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Sunday , February 1 , 2009
Proud to be Chula at the football match :)
Posted by blossom , Reader : 3761 , 00:19:33  

It's been more than 10 years that I last participated in the CU-TU traditional football match i.e. since I graduated then got a full-time job, got married, have kid, etc.. Today, I took my husband and my daughter to the national stadium to see this sport event and hope they enjoy themselves as much as I did :)

Back then when I wasa student, I loved this event for so many reasons. I am one of those who did not do much extra-curricular activities in school so being on the cheer stand was the only thing I did during my 4-year undergraduate study there.

I remember singing, screaming and shouting so loud without being told to do so on the stand no matter how hot it was in broad daylight, back then when I was a Chula student. I remember the pride being part of the cheer stand and part of this educational institute though I went home with a sore throat and badly sunburnt.Today I am still amazed with the student committee who organised all this as well as crowd control of the two universities.

There are activities in the field and students of both universities such as parade, cheerleading competition, transformation of cheer stand into witty pharses or pictures, commentators, etc. Today I was on the alumni stand with many of the pink shirt wearers. It still felt good to hear the same old university songs and sang along.

Please don't hate me but I am proud to be a Chula inspite of our loss in the match today.

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comment 11
rob date : 05/02/2009 time : 14.03

last year i worked at TU, this year CU. So this year i went with the CU friends but in my old red TU colours. i cheered TU they CU. no problems, just a fun evening
Not so sure it would be that easy say back in dundee (Dundee or United) or glasgow (celtic vs rangers) to be so relaxed in the "opposite" camp
same game but different culture (well ok and level but ive never been to a say OxfordU vs CambridgeU varsity match so cant comment)
comment 10
GGrass date : 03/02/2009 time : 08.21

Hm... Many pinks... but not many yellow-reds...

Yeah... we used to kick your pink butt in soccer.... heheheh.... No... in reality, I think the two have mostly draws... amazing statistics, really... so many draws.

I think at the match, the pink shirts are more quiet and well behaved, while the yellow-red shirts are more noisy and rowdy.
comment 9
dryshrimp date : 03/02/2009 time : 07.17

i am pink too. i only joined once to the match when i was freshy. singing around bangkok on the lorry making noises with for example boombalaka..bowbowbow to be negatively seen sometime like barbarians. walking back to chula after the match.chula/thammasat tied. very
exhausted, but i realised that was not my kind of fun.
comment 8
souvenirdeparis date : 03/02/2009 time : 04.11

so lucky you have traditions ;only traditional chants at my concrete uni were yelling political abuse at yearly demonstration .
you have something you can show your kids so they'll want to study too.
this reallymakes me feel like I'm from the back of the wood
comment 7
yabua date : 02/02/2009 time : 23.26

K.Blossom: Win or lost was never my concern either. For me,any competition is just for fun. I studied in CU for both BA and MA but I suppose , if I married so early like my mother, you could be my daughter!
comment 6
PasaNINJA2499 date : 02/02/2009 time : 22.07
Keep walking forward. Don't give up. Don't fed up.

Tomorrow I am going to TU with my freind. ^^ She planned to go futher study there, master degre
comment 5
Amore_bambini date : 02/02/2009 time : 16.53

Once upon a time, when my mum was still a student at Thammasat university and her boyfriend was studying in Chula, she used to wear the CU cheer teeshirts and he would wear TU's cheer teeshirts when they watched football matches together. They would cheer their university football teams without actually fighting like the technology students who boastfully fight because of their obsession with their own institution. Years passed, this nice boyfriend of hers passed away because of a car accident - there are only some memories of these events left.
comment 4
GGrass date : 02/02/2009 time : 09.43

Blossom: A question...

I remember it was very crowded and there was a lot of pushing and shoving near the door... a bit dangerous, even.

Is it still like that?

Or do you know a way in that's not as crowded? Say... safe enough for little kids to walk through...

I don't dare to bring my kids if it's the same TU-CU match that I remember...
comment 3
blossom date : 02/02/2009 time : 09.30

G Grass,

The loss never counts (for me though) but it's the pride to be there that does. And congrats on your victory.
comment 2
GGrass date : 02/02/2009 time : 08.27

Glad to hear you had good time. Too bad you lost though...

I never missed that event when I was studying. But I've never been to a match since graduation.

Glad to hear that we won the soccer match.
comment 1
Piset date : 01/02/2009 time : 23.39

Khun Blossom:

I still remember the thrill that my cousin and my sister bought one of the "yellow T shirt" (for Thammasart not PAd) for me many decades ago.
Even our servant at home was excited about ehe traditional football game then.

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