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Note to God
Note to God People now are so much stupid like animals. They always use God for their personal benefits. Everyday they pray to make God to (for) give them. They never know that God alw
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Thursday , November 3 , 2011
Water Monitor
Posted by topaz , Reader : 1163 , 21:53:56  

The reptiles--- snakes, lizards, crocodiles evaluated from dinosaurs are abound in Bangkok and the world, in particular the Water Monitors. Is it Gods servant or traitor?a badluck or an ambassador withgoing with the flow. One thing for sure is that Hia never Die for these reasons.

4 in 1: Creep-Claw-Climb-Flow
It is the best player even wild and crazy, smoother than stubborn buffalo or aggressive dog. The type of half-four (to no) feet on the ground can do anything but the right things. Basically, it works as the third party, a nominee, or an ambassador or comfort places like UN, Law, Temples, Churches etc.

Black Magical and Freak
It is well-developed for crook at cheaper price. Apainter own colors in other Palaces out of humanity. Its thinking is unbelievable---no box, no religion, no law, no rule but below the line. Hai forked tongues indicate a close link with snakes useful in conspiracy and to fight nightly.

Ambassador of both Greed and Selfishness
As Ambassador of both Devils, it usually pretends to be a survivor but stays cold. The crisis is its best time. Hia can await you all to die in water without guilty. Water and unlimited space/power is Hias freedomto go with the flow but no working out. It intends to be the last of the world.

Human is the most waste(not me) Big Ambassador of the world

Now, you know why it survives forever?

Time belongs to you, independent people.
Huntsnakes, lizards, crocodiles or Water Monitors, which one first?

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Alien date : 06/11/2011 time : 14.09

I was walking by a sewer in Samutsakhon and one started to come up from the opening. He saw people too close I think and went back in real quick.

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