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Thursday , October 18 , 2007
Thumb up for BODY Sop19
Posted by PrinceOfPop , Reader : 6217 , 15:37:08  

      I am the one who would pay for movie tickets for  only motion pictures that I really ..really want to watch. The last one I pay for is "BODY  Sop 19" , a Thai movie from GTH (which produced some of the nice  movies like "Fan Chan", "Season Change" and "Peun sanit") .


    What I would like to say is that I'm so impressed in this movie ,it's not a kind of  horror cinema that really shock  or horrify you to crazy. But this movie  makes you curious to know what the story will be ,with its complicated characters. I still wonder if  " Paeng " Chonlasit's sister and the devil cat are exist , and why Dararai ghost wants doctor Suthi to find her...as she implied in doctor Suthi's imagination...Dararai...find me...Dararai...find me....

   Likewise, what BODY Sop19 can  accordingly do is mixing the song "Kid Tung Teo Took Tee Ti Yoo Kon Deaw" (By Pat Suthasinee) to the story, and as I said ,the ghost appears in this film doesn't shock you,the end of the story does.


       Pat Suthasini Puttinan ,in my opinion , the feeling she put in this song brings me  a little sense of scare, it's really different from the original version sung by Jennifer Kim which is truly touched.

       If there were something to be blamed from this movie , it's definitely be the English sub-title, for many mistakes such as  "fine me".....it should be "find me" , and a Thai phrase " mad as eating bee's nest", I don't know if this can be used in English.

.....What do you think about this film?.....

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comment 5
Poomjai date : 19/10/2007 time : 23.51

Khun Veen,

Thanks - I know this song already so I guess I was at a slight advantage.

Queen of Pop,

You are right about the issue of English subtitles. I find that the quality of English subtitles in Thailand is generally quite good. Just sometimes though when there is a difficult phrase or idiom (such as - they're so mad, they looking like they are chewing on a bees nest) things can go astray. But as I said, the quality is generally good, in my experience.

I shall be sure to watch this move soon and let you know my thoughts on it.
comment 4
wisekwai date : 19/10/2007 time : 15.01

Thanks for the translation. A very appropriate song.
comment 3
veen date : 18/10/2007 time : 23.29

Poomjai, your Thai is very good. You've got the right translation. Try to translate the lyrics: It's beautiful.

So bad I miss this film, Queen of Pop. But I'm sure that I'll catch it on DVD as usual
comment 2
Poomjai date : 18/10/2007 time : 21.48

I miss you every time I am alone?
comment 1
wisekwai date : 18/10/2007 time : 16.30

Thanks for detailing the music - it was definitely one of the strong aspects of the film. What is the English translation of the song title?

Storywise, I thought Body fell apart when everything was revealed. I don't want to go into why I think that, because it would give away too much. I just think the story was weak.

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