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Golf in Thailand
The Insiders Guide To Golf in Thailand
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Thursday , December 18 , 2008
Help Thailand Golfers!
Posted by golfinthailand , Reader : 3168 , 02:16:28  

We help publish a golf book on golf courses in Thailand, a golf map and also write several articles about golf travel and golf holidays in Thailand for various websites. We'd like to get some feedback to help us write more effective golf course reviews. If you golf in Thailand or have ever played golf in Thailand, could you help us and let us know what are the most important factors for you when considering what golf course to play?

Here are a few examples and if you could state which of these are most important, that'd be most appreciated!

A. Golf course design

B. Golf course condition

C. Price

D. Distance you have to travel

E. Caddies

F. Other (Please state)

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comment 4
GGrass date : 18/12/2008 time : 14.38

To GolfinThailand and the guy behind the keyboard: If you type the word 'Golf' in the search box and press enter, you'll see how much I love golf and how much I love to TALK about golf. It's such a blessing to have a space where I can talk and talk and talk about golf without caring much what other people think.
comment 3
golfinthailand date : 18/12/2008 time : 11.59

All great points, and we might have to recruit you to come blog for us! Spot on with the caddies, and other comments, if you're golf is anywhere near as good as your blog comments you must be a Pro!

comment 2
GGrass date : 18/12/2008 time : 11.21

1. The golf course design is VERY important for two reasons. One, the golfer who plays the course will enjoy the game, and want to come back to play again. Two, the golfer will talk about it with other golfers who hasn't played the course yet. If the design is good, the words will be out that the course is worth playing. But if the design is bad, we will bitch about it and those who hasn't played the course before will not want to play it.

Actually the course design is one of the most talked about aspect of a golf course... much more than the price, or the caddies...

So I'd say 'Course Design' is the most important.

2. Then, the next should be the course condition...

Whether the grass is well maintained, or the green is well shaven... wheter the rough is really rough... sand is really sand, (not dirt)

But serious golfers seldem complain about the condition of the course because we think we should be able to play in ANY CONDITION... well, I don't know about others, but at least I think so... it shouldn't matter whether the grass is like carpet or not... we should be able to make a clean shot, no matter where or how the ball lies.

And even the bad condition can be a plus for certain people because it's more challenging. And because it's 'different'. For example, there's a course in Kratoombaen... Army run course... The fairway is as if a herd of cows have been roaming around... the rough is almost the same as the fairway... and there is no sand in sand bunkers. Only mud. And the green? The grass on the greens are so long, you'd think it's the fairway. So to putt it just a few meters, you have to wack the ball hard... you will always leave your putt short.

But because of its bad condition, it makes the game fun... or at least different.

3. The price.... well... Personally, I don't think it matters much, because the price don't vary much between courses... on weekdays, it's 1000 give or take a few hundred...

Of course the golfer should be satisfited with the course for the money they paid... but I think generally the price they charge you at any course is about fair... the expensive courses have better club house, and the cheaper ones have not so luxurious club house... but it doesn't matter much anyway...

4. Distance you have to travel? Hm... sure it matters... but nothing beyond the obvious... the farther it is, the less you will visit...

5. Caddies? Prettier the better. The ones at Pinehurst.... they are HOT!! 0_0

But seriously, I like older caddies who know the course inside out. Seldom am I lucky enough to get a caddy who is a real pro...

So unless they are the old, seasoned ones, I'd like to pair with a pretty caddy!

5. Others...

The other factor I consider when I choose where to play is the kind of people the course attracts.

For example, I will never play in Ramintra Army course because it's full of big shot a$$holes from the barrack.

And some millionaire courses... or courses dominated by Koreans or Japanese...
comment 1
GGrass date : 18/12/2008 time : 09.16

I'm glad you asked! But wait... I have to get the morning work done before I can seriously talk about golf.

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