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Sawasdee Krup
A Country That Lost It's Soul & Put on a Fake Smile
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Sunday , April 1 , 2012
Mexican Drug Lord Thanks Obama, Both Bushes, And Reagan For War On Drugs
Posted by Dalmasian , Reader : 1712 , 21:20:25  

The title of the blog is self-explanatory. Please visit this website to read the short article andwatch the video.


Thank you for watching.

-- Dalmasian

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comment 29
iceberg date : 05/04/2012 time : 05.36


This is entertainment.
comment 28
Plaadip date : 04/04/2012 time : 21.42

The end of discussion as usual. Is this a kind of monthly ritual?
comment 27
iceberg date : 04/04/2012 time : 10.17

Khun Ian,
comment 26
iceberg date : 04/04/2012 time : 10.04

Happy Jack, the marijuana usage is legal in California if it is for medical purpose. A block from my house there is what they called a marijuana dispensary. I can go in there and tell them that I have some kind of a weird headache, they will get a doctor to give me a prescription for a price and I can legally buy & smoke pots. Ive heard testimonies that pots help a lot of people to overcome many sicknesses that regular prescribed medication wouldnt help. Thus, pots have less harmful affects than the prescribed medicines.

The California taxing authority has already put out a notice that all marijuana dispensary will have to pay state sale tax from now on.

Lastly, I think that some people just love the challenge of doing something wrong. I mean, if it isn't illegal, they won't do it
comment 25
Ian date : 04/04/2012 time : 08.51

In my 20's, living at the time in Soho, drugs were everywhere, Bennies, purple hearts, blues, hash cakes,micro dots, you name it. At one time I had a kilo of resin under my bed, street value of 80 pounds in those days
Over a 5 year period I watched several of my friends die or lose their marbles, sad but it did not make me change, I still liked my bennies and ephedrine.
What made me change was the fact that it spoilt sex, the drive was there but not the ability. Alcohol has a similar effect, you cannot be a Cassanova and a drunkard. So a humorous thought, perhaps liberalising prostitution would cut down on drug and alcohol abuse.
comment 24
Plaadip date : 04/04/2012 time : 08.31

uuuuu. ....."Some coutries succeed in getting it under control"...may be a right sentence. Another correction.

Please continue the academic talk on the drug VS the booze. It's interesting, though I don't think I will ever change my opinion.
comment 23
Plaadip date : 04/04/2012 time : 08.23

c22, ...."I guess only the reason I don't go for the drugs, is that it's not easily available. ...

And not "denner" but "dinner" sorry.

I don't think this problem is uncontrollable. Some countries succeed it under control to some extent, including our country. The drug use trend is up and down, according to the social situation, but the streangthened law enforcement and the putlic campaign againt it can usually work, at least, in our country.
comment 22
Plaadip date : 04/04/2012 time : 07.53

Yes, I like drinking and still smokes though trying to smoke less. Regarding the former, I don't have to try to reduce the amount, because it seems the older I get, the less dose I become sleepy with.

I'm a person to open to temptation. So I guess only the beason I don't go for drugs, is not easily available. Plus my taboo feeling against the drugs. When I was a kid, I saw Government's TV commercials against Amphetamin everyday, whose famous line is "You quit Amphetamin or you quit human-being, which is your chioice?" It's so scary commercial that the taboo feeling againt drugs was implanted in my mind. I appricate this feeling. Otherwise, I might have gone in for the drugs, and the addiction could have added a serious problem in my life.

All in all, I would rather think alchohol has enriched my life, though I might have been able to buy another condo or something here, if I hadn't drunk. Dringking coupe of beers with my wife at denner is a kind of secret for the success?? of our marriage. I don' t think "using heroin" with my wife at every dinner" will have the same benefirt, though I have never tried it.

About the prostitution, I think it should be legalized, because everybody need sex. It's a naturual thing. Old or young, gay or straight, healthy or handicapped, all need sex. Prositituion is a way to fix the natural disbalance. For example, the handicaped need sex but can't find a partner, then they go to get a service from professional. If the professionals are serious about their job to entertain him, or her, then we can say they are doing a good job, although I don't want to see my daugherts take the job. It's contradicting? Yes, I'm contradicting, and that's human being.
comment 21
happyjack date : 04/04/2012 time : 06.50

Ice, just Tax It at Beer Rates, like Holland, the Illegal Dealers dont want this though, the price drops.
comment 20
iceberg date : 04/04/2012 time : 03.00

Felix, thanks for the info.

Conclusion from the link you gave,

When it comes to drugs, we are fascinated and horrified by the fashionable, illicit and notorious. But the deeply mundane finding of our survey is that the most prevalent, damaging and antisocial drug of all and the one most users want help to kick is still the one in your fridge and supermarket trolley: booze.

This kind of a survey is one sided. I dont give much credence to it. Its more like a fun social talk not a meaningful study. Why not ask me or the other wine connoisseur if we want to give up our drugs if ones want to equate alcohol as the other heavy drugs? Or why not ask the heroine or cocaine user if he wants to give up his habit if he only could?

Why these surveys or the study had never asked this question, if there are the same amount of alcohol users in comparing to the other type of drug users, which one of them would have more or less detrimental affect to a society.

Or why they had never made this kind of study, comparing the moderate drug(cocaine & heroine) users & moderate alcohol users to see what kind of health benefit or bad side affects these two types of drug may have or may have caused the change in human body.

Eric Clapton at some point in his life was using heroin & cocaine. I dont think this man has to worry about having the money to pay for |hese dr}g but a| the enl he qui|s. He siid the oood dopms were zuining his life.

comment 19
iceberg date : 04/04/2012 time : 02.53

Happy Jack, I guess marijuana is probably OK. According to what I have seen in the recent TV news in California, there are some older adults that have been using pots for years, they seem OK. But the problem is as shown on TV, these people are also selling & promoting marijuana for a living.
comment 18
iceberg date : 04/04/2012 time : 02.48

Khun Ian C9, Khun Ian, the problem is that, after a few hits, heroin & cocaine are a lot easier to be in love with more than alcohol.
comment 17
FelixQui date : 04/04/2012 time : 00.25

ian, re c. 13,
I agree. Amphetamines are as bad as alcohol, and alcohol is as bad as amphetamines. Both are deadly, both for their users and for society. That is, both are deadly for some users, not most, but both amphetamines and alcohol seriously harm society.

But criminalisation is not the answer - the US tried that experiment with perfectly clear results. And are now repeating exactly the same mistake, along with Thailand and others, expecting different results. The results plainly are not different.

What is that saying about repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results?
comment 16
happyjack date : 03/04/2012 time : 19.21

I referred to Pilots. They burn their adrenalin in Combat. Unlike Soldiers the cant stop for a Ciggy after they have won, they have a few hours to get back to base.. so a prop helps, and they are Professionals.
comment 15
Ian date : 03/04/2012 time : 19.05

HJ, the army has often supplied both Benzedrine and amphetamine to soldiers on active duty, it hypes them up and reduces fear, good in a soldier but not so good in a civilian. Adrenaline helps to reduce addiction, also a professional soldier presumably has more willpower.
comment 14
happyjack date : 03/04/2012 time : 16.03

Ian, where do you draw the line .?. Speed .Pink Champagne ,was used regularly by the long range Pilots during the Nam War on the home run. It was just Hi Powered Caffeine , it was an amfet, but not addictive.I Know , i took a crafty dab for all night Undercover Duvet Operation's in 67. But you make a good point.
comment 13
Ian date : 03/04/2012 time : 12.52

Felix, 11. I agree with your comments on alcohol and other drugs, but I notice you did not mention amphetamines. I can assure you that everything you have said about alcohol also applies to amphetamines.
comment 12
Alien date : 03/04/2012 time : 08.37

Dal - the U. S. drug laws were in effect long before there was all of the drug violence in Mexico. If the dealer is going to give credit to a drug war for his business, he needs to give credit to the mexican authorities. The drug war came about when Mexico cracked down on the drugs. It also came about because mexico and the mexican politicians and police are so corrupt. The drug "war" in the U. S. diminished once the crack fad diminished. You don't see the same wars over pot or heroin that you saw over crack. sometimes it is the drug causing the violence, not the war itself. Crank (a form of crystal meth) doesn't seem to be causing the same war that crack did.
comment 11
FelixQui date : 03/04/2012 time : 08.36

HJ is right: teh number one killer drug in Thailand is alcohol. Nothing else comes close for actual deaths caused, real injuries, domestic and other violence, medical costs, lost productivity, etc.

You might also find "'Hidden' drug users who won't be found burgling your home to fund their habit" in The Guardian worth a look, and the links to relevant surveys and reports. It's at http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/mar/15/hidden-drug-users

The salient point is just how normal, unnoticeable and non-problem causing is most drug use for most drug users. The problems start, and are greatly aggravated, as soon as the state steps in to encourage mafia figues and corruption.
comment 10
happyjack date : 03/04/2012 time : 07.29

Nature made Cannabis , so i don't see what right Man has to legislate it.Beer Chang is Man Made, no part of Nature.and im certain its caused more premature deaths than a Tote.In a few days we will see a carnage caused mainly by Booze, but its a good source of Cash Revenue , so we can overlook that.Cant Tax Cannabis so easy, so lets make a Law so we can take bribes instead.Ive never yet seen a person fighting mad from a Tote, they just talk rubbish, and giggle at unfunny things, so i enjoy that, and chucle at nothing with them. .That i must add was in the World, i realise i now live in a Prostitution and Drug Free Zone
comment 9
Ian date : 02/04/2012 time : 21.13

Ice, let me give my answer to your comment. Yes, you, I, and many others can drink sensibly. Some people can use heroin, cocaine and cannabis sensibly. The reason is partly our metabolism, the other is that though addictive our minds can control the addiction.
All of the above mentioned drugs are natural plant derivatives.
The problem is the modern artificially created designer drugs, the amphetamines etc. these have an addictive mind warping capability which cannot be resisted.
This is where I draw the line, pickle your liver with alcohol, rot your nose off sniffing coke,that's ok by me, but not crystal meth, crack and all the new synthetics.
comment 8
iceberg date : 02/04/2012 time : 21.01

Felix, moral or immoral is how you want to define it and how it effects the people living within you definition. I dont see anything wrong punishing anyone committing the crime. I don't mind giving a capital punishment to a person who convicted of drunk driving and keep doing it till resulted in the death of the others.

About alcohol, I have been drinking this stuff for years, nothing wrong with me. I am able to function in a society perfectly. If you can prove to me that anyone taking methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroine for 20 years and still able to function like me, I will go along with you thesis that alcohol and drugs should be classified in the same category.
comment 7
Ian date : 02/04/2012 time : 18.37

Felix, the one stipulation i would make is that anyone using any drug, including alcohol, has to sign a waiver from any free health services.
comment 6
FelixQui date : 02/04/2012 time : 16.50

I agree. Legalisation is not only the moral choice, it is the practical choice.

It won't happen in Thailand because it would immediately cut corruption, crime, violence, family despair, personal tragedy and all the other benefits that current drug policy creates for it's avid supporters.
comment 5
FelixQui date : 02/04/2012 time : 16.48

The best that can be said of Singapore's drug laws are that they are immoral.

How could they be seen as moral?
I agree that such barbaric and unjust punishments are effective. Barbaric and harsh penalties, as we see, are equally effective in Thailand at enforcing ignorance on Thai citizens on matters that they care very much about, rendering their opinions on those topics worthless.

And you might also like to help Plaadip reply to comment 4.
comment 4
FelixQui date : 02/04/2012 time : 16.45

So, Plaadip,
What about that drug that kills so many Thai people every year?
The same drug that is a major cause of violence?
The drug that is involved in most domestic abuse?

The drug that is, in fact, worse than heroin and far worse than marijuana.

Should that drug also be illegal?
I mean alcohol.

I'm now expecting you to be consistent and argue that alcohol must be criminalized. And we all know what that led to in the US - exactly the same things that current Thai drug policy leads to.
comment 3
Ian date : 02/04/2012 time : 13.03

Yep legalise all drugs and let Darwinian rules apply, might thin the population down a bit.
comment 2
iceberg date : 01/04/2012 time : 22.10

Cannot watch the video, something wrong technically. Anyway, I agree with Plaadip. I think if the US will adopt the same rules & laws as of Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia about drug trafficking, I am sure that the amount of related crimes will be less.

You live in Singapore, how often have you seen the graffiti around town. Punishment is definitely a deterrent.
comment 1
Plaadip date : 01/04/2012 time : 21.44

I support the legalization of prostitution. But about the drags, no as the godfather said.
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