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Wednesday , February 4 , 2009
Im still yours, Federer
Posted by lin , Reader : 4118 , 01:43:58  

I didn't reach for tissue as the Australian correspondent said in the article, but I did cry along with Roger Federer, even before he exclaimed "God, it's killing me".
Obviously, it was another heart-breaking match for "Fedex" fans, following last year's Wimbledon. Since he became the professional tennis player, it has not been really often that his fans see him beaten on his courts, particularly hard and grass courts.
I was so mad when seeing him lose his Wimbledon championship to Spain's Raphael Nadal, as I didn't understand why he lost on grass.
But I felt pity for Federer last Sunday when he lost the Australian championship to Nadal. Nadal was great for his compliment to Federer as one of the greatest players, but Federer also had himself to blame for the defeat.
Star TV commentator VJ said Federer should have stopped the backhand slides. I agreed. It was like watching Paradorn tried again and again to make his drop shots work. Fed was doing the same thing, but the results were not so successful. His forehands which beat Andy Roddick and others also missed the baselines several times. It's not what we saw in previous matches against other players.
Like what we saw from "The Sopranos", Federer must have panic attacks whenever he met Nadal. He said before the match that rivalry in sports is good. Yeah, as Nadal snatched the world's No.1 position from him, it's good for him to fight back.
So, I didn't understand why he lost, though he was so good at earlier matches. Nadal was quite good at stretching Fed, but if Fed were not that tense, he could have done better.
Still, I cried along with Fed. He could have won the tournament and earned the 14th Grand Slam title, like what many, including John McEnroe and Pete Sampras, said.
Certainly, he could beat Sampras in terms of titles. But as he is destined to meet Nadal more often, how that would be achieved if he does not get over the panic attack.
While writing this, I cried for him. For all these years of watching tennis, I think he is the best in terms of techniques and emotional equilibrium on court. I still believe in him, despite the loss. I sincerely hope that he would overcome the panic attack the next time he encounters Nadal. Or, he won't achieve what he's destined to.

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comment 11
windy date : 12/02/2009 time : 12.03
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

oooooh, I am so scared.

You know, nobody can win forever.
comment 10
lin date : 12/02/2009 time : 01.16

Windy, I don't just act toughie but I'm really tough.

GGrass, I'm totally with you. let's see what would happen at Wimbledon.
comment 9
veen date : 05/02/2009 time : 23.47

I mean my No.1 tennis player - that is
comment 8
veen date : 05/02/2009 time : 19.19

And he's still mine. ....
comment 7
windy date : 05/02/2009 time : 12.46
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

sorry, typo mistake....always "act" like
comment 6
windy date : 05/02/2009 time : 12.46
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

p'Lin I don't expect this from a women who always like such a toughie
comment 5
GGrass date : 05/02/2009 time : 11.54

Federer has set up the wrong goal.

His goal is to be world #1.

His goal should be 'beat Nadal'.

If he eyes the #1 position first, then he won't be able to get beyond Nadal because Nadal is aiming to be #1 too.

Nadal tells himself,

"Beat Federer, and I'll be #1!"

because the name Federer is synonimous with world #1. If anyone can beat Federer, he'll be the #1.

But for Federer, who has been #1 for many years, and recently lost that position, he's too anxious to get back the position, he forgets what's in front of him : Nadal.

Federer should tell himself,

"Beat Nadal first. #1 position comes after."
comment 4
lin date : 04/02/2009 time : 18.58

I agree that he would be back to No.1 if he gets over the jinx. But how? I don't see it would come soon, given his current emotional status. Just look at him crying out that day and his saying that he was terribly sorry as he was this close to winning.
comment 3
happyjack date : 04/02/2009 time : 15.33

Best thing about Wimbledon,is the Wombles.Some Men like Male Ballarinas,,Male Moddles,,Tennis died with Rod Laver,Fred Perry,Real Men.The Women are Smashing Though.
comment 2
happyjack date : 04/02/2009 time : 15.22

A nancy boys sport,tantrams all the time,Nasasie,Macinroe,the lists endless,never seen Enery Cooper bluber when he lost on a Cut Eye tos Clay. Nah Tennis is fer Tarts,not MEN.
comment 1
GGrass date : 04/02/2009 time : 08.27

I'm sure Federer will reign supreme again... if he can get over 'Nadal jinx'.

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