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Thursday , June 17 , 2010
[updated] The Football : How to watch it for more fun !
Posted by wch , Reader : 2021 , 06:50:51  


Most of the football watchers enjoy half of a game,not because of their poor understanding of the game rules, but they only trace after the ball and one offender, one defender.

'Professional watchers' always trace the FORMATION of a team. Formation is the positioning of every 11 players such as 3-4-3-1. 1 is the goal keeper. At least tracing the forward 3 players 'in an eye',and checkinghow each moves on, for offence and for defence is a real fun. If a team's formation is 2-4-4-1, they mean to enhance the defence against stronger team. If 4-3-3-1, it is offensive formation needless to say.

Another tip to enjoy a game is to check out how a team player make foul. If trace only the ball, one can not catch it. The trick happens often when the ball is in the penalty box. People concentrate on the ball and two players, one offender and one defender. If check other two offenders (in case of 3-4-3-1 formation), one of themholds a defender from running, by holding him, or even by kicking him.

Latin footballers more violate this 'unseen foul' and the field refree often fails to catch it.

This trick was seen and FIFA formally admitted the refree mistake during the game of Argentina and Nigeria. Argentine goal was the result of holding a Nigerian defender who rushed onto the ball in the penalty box.

Such foul plays will be seen more as more south American teams advance.

(end of update)

I dislike to watch professional club games like Premier of Europe but love to regional inter-state game like CJK game. Of course the World Cup the best.

World Cup is really amusing and I often glue to it, Why?

Inter-Nation game is the reflection of a national team who are from all the best a country own their nationalities, both professional players and home-stars.

4 years interval of World Cup is to feature the change of each national team. Some, old star players were retired and new stars play prominently.

Also, world game features the power of the nation's political and economic situation. Problematic country players always perform poorly and this time, it is shown in Greek and Spain players whose countries have serious economy problem.

World cup players perform for their national pride to show worldwide. It is more than the money being given by professional football club, so they play to their utmost ego.

Also World Cup is the stage to show many, professional faults and clumsy errors of refrees. Of course corruptions are involved among the FIFA executives, that will litter dirty beans here and there. Stealing live broadcasts are rampant all over the world, especially in Thailand by regional cable TV operators,,,555


Real games- second round starts from today, that better national teams show and that will show the real clue, who will step forward to the best 16, and best 4.

Also it is real period for gamblers to play in, and the world largest, gambling site is undoubtedly in London, where a site offers the maximum ceiling bid is 10,000,000 pounds ! (I don't know how much the commission and tax are however)

I hope a Thai will bid this money to show the world,

"Thailand is the best kingdom of gamblers in the world, outbeating UK". 555

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comment 11
happyjack date : 17/06/2010 time : 20.54

Well Pladip,i found out first hand many elder Koreans don't like Japanese,and Jap Cars get scratches down the side,its to best garaged at night.I should think its only a Complex Subject for the Aggressors.Brits found Mr Hitler a Pest. Ian, most interesting,i have Zero Dealings with Brit Banks, or anything like Pay Pall.These 2 Brothers have dealings with the U.K.,and i know they pay online for friends bets.
comment 10
Ian date : 17/06/2010 time : 17.08

HJ, When I do a money transfer by Paypal, at one stage I have to tick one of two boxes. One says personal gift, the other says services or gambling. I have never clicked that one so don't know what happens next. But I do know that Ladbrokes accept Paypal.
As a member of Paypal you can increase your money transfer limits quite easily. I think mine is 3000 GBP.
You can build up a large working balance in Paypal by making regular small payments. This prevents your bank from seeing any suspicious movements of large amounts.
comment 9
Plaadip date : 17/06/2010 time : 16.30

C7, I know you don't understand the complexity of the isuue, the issue of Korean residents in Japan. So I don't mind your misunderstanding.
comment 8
happyjack date : 17/06/2010 time : 15.58

When you look at him Catch,it makes one wonder if we were descendants of Sheep.Yeh, tears of Sadness,hes as bad as the Burmese Bastards.
comment 7
catch22 date : 17/06/2010 time : 13.23

GG 3 - They pour the beer down for him.

Plaadip - They were probably moved to tears knowing they have to go back.
comment 6
happyjack date : 17/06/2010 time : 10.48

C3. Whoes that Funney Little Man stuffing a trumpet down his neck,his shirts to small.Do they feed him through that plastic thingy.
comment 5
Plaadip date : 17/06/2010 time : 10.03

Two north korean players come from Japan. They were born and grew up in our country with north Korean citizenship. Although I hate the dictator, I cannot but be moved when I saw them tring to suppress their tears, hearing their national anthem in the field of their dream.
comment 4
GGrass date : 17/06/2010 time : 09.15

Hope he doesn't shoot all the players if they don't make it to the KO stage...
comment 3
GGrass date : 17/06/2010 time : 09.14

Yeah... World Cup Football is the best...

Even our Dear Leader is into it.
comment 2
Alien date : 17/06/2010 time : 08.51

AH,...Soccer. I'll just keep quiet now.
comment 1
happyjack date : 17/06/2010 time : 07.00

I dont understand how some Thais are connected to Ladbrooks U.K.,have an Account and bet Daily on the Internet,they also trade on the Brit Stock Market through a Broker.They are Hi So Chins, perhaps its legal for a Few.???.

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