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Golf in Thailand
The Insiders Guide To Golf in Thailand
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Monday , September 7 , 2009
Golf in Malaysia
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Comparable to golf in Thailand, Golf in Malaysiaoffers something for all levels of golfers.

About Golfing in Malaysia:

Malaysia has an incredible number of almost 200 golf courses for a country with a total land area of only 330,000 sq.km. Blessed with a diverse landscape, there is the opportunity to build golf courses in the cool highlands, by the beach, nestled in the lush jungle or surrounded by gleaming skyscrapers.

Much thought and care has been taken in providing world-class conveniences, great scenery and surrounding holiday attractions for a well-rounded holiday. Most of these courses are built as part of 5-star resorts and luxury clubs for the pleasure of the discerning golfers.

These beautiful courses are designed by pros and offer the latest in luxury amenities. Many of these international-class courses have been designed by the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent-Jones, Max Wexler, Ted Parslow and other golfing greats.

With a huge community of golf enthusiasts, there are tournaments of all levels held in the country. There are also a few Malaysian golfing magazines and websites available. Equipment is never a problem as there is a plethora of sports shops in the cities, all of which proviide the best of golfing equipment and accessories, and all at reasonable prices.

For more information on golf in Malaysia check out www.malaysiagolfholiday.com


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