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The Yala Post - Report On Violence in The Deep South of Thailand / Yala - Regional Security / Yala - Study Islam At University / Yala Publisher - Nanthasan Tohwae / Yala Forum
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Hi, I am a Thai (4th generation Indian Thai). When I was younger, I always thought I was Thai but people around me never really accepted me as Thai, coz of my different complexion and being Sikh, I
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About Blog Business Finance and economy
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Update of day to day life in transition from the west to east. Politics, business, and travel updates of a farang in Thailand.
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Date Topic Writer Comment
2010-03-02 Bangkok Cinema Scene special: Japanese Film Festival 2010 wisekwai 17
2010-03-02 Politiical Implications of Supreme Court's Verdict on Thaksin Shinnawatra Piset 21
2010-03-02 Bomb attacks at Bangkok Bank Thanong 33
2010-03-02 Solidarity in SISTERHOOD dance_and_theatre 14
2010-03-02 Orchid Fair in Nakornpathom GGrass 25
2010-03-02 Joe Louis Theatre’s struggles dance_and_theatre 15
2010-03-02 Bond market is the biggest bubble in the history of the world Thanong 13
2010-03-02 Thaksin: I want to die at home... Yoon 54
2010-03-02 Take a leeway from Thai politics for a while to calm your nerve krajog 46
2010-03-02 Taiwan Visitors Association here to woo more Thai outbound travelers Taiwan 18
2010-03-02 Write admin at - please read admin 0
2010-03-02 Aung Sann Suu Kyi 'to be freed in November' nyeinchen 6
2010-03-02 Why did Bill Gates drop out of Harvard? Yoon 12
2010-03-02 Royal Thai Army's prestige went down the drain krajog 67
2010-03-02 30 of 100 Top Finishers of An International Marathon Run Disqualified for Cheating, Enmass, in China Piset 0
2010-03-02 A cross-cultural fair targeted at a rich reading world Taiwan 0
2010-03-02 A council of bureaucrats to monitor the Cabinet? Yoon 1
2010-03-02 SONG of Pensive Holding dance_and_theatre 0
2010-03-02 CRYSTAL PARK of Ramintra Road........ panalwayscute 11
2010-03-02 Amatyadhipatya, the meaning of krajog 33
2010-01-27 A Huge Global Goof in Education: Mixing Up the Teaching of Skills and Knowledges Piset 4
2010-01-25 A new ARTS hub: HUA HIN dance_and_theatre 0
2009-08-16 Bangkok Cinema Scene special: 13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival, August 13-23, 2009 wisekwai 1
2009-08-16 Lets have fun at ChiangKhan, the Mekhong riverside town PasaNINJA2499 29
2009-08-16 What's the price tag for a police promotion? Yoon 6
2009-08-16 For the love of food - Lyons and Phrapradaeng dryshrimp 16
2009-08-16 Those "VIP Members' Cards" and the Game Money Piset 7
2009-08-16 Next question please... Yoon 11
2009-08-16 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Nothing but Uninvolving Action Excursion betweentheframes 2
2009-08-16 Your blogger name?!? naive 45
2009-08-16 COCKTAIL: The Life and Works of DR. KRISANA KRAISINTU dance_and_theatre 4
2009-08-16 “Nanta”: “SHUT UP, PLAY!!” dance_and_theatre 0
2009-08-14 Buffalo caravans that lasted until the early 20th century netnapit 23
2009-08-14 We’re Gonna Go DANCING dance_and_theatre 0
2009-08-14 Bangkok Cinema Scene special: Citizen Juling in limited release wisekwai 4
2009-08-14 Monet s garden in July dryshrimp 11
2009-08-14 what do you think, Dating Tips? PasaNINJA2499 33
2009-08-14 Simple Home Made Beef Steak with Strawberry Sweet Wine panalwayscute 11
2009-08-14 NEW BUSES? WHAT ABOUT TRAINS? panya 43
2009-08-04 Bangkok Cinema Scene special: Water Drops of Life premieres on August 10 wisekwai 1
2009-06-23 H1N1 infection - no need to panic MaxHeadroom 39
2009-06-23 Interview with Steve McMahon and Paul Masefield, for Liverpool fans!* Plust3r 11
2009-06-23 Departures: The flow of death and life betweentheframes 2
2009-06-23 Ugg boots, the real story Ian 13
2009-06-23 NANG NAK: a very BLITHE ghost dance_and_theatre 3
2009-06-23 HAPPY TO BE ME, the world smallest girl. and how about you? PasaNINJA2499 7
2009-06-23 Report Says Spam Now 90% of All Email back9clicks 2
2009-06-23 Why do hi-so women like Blythe dolls? Tow 23
2009-05-12 Why Generals have such a strong hold in Thai society netnapit 77
2009-05-12 Learning English Ian 58
all topic 850 topic /17

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