agreement, don't get married, don't have children based on a farce. If you want a child, respnsibility and all, you can actually do it with more integrity by getting artificial insemination without the farce of a marriage based on lies.
comment 44
Ian date : 10/12/2009 time : 18.58

Well I have a wife in England, we have been married 37 years now, I also have a partner in Thailand, we have been together 6 years. Wife and partner have met several times, they like each other and are friends. There is no jealousy, in fact several times they have ganged up on
My adult children get on well with both, there is no friction or conflict.
As to love, well what is love? I love my son, daughters, wife and partner, I love each in different ways but it is still love. There is no deceit, no lies, everything is in the open. Everyone is content and accepts the situation, I will go so far as to say enjoys the situation, this is all that matters to me.
comment 43
catch22 date : 10/12/2009 time : 15.55

Windy - you're going to send Pomjuk into a daze with all this talk.
comment 42
HA_HA date : 10/12/2009 time : 13.54

hey, k windy ...you're in the wrong blog. p'pomjuk is dying for you..please go visit him ..he is 15 blogs away. ... he is a bit ta-lueng na. but you have to understand he's just out of his mind from loving and loving you.

comment 41
windy date : 10/12/2009 time : 13.46
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

love is a bond between two people, it could be more, but can you actually have the same love for everyone?

sex is a bond between bodies, you can have sex with many people, but could you enjoy all of the people you have sex with equally?

The answer is find someone you love most and have the best sex is, and make sure the other person has some moral standards and doesn't have sex addiction. It's not easy.
comment 40
windy date : 10/12/2009 time : 13.41
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

well, I love being single
comment 39
HA_HA date : 10/12/2009 time : 10.46

i like this :

""There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends." -- homer

wondering if it's possible. two people who are totally satisfy with each other. complete each other, no more ; no less.

but then thinking about being togerther for 50 years ... with all these temptations
comment 38
notdisappointed date : 10/12/2009 time : 09.35

A friend of mine father has 8 wives and 28 kids. I'm glad he could afford it. The father just celebrtaed his 99th b'day last month. He owns the land on the corner of Sukumvit soi 7; next to the escalator going up to the Nana BTS!
comment 37
anthonyford date : 10/12/2009 time : 09.05

Netnapit and HH C35-C36
I presume you have been indoctrinated by western values system with the following fundamental beliefs:
1. That if my partner really loved you he wouldnĺt have a desire for a relationship with anybody else
2. If my partner was happy with me and I was a good partner too then he would not want to seek another relationship
3. It is not just possible to live more than one person at one time.

This belief system is now being challenge by both new and old thought. Philosophers and psychologist are starting to question the effects of this belief system on marriage breakdown and life performance. People have been bound to the above core belief system through both religious and cultural conditioning. The laws and society has been conformed to this value system. Not being religious and being skeptical about all power systems motives I can see how farcical this belief system is, most people do not have the liberty to see it this way. Unfortunately for Tiger, he is not an anonymous blogger and probably too busy with his golf and girls to contemplate such matters.
comment 36
netnapit date : 10/12/2009 time : 02.46

c35, wise words for a young girl.

As long as everyone knows what it's about. If you want to cheat, make sure your wife knows too, so she can have her choice about what can of relationship she wants. Make sure your one night fling or gigs know what a double crossing person you are, coz they deserve respect and honesty as any human does. Some people accept these things hang around with them. If not, then you are hurting them whether you want to accept it or not.

My son spent only three years (in his conscious young adult life) with my ex, his dad, and he's hurt enough by it to say that he doesn't want any children for fear of his father's genes showing up and no children deserve to be raised up with those kind of lies.
comment 35
HA_HA date : 09/12/2009 time : 22.08

c31, mr. thaan, ...as long as you don't hurt anybody. ...not just your family,but the other women in your relationship too. ...it's fine.

but i think most woman expects something from a relationship so it's hard to not hurt anybody.

and i talk about relationship not a one night stand kind.

comment 34
HA_HA date : 09/12/2009 time : 22.02

ok, student Pomjuk, first lesson : women likes men with few words.

Homework for today : go SHUT U P P P P for 25 years. ..practice practice

come back to get the second lesson on year 26th.

comment 33
Pomjuk date : 09/12/2009 time : 19.12
Windy'sánumber one faná

HA_HA: p'pomjuk, you probably have to come back many time since you don't even get you no. 1 wife yet. you might have to start from WM101 - how to attract woman.

Would you teach me WM101? and then give me a test?
comment 32
Ian date : 09/12/2009 time : 15.43

People confuse love, sex, loyalty and fidelity, they are all very different.
One can love a person without sex, one can have sex without love. One can love a person yet be sexually unfaithful, yet even so stay loyal to the loved one.
Love and loyalty are emotional non physical qualities, sex and infidelity are physical conditions demonstrated by all life forms.
Love and loyalty are primarily higher human attributes, sex and promiscuous infidelity are simply more basic qualities.
Both sets are shared by males and females.
comment 31
Thann26 date : 09/12/2009 time : 14.56

HA_HA, let me give you some hypothetical question and you will understand where I am coming from or trying to say. Supposed that you are travelling to another country and meet somebody (use Cindy Crawford as for example sake) and you know that you can have sex with that perfect person and the next day she will be gone and you won't see each other again. Would you do it? The secret is with you and will never be broken. Some people will say they won't because that will be called unfaithful. For me, if anything that will not hurt my family and in this case it can't because they would not know. So in this case, I will. Most men do stupid things because they think they can cover up. Good men will never trade off with the family. They did it because they feel that if family does not know so noone will get hurt. Confuse ???
comment 30
HA_HA date : 09/12/2009 time : 14.39

umm... i think if my grandpa still alive i can make good money selling ticket for you guys to get consult with my grandpa na.

p'pomjuk, you probably have to come back many time since you don't even get you no. 1 wife yet. you might have to start from WM101 - how to attract woman.

mr. Thann with 1 wife and many gigs needs more advance lesson.

now mr. thann26, c26, you gave me some insight about men... no judgement though.

but may be i should add 5 out of 7 of my uncles (my grandpa'son) failed in thier marriage. of the 2 one died young ..so ??? . ...if you believe in Karma...anyway, it might not Karma, but some kind of attitude, psychological damage ... i don't know. i think a loving family and a good role model is necessary for children.

comment 29
Pomjuk date : 09/12/2009 time : 14.09
Windy'sánumber one faná

If you’re lonesome you should do onesome with your handsome. yeah that mekes sense
comment 28
Pomjuk date : 09/12/2009 time : 14.02
Windy'sánumber one faná

And handsome is not lonesome nor onesome, oh well, I am getting confused now!
comment 27
Pomjuk date : 09/12/2009 time : 13.59
Windy'sánumber one faná

HA_HA: BTW onesome is AKA lonesome
comment 26
Thann26 date : 09/12/2009 time : 13.52

Ha_Ha, I assume you are a girl/lady. Just want to explain you how some men are and may be it is the case of Tiger Woods here. People start to write that Tiger must have unhappy marriage that was why he (mis)behave this way. Speaking from my own experience, I do have a very happy marriage with lovely kids but I still searching for gigs. It is an excitement like bungy jump and those kinds of crazy things. However, when things blow up, you only say to yourself of how stupid you are . Nothing is worth as much as the family. Then you swear that you will never do it again. But when situation gets calm, you do it again and again with even more confidence that you had now learned the tricks and you won't get caught. I guess it is like the old saying that you don't cry until you see the coffin. Yes, people do stupid thing for no reason.
comment 25
Pomjuk date : 09/12/2009 time : 13.44
Windy'sánumber one faná

HA_HA your grandpa is my hero.
comment 24
HA_HA date : 09/12/2009 time : 12.25

c23, hey p'pomjuk i told you to SHUT UP P P since the other blog. who ask you to open your mouth again, huh????

comment 23
Pomjuk date : 09/12/2009 time : 12.16
Windy'sánumber one faná

c22: HA_HA: your grandpa is the man. I can only cream of threesome, but can only experienced onesome.
comment 22
HA_HA date : 09/12/2009 time : 11.43

c21, yes, keeping women together is kind of an art.
my late grand pa had 5 wives. 2 of them lived togerther with my grandpa. but it was the time when women totally depended on men and had not much choice. i could see the wives & children're psychologically damaged. it was like Thai soap opera. now, it's kind of interesting for me to study them.

comment 21
Thann26 date : 09/12/2009 time : 11.25

Tiger is half Thai so we kind of no surprise of what had happening. However, had he a full blood Thai, he would never got caught or at worst, admiting it.
comment 20
Ian date : 09/12/2009 time : 11.23

Sex is an activity excessively indulged in by young men and excessively discussed by old men.
comment 19
happyjack date : 09/12/2009 time : 07.25

He lost. Blame it on the Caddi.
comment 18
wch date : 09/12/2009 time : 03.52

A tribal women in Tibetan valley take multiple men at a time. They prefer taking whole pack of brothers, 2 or 3, even 4. They take more men out of a house too. This makes peace among men unexpectedly and so orderly among men. The youngest brother at 12 or 13 is educated by the elder how to deal the full blown woman on bed.
The brothers raise the upsprings as common son and daughter.
They are a part of Thai ancestor.
Such a people joined another liberal sex-players who came from norther India. They are even supported with then finest sex book supported powerfully by religion. They are Mon or Hind tribes.
All the migrant people turned this land as the most pleasure place in the world.
Now many of global tribes come to this land and they develop the technology and the industry. They travel back and forward, winter wife and summer wife, sneak wife and chicken-fetching wife.

Again, the fatal mistake Tiger committed is he dealt wrong tigresses in wrong place.

Tiger is finished.
comment 17
lurker date : 09/12/2009 time : 01.50


Well, I would agree except for the fact that Thailand has a multibillion baht sex industry that caters to Thai male extracurricular activities.

Ratchadapisek is like the Las Vegas strip of massive bordellos, names and all.

I don't understand the denial of this. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans as well as Thais all go out for their kao tom once in awhile, have mia nois, etc.

Why not Tiger?

I find it a little excessive though. Damn, dealing with one woman is enough to give any healthy man epileptic fits and seizures from all the drama. In Tiger's case, the chickens have come home to roost. He got his drama. After this, he is probably considering the monkhood. I would.

As for the farangs coming over and partaking in sexual activities with children under the guise of teaching, I find that disgusting, so I definitely agree with you on that point.

The utter shamelessness of going to a foreign country to molest children is beyond my comprehension.
comment 16
notdisappointed date : 09/12/2009 time : 01.09

wch c7 the term is sex addict not sex maniac. Thais love women and have mia nois if they can afford one or two. For Tiger to be fooling around with about 10! women means he has the inclination and can afford it. But it has taken a lot of lustre from his 'good-boy' shine. He is a little too human, lurks not just due to his Thai blood.

Many Westerners like them young and of any sex; that's called pedophilia. They come to Asia to prey on those who are poor and impoverished. Many take up jobs as teachers and piano instructors or in disguise as welfare providers.

Such a shame that they must come over here as there home countries forbid and lock up pedophiles.
comment 15
catch22 date : 08/12/2009 time : 23.26

Nine under pa......ridiculous!
comment 14
Pomjuk date : 08/12/2009 time : 22.00
Windy'sánumber one faná

I don’t think it is related with being Thai. I think it has everything to do with being young, rich and famous regardless of being Thai, Chinese, American or European. They are all the same regardless of the race.
comment 13
HA_HA date : 08/12/2009 time : 20.35

i protest

comment 12
Hermano_Lobo date : 08/12/2009 time : 19.40

"Personally I find polyamory a sensible arrangement."

Many amores, such energy !

There is an old couple in their late seventies that live near me. They still walk down the road, hand in hand. Wonderful.

Some people find a soul mate; others change partners like cars.

Different strokes for different folks.
comment 11
Ian date : 08/12/2009 time : 18.15

Polygamy is the natural human condition, that is why we have alpha and beta males. Christianity is the only religion that rejects polygamy, for this we have to blame St Paul, the founder of Christianity, he was a misogynist. Unfortunately Christians have managed to impose their ethos on all others. Personally I find polyamory a sensible arrangement.
comment 10
anthonyford date : 08/12/2009 time : 17.19

C5- HJ yes, so true. I concluded many years back that Monogamy is unnatural, but I cannot afford the alterative. Over the years through religion and cultural conditioning polygamy was made to look unnatural and dirty. Interestingly, a survey recently report that 70% of men cheat on their wives. This proves only 30% of people are normal by current moral standards. .. Perplexing!
comment 9
catch22 date : 08/12/2009 time : 16.47

Of course Tiger is Thai - his love of mia nois shines through.
comment 8
lurker date : 08/12/2009 time : 15.58

I consider Tiger Thai, because his mother is Thai, born in Thailand. She wasn't a Thai a few generations removed from the motherland. Nobody can disown their mother's culture. It is embedded in the psyche.

Look at a celeb like Tata Young. She is luk krung, but there is no doubt her American side is there and is part of her identity.

Honestly, I don't know what Tiger's story is. I am normally a person who hates celebrity gossip and don't care about it one bit.

But Tiger's story interests me.

He plays golf.

He bangs multiple women.

He is filthy rich and successful.

What's not to love?
comment 7
wch date : 08/12/2009 time : 15.39

In American culture, Woods is now regarded a sex-maniac who parted multiple white females (more than 10 women).

Many Thais might think Woods is a part of Thais and belongs to Thailand. There is big gap what Tiger feels about Thailand. He never admitted he was purely a part of Thailand. He was not so pleased when he was 'forcingly' given a honorary citizenship of Thailand.

Tiger's first driving range was a small one inside 'Soi Jasmag' behind Sathorn road. His father was a seargent served JASMAG, an American logistics troop to Vietnam war.
As others American soldiers did, he was one of pleasure seeking youth around so many Thai girls.
But he decided to marry his Thai secretary in his office, now Tiger's mothers.

Tiger was taken to the driving range at 3 years old and started and he 'saw' what American servicemen did, especially around Thai women.

If he made a mistake, he did the same in America.
comment 6
Artisi date : 08/12/2009 time : 14.52

Who cares, with exception of the media trying to create a major world shattering story as a means to sell papers etc. zzzzz zzzzz zzzzzz
comment 5
happyjack date : 08/12/2009 time : 14.46

Why get Married anyway.Its just an idea dreamed up by the Controll Freaks for Tax reasons.
comment 4
Plaadip date : 08/12/2009 time : 14.36

C2, They married to have proper heirs, I guess. Even the bisexials inclined more for male, or the homosexials tend to marry for the purpose.
comment 3
catch22 date : 08/12/2009 time : 14.00

If you were invited to his house for dinner, would it be a black tie affair?
comment 2
lurker date : 08/12/2009 time : 13.46


You got a point.

I guess most rich and famous men do it. But monogamy in Thailand is only a recent phenomenon.

I don't understand why powerful men get married if they want to fool around.

They should just stay single and do what they want.
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Plaadip date : 08/12/2009 time : 13.18

You made me remember that Tigher was a half-Thai. Frankly Tiger's behavior is not so differnet form any rich and powerful people in the world. The differnce is he is too famous to be able to hide the affairs.

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