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Friday , April 13 , 2012
Richter scale
Posted by Ian , Reader : 3430 , 11:31:19  

Recent discussions on Thaivisa regarding the recent tsunami threat has made it clear that asurprisingnumber of people do not understand the Richter scale. The problem seems to be that they do not understand a logarithmic scale.

So with apologies to those who do, here is, I hope, a simple explanation.

Many things in nature have a very wide range, size is a good example, from a tiny atom to a mega sun, when we measure the sensitivity of the human eye to light, or the ear to sound, we find these also have a very wide range, from a candle a mile away, to the sun at full noon, or the whine of a mosquito to a pneumatic drill.
Earthquakes also have a broad range, from tremors so slight they can only be detected by sensitive instruments, to movements so vast they can be felt thousands of miles away.
To classify such a vast range of energies it is convenient to use a logarithmic scale, this mean a scale where size is shown as the logarithm of the actual number.
For example
log 10 =1
log100 =2
log 1000 =3
Put simplistically the log of a number is the number of trailing zeros and an increase of 1 in the log number is an increase of 10 in the actual size.
Looking now at theRichterscale this means a magnitude 9.0 earthquake is 10 times more powerful than a magnitude 8.0 and 100 times more powerful than a magnitude 7.0

In reality Richter values less than about 3.0 are not noticed by humans, only by some animals and sensitive instruments.
Values around 4.0 are felt but rarely cause damage.
We have to get above the value 5.0 before they start to really impact.

Now the 2004 quake was a 9.2 roughly equivalent to a 950 megaton bomb. This week's quake was an 8.6 roughly 140 megatons, so about nine times less. Note the non linearity in this.

Just for the record, the largest quake recorded was a 9.5 in Chile in 1960.
The meteor impact of 65 million years ago is estimated as being a Richter 12.55 event.

The damage caused by an earthquake will depend on location, densely populated or uninhabited, also the strength of building.

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comment 82
happyjack date : 23/04/2012 time : 07.18

Bloody Hell, first time Ever.
comment 81
Ian date : 23/04/2012 time : 07.08

So there you are, we are all in agreement, freedom is an illusion.
comment 80
happyjack date : 23/04/2012 time : 06.19

Leaving School , Uni then the Army ,and never working for a another Man after 21.Ive been under a Womans Thumb ever since, freedoms an illusion.
comment 79
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 20.42

Yes I realised this in my youth.
Time is of no consequence.
That you are alive and have to do whatever; hey what a life!
Cheers Ian.
comment 78
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 20.30

Oh to be young and know that.
We did. we read and studied we thought and then I realised what you say now.
comment 77
Ian date : 22/04/2012 time : 20.19

There has been two times in my life when I felt on top of the world and free as a bird, when I left the army, and when I left teaching.
Now everywhere I look, whether it be England or Thailand, I see freedom is just an illusion.
comment 76
Ian date : 22/04/2012 time : 20.12

As a matter of interest, my youngest daughter was married last September, a church wedding. I refused to attend and "give the bride away", I said it would be a false act for me. My family understood, they knew my reasons, my son stood in for me, he is an agnostic.
comment 75
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 20.09

comment 74
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 20.08

And to add to that, HJ has no idea of the pressures a teacher faces each day, each minute each second.
Imagine a play on stage and suddenly the actor forgets his lines!
Time out!
Rubbish; I have always taught young children and there is no time out!
comment 73
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 18.30

Ian , now having read your last comment, I will apologize, seems we are closer than many may think.
comment 72
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 18.26

I have not read the previous comment, comments;there is only one thought in my mind;deranged I may be.
Mr Douglas stood up for years at each morning assembly and sung the hymns and chanted the lords prayer and had no objection to that!
Except when he was serving in the SAS!
Now I will read the previous entries.
I care not what HJ thinks, oxymoron, can he?
comment 71
Ian date : 22/04/2012 time : 15.27

Noonin, we seem to have left teaching in England for nearly the same reason. At the time this religious assembly ruling came in force, Headmaster was a biologist. So we decided that religion being a special case of philosophy, we would have philosophical assemblies.
This worked fine until he retired and was replaced by a young keen born again Christian. He proceeded to try to force me to comply, attacking me in every way possible, he had the rank but I had status in the academic world, so it was a stalemate. To resolve it the County Education Department in negotiation with the union offered me early retirement with maximum enhancement. I accepted and have never regretted it. That school from being one of the best in pupil results obtained, is now just mediocre.
comment 70
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 14.02

From the previous you can deduce that I will not teach in the multitude of Christian schools in Thailand.
Furthermore it was at the time I was teaching in England , in the education authority I was employed by,an unwritten rule that head teachers had to be members of a church. Even a particular church and if you wanted top spot then a bit of arse licking was required.
The chief education officer on retirement put on the collar and became very reverend!
comment 69
noonin date : 22/04/2012 time : 13.49

And heres BRINs breakdown:

40% of adults professed no religion, 55% were Christian and 5% of other faiths age made a major difference, with only 38% of the 18-34s being Christian and 53% having no religion, whereas for the over-55s the figures were 70% and 26% respectively

74% of respondents had been brought up in some religion (including 70% as Christians, implying a net 15% leakage from Christianity over time) and 25% not, the latter figure rising to 39% among the 18-34s

35% described themselves as very or fairly religious and 63% as not very or not at all religious there were no big variations by demographics (even by age), but Londoners (41%) did stand out as being disproportionately religious, doubtless reflecting the concentration of ethnic minorities in the capital

34% believed in a personal God or gods (ranging from 28% among the 18-34s to 42% of over-55s), 10% in some higher spiritual power, 19% in neither, with 29% unsure or agnostic

11% of respondents claimed to attend a religious service once a month or more, 27% less often, and 59% never non-attendance was higher among the young (62% for the 18-34s) than the old (54% for the over-55s) and among manual workers (62%) than non-manuals (56%), while London had the best figure for monthly or more attendance (16%)

16% claimed to pray daily, 12% several times a week, 4% once a week, 7% several times a month, 4% once a month, 24% less often, and 29% never men (34%) were more likely not to pray at all than women (24%)

79% agreed and 11% disagreed that religion is a cause of much misery and conflict in the world today

72% agreed and 15% disagreed that religion is used as an excuse for bigotry and intolerance, with a high of 81% in Scotland where sectarianism has often been rife

35% agreed and 45% disagreed that religion is a force for good in the world, dissentients being more numerous among men (50%) than women (41%)

78% (82% of the over-55s) agreed and 12% disagreed that religion should be a private matter and had no place in politics

16% agreed and 70% disagreed that Christians and the Church should have more influence over politics in the country only among the over-55s did the proportion in favour of the proposition scrape above one-fifth

61% agreed and 18% disagreed that organized religion is in terminal decline in the UK the over-55s (67%) were most prone to agree and Londoners (21%) to disagree

40% agreed and 40% disagreed that the decline of organized religion had made Britain a worse place the over-55s (54%) were twice as likely to agree as the 18-34s (27%)

51% (57% in Scotland) agreed and 32% (37% among men) disagreed that all religions are equally valid

34% agreed and 49% disagreed that some religions are better than others, men (39%), the over-55s (38%), and Londoners (38%) being disproportionately likely to agree

49% agreed and 29% disagreed that it is good for children to be brought up within a religion among the 18-34s opinion divided at 36% each (whereas for the over-55s 64% agreed and 22% disagreed)

40% agreed (rising to 46% of men and 44% of 18-34s) and 39% disagreed that religion is incompatible with modern scientific knowledge

29% agreed and 54% disagreed that there are some things in life which only religion can explain, the over-55s (35%) placing more trust in religion than the 18-34s (24%)

And as for Muslim the figure is 4.6 %. Why have you got your knickers in a twist.
Yes Islam is the second largest religion in the UK simply because most people are agnostic.
As for the sentence you had trouble with, let's try again, it is better that young children from a Muslim background are educated in an English school where their faith is opened to critical thinking.
I do not, will not teach any religious creed; indeed my battle, wimp that I am, against the Education Act at the time I was teaching in the UK, I do not know if it is still in existence, was that there should be a daily assembly of a Christian nature every school day.
As a deputy head I refused to comply and refused to lead any religious school assembly, for which I was vilified and finally quit teaching in England.
comment 68
Ian date : 22/04/2012 time : 09.45

Hj in my youth the East End of London was very Jewish, and as you say they knew how to party. One never really noticed their Jewishness, it was not "in your face", there were a few synagogues and kosher shops around but they blended in, not like all these noisy mosques springing up like mushrooms.
You can't beat a jewish salt beef sandwich for taste.
comment 67
happyjack date : 22/04/2012 time : 09.14

Don't forget Church of England is the backbone of Ethnic Brits. Catholics, Jew ,and other beliefs were never harassed by Brits in my young day.Only when minority groups chucked their beliefs about did Brits get nasty.I liked the Jews as a Kid, they were generous and very Witty, had good parties and invited us Gentiles with good grace
comment 66
wch date : 22/04/2012 time : 06.26

Anti-semitism, anti-Islam and today anti-sinism (chinism) are all the refraction of European ethno-centrism. It even splitted the imperial authority of Roman catholic papacy. Northern European Lutheran protestants was the outcome of ethno-centrism and the most orthodox Lutheran Norwagians produced the butcher.
Europeans must learn how to live together in peace. US is good test bed.
comment 65
happyjack date : 21/04/2012 time : 16.34

Yes, that's the one .Sooner have Teak Door.. Back to Noonin, wonder what he thinks of Alan Sugar, his views on Young Bright Teachers made me Puke.He clearly doesn't understand a Dummy With Luck, given an Exam that all you do is tick one of 4 Boxes is no Exam its Roulette. My A Levs in the early sixties would have got me into any Uni these days. Again you cant fault Ian's reply. Noonin im sorry but you have one hell of a Chip.you sound like me at 16. At least wch has the Balls to try to convey his best, despite his difficulty language wise, you sound like a Traitor to Our Nation. Let the Immigrants Shit on Churchill's Memory, and the Dead Of all Allies who gave us our Freedom in WW 2.
comment 64
Ian date : 21/04/2012 time : 14.47

comment 63
happyjack date : 21/04/2012 time : 12.20

I'm a tad confused, is T.V. the Advertising Forum, run by some Ferang , or is there another one in a Newspaper.The one i read is full of idiots asking can a report for My 90 Days next Year. ? I find it amusing, the Motoring Section is full of Deluded Ferangs whose Bar Girls have convinced them a Builders Truck is a Limo. I got banned for Constant Piss Taking. There a Supprise.
comment 62
Ian date : 21/04/2012 time : 10.18

Noonin, there are times when talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.
You seem to think that talking to bright young teachers from England gives you a true insight into life in England. Well in my experience many teachers, particularly young ones, live in an unreal world, an idealistic world viewed through pink tinted glasses.

This sentence seems strange, " wish to persuade back ward thinking religious teaching to be isolated from real instruction and true emancipation of thought."

You seem to be condemning me yet agreeing with me.

I don't wish to persuade back ward thinking religious teaching to be isolated, I wish to see it banned, Christian or Moslem. Fundamentalist Christianity or radical Islam. I am against any religion that 'dictates' how one behaves, religion should 'suggest', rather akin to true Buddhism.
Now if this makes me a fascist in your eyes then it makes you a megalomaniac in mine, someone who thinks that their concepts are the sole true emancipation of thought.
As to HJ, he is more typically British than you will ever be, there are people like him everywhere, whereas people like you are a dwindling minority, the Aldermarston, ban the bomb, turn the other cheek brigade. The motto, 'Make love not war' has to be from a position of strength, not milk-sop weakness.
comment 61
noonin date : 21/04/2012 time : 09.30

By the way a great blog worthy of a larger audience, wish it was on TV, but then of course Hj would be deleted!
Perhaps Ian also if spouting his anti Islam stuff.
At least I would not have to be the only one to respond to this Fascist ideology.
comment 60
noonin date : 21/04/2012 time : 09.23

Neither do I need to be physically present, but then I do not write rubbish about England to those who do not know anything about the place.
I have family and friends in England who I am in constant contact with, who do not share your and HJ( who is not truly English) views about the threat to English culture from Islam.
Actually I am glad that young children from Muslim families are taught in English ( yes Scotland has a different system) schools and learn to respect decent behaviour. If teachers in English schools today cannot inculcate such values then indeed it is a sad state. However as I work amongst the best young teachers recruited from England (and not from exclusive schools), I know this not to be the case.
You deny racism and then wish to persuade back ward thinking religious teaching to be isolated from real instruction and true emancipation of thought.
Shame on you as an ex teacher.
comment 59
Ian date : 21/04/2012 time : 08.28

Noonin, I don't swivel as you put it, My views have always been clear, it is just your understanding of them which varies.
I have actually found that living in Thailand has made me more politically aware of what is happening in Britain. Not being immediately involved gives me the opportunity to think and evaluate events. So when I make observations to my friends in Britain most appreciate that they are not simple knee jerk reactions.
People like HJ, Catch, myself, have memories, memories that allow us to compare what was with what is, by enlightening the present generation to these changes I try to do my bit for my country. As I have already said, I do not need to be physically present to do this.
comment 58
happyjack date : 21/04/2012 time : 08.09

Noonin, im Brit but a Romany Joe,ive done little work there , when i have been back ive been dissapointed with the changes.Ive been freelance since i was 20ish, so i do have a different take on many things. As for Ian, i just seem to think the same , i cant find a way to lock horns with him. Ive noted those who do are rather Simplistic for some reason.
comment 57
wch date : 21/04/2012 time : 05.32

[But above all else I have grown up children, highly educated and qualified, all successful in life, this is the real wealth.]

good maxim hardly heard thesedays,
comment 56
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 22.31

cowering, never had a cow,; oh perhaps my second wife, yes she was!
comment 55
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 22.28

Ian you swivel and swerve and spin.
You accused me of cowing in Thailand; your friend, HJ , is gloating on his gold medallions, (yes I am from that era)and you stay here while Britannia rots!
comment 54
Ian date : 20/04/2012 time : 22.11

This blog has gone way off track. But it is interesting.
Let me clarify a few points, I am far from racist, I am anti Islam, which is not a race. I mix happily with many races, Indian, African, Asian whatever.
Secondly Noonin has identified me in another forum, not difficult, perhaps he should look for me on some British forums, where I make my attitudes equally clear. One beauty of the Internet is I can defend my country whilst thousands of miles away.
Yes, compared to you two I am poor, my pension is currently worth about 40,000 Baht per month. But I am rich in years, rich in experiences, rich is wisdom and knowledge, this means more to me than your wealth, I have enough for my needs.
Neither do I have a rich Thai wife, just a simple uneducated country girl, but we complement each other.
But above all else I have grown up children, highly educated and qualified, all successful in life, this is the real wealth.
comment 53
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 19.05

HJ , I did not mention my private income, finances.
What is your point?
No problems with my lifestyle.
Can afford to be extravagant if I choose, but then why?
Then I did not mention my wife's income.
Been there, done it; I am retired.
comment 52
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 19.00

It is not me who is cowering in Thailand, it is you two, who have deserted your nation in times at which you think it needs help!
Go back and speak your voices in the place of need, not on some obscure blog site in a far off land, Thailand.
No one here is much interested in your views, they are of no concern to Thailand.
You wish to fight Islam, so be it, go to the South of Thailand, go back to England, go to Afghanistan. Do what you feel is right; don't blog!
You need to return to your homeland ( India HJ?)?
You need to fight your cause, persuade the British voters of the point of view you have and the threat you see, not the ten or so Nation bloggers.
As for me, I shall continue to teach to all races, creeds and colours in Thailand.
No I will not teach the distorted views of extremists, like the Norwegian fanatic ( who had the right ideas, but the wrong solution). I do not think primary school children need to be taught total madness, especially since they are all from different cultures and far more mature than the few adults on this site.
I will however let them express their views and try to build on their critical thinking skills
comment 51
happyjack date : 20/04/2012 time : 18.16

Thats an interesting point Ian. The Jews never sought Converts, or to Convert. As a Prod in a Pape Area the Fish on Friday Mob tried to sare the Young. Hows that for P.C. Noonin, the truth hurting.
comment 50
happyjack date : 20/04/2012 time : 16.41

Noonin,Thanks for you prompt reply confirming my post regarding Small Income.As we all know Mr Ian just survives part time ,, if your daft enough to believe him !!. Not wishing to get into a Bun Fight, but i consider under 300K PM a minimum to maintain a Full Time Middle Class Life Style to U.K. Standards. I will concede trading down,can lead to a better quality of life here. I tried it, but Sod It, not for me.
comment 49
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 14.33

typo 120,000B minimum per month full time.
comment 48
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 14.30

HJ check international school salaries in Thailand, 12,000B plus 50, 000 B housing allowance and 2 free flights a year to any destination.
I am part time , but still clear 60'000b a month on average.
As to continuing this debate, I concede and shall join your crusade,not.
comment 47
Ian date : 20/04/2012 time : 14.01

Noonin, did the Jews in Germany seek to impose their religion and ideology on the Germans, they did not. Had they lived there for generations, spoke the language, integrated, yes they had.
Now ask the same questions about the Moslems in Britain. Are you aware that Islam is now the second largest religion in Britain?
So really your comment is a red herring, you cannot compare the Jews in Germany with the Moslems in Britain.
comment 46
happyjack date : 20/04/2012 time : 11.36

By the way ono right to Teach,with Shit in Yer Eyes.The most bloody stupid comment to date.They are a World Threat. A Minority Relegion in Europe, do you teach that.?>>
comment 45
happyjack date : 20/04/2012 time : 11.29

Sounds like Cowering to Me.. How can anyone live on a Teachers Money here, unless they lived like a Dog in the U.K. Sorry ,but all ferangs Ive met here who need to Work, are Lefty Brit Losers who failed in all things Brit. So now we need the BNP, and N.F. thanks to Our Government being Wimps and not saying No,when Enoch Powell warned us years ago.
comment 44
noonin date : 20/04/2012 time : 11.03

Ian , I do not cower in Thailand, I live and work here.
My father fought alongside yours in WW2, when you were a young child.
The war had profound effects on my family and my childhood, so no need to go down that path.
To single out a religious group , Jews, Muslims, whatever is exactly what took place in WW2, although that was not the cause of the war or even a reason for the war, but something which was a human tragedy bought about by extreme right wing elements. This is the solution you seem to imply is the way to rid your country of a certain religious minority and lump together all Muslims as terrorists intent on taking over the UK.
Goebbels used the same tactics as you
comment 43
Ian date : 20/04/2012 time : 10.26

when did we lose the right to decide who can live in our country?
comment 42
Ian date : 20/04/2012 time : 08.54

Noonin, I have no idea how you think WW2 is relevant, but I did experience it, did you. Do you understand why it was fought?
Let me quote in full the speech known as "This was their finest hour".

....However matters may go in France or with the French Government or with another French Government, we in this island and in the British Empire will never lose our sense of comradeship with the French people. If we are now called upon to endure what they have suffered we shall emulate their courage, and if final victory rewards our toils they shall share the gains, aye. And freedom shall be restored to all. We abate nothing of our just demandsCzechs, Poles, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians, all who have joined their causes to our own shall be restored.
What General Weygand has called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be freed and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.
But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.

My logic is the same as Churchill's at a time when Britain faced and armed and aggressive enemy. The difference is that now we face an enemy armed with deception, lies and propaganda, a fifth column in our lands. An enemy which has infiltrated our government and institutions, muzzled the media and robbed us of the freedom of speech.
If you accept this then as far as I am concerned you are simply not British, it is you who have learnt nothing from WW2. Is this why you cower in Thailand.
comment 41
happyjack date : 20/04/2012 time : 08.03

No doubt the Muslims prey for More Wimps to be Born to Ethnic Brits, but not SAS Types who tend to get annoyed when you denigrate their Homeland. It may not show from my twitterings here but im not in the least Racist , im anti anyone that wishes to change the old British Way of Life, with great violence should it be needed.
comment 40
noonin date : 19/04/2012 time : 23.02

"totally in sympathy with the causes of that action (ie 100%)."

Strange logic.
The causes of that action is not supportable.
It seems you learnt nothing from the second world war.
Oh and I may be a wimp, but you flatter to deceive, Mr SAS!
comment 39
Ian date : 19/04/2012 time : 20.57

Noonin, I though you were better at English than that, It is not anomalous to be totally against an action (i.e !00%). Yet at the same time be totally in sympathy with the causes of that action (ie 100%).
I have no desire to be subtle, I leave that to wimps, I have made it clear many times that I hate what Moslems are doing to my country. I hate even more my fellow countrymen that are letting them do it.
comment 38
noonin date : 19/04/2012 time : 19.27

"As I have already said, I 100% disagree with Breivik's action, but 100% agree with the reasons that led to these actions. Unless Europe can take decisive action we are heading for extinction, and America seems on the same path."

Give that to a lawyer!
As for the math, perhaps you could explain, 100% for and against.
You could be more subtle.
comment 37
noonin date : 19/04/2012 time : 19.18

True to a point Ian.
I can copy a comment from here and post it some where less liberal( yes HJ liberal, not a political party).
You are free to allow your name , places of residence to be easily accessed; true I know I too can easily be discovered, but I don't make it common knowledge.
comment 36
Ian date : 19/04/2012 time : 09.20

In Maifan's blog about the student shootings, most comments suggest that safety is knowing where to go and where to avoid. The same is true of the Internet, it is a dangerous jungle inhabited by criminals, maniacs, police and vigilantes, as well as ordinary people. Safety lies in know where to go and how to behave.
comment 35
happyjack date : 18/04/2012 time : 18.34

I get a bit lost with this Arty Farty Stuff. Seems to me all me old Karma Mates, ain't got a Pot to Piss in. What Goes Round, Comes Around.So does a Hamster's Wheel. Me P.C Mates are wimps,same as they allways were. Just a case of No Bollocks, like Diplomats, Diplomacy these days is another Word for Cowardice.
comment 34
Ian date : 18/04/2012 time : 13.48

Noonin, If you look at the list of "10 latest" I am number 10, so rather unfair to call it my blog. In fact I think Pla and Ice both create more blogs than I do.
As to security, I think most people know how to avoid LM problems and the worst TV can do is ban me. On a physical level I stay in my little pool away from all the sharks and piranahs.
comment 33
noonin date : 18/04/2012 time : 11.07

too opinionated typo
comment 32
noonin date : 18/04/2012 time : 11.06

Too much cabernet sauvignon yesterday, delicious though it was.
The point I was meaning to make was that you posted a semi serious question for your opening entry and received no straight answers as you probably expected.
On TV no one in their right mind gives any personal information.
You enjoy being open and telling all about your self.
Perhaps this is not wise.
True this site is a club, as I said before it is like Ian's facebook page a few friends chatting, no longer a serious place to exchange views.
A sign of the times, especially here in Thailand where self censorship is now the rule. Things we used to discuss are no longer within the permitted parameters. HJ can continue to be non PC, but it looks to me that all over the web, being to opinionated is getting dangerous.
comment 31
Ian date : 17/04/2012 time : 22.00

Well Noonin, at a rough estimate this blogsite has about 10 active members and 5 casuals, so no real comparison. We are more like a club than a blogsite.
comment 30
noonin date : 17/04/2012 time : 19.37

Well there you go, this site does not function any more.
comment 29
noonin date : 17/04/2012 time : 19.27

24 replies to this topic #1 anterian anterian
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Posted Yesterday, 15:18

I have been a member of TV for some time but this is my first time to post a topic, basically out of curiosity.
It is clear that many members are teachers, from hints others are/were in the medical field, aeronautics, law enforcement, military, civil engineering etc.
With such a large membership it would not surprise me if just about every vocation was represented, either professionally or at an informed amateur level.
Do we have astronomers, geologists, anthropologists, sociologists. Do we have bricklayers, carpenters, gardeners, bus drivers and postmen?

For myself I have a very outdated degree in Electronics, pre semiconductors, and a degree in education, specifically Natural Science .... this means I know a bit about everything but am an expert at nothing.
Please pardon my curiosity.

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#2 topt topt
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Posted Yesterday, 22:16

You might be better off asking for this to be moved to General or even the Pub.......

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#3 soundman soundman
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Posted Today, 11:48

Moved to general forum for a broader audience.

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#4 Semper Semper
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Posted Today, 12:31


It is clear that many members are teachers, from hints others are/were in the medical field, aeronautics, law enforcement, military, civil engineering etc.

Don't belive everything you read on this (general) forum. Most of them can't fry an egg without instructions.

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#5 kdc1899 kdc1899
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Posted Today, 12:39

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I'm a Fracking genius.

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#6 necronx99 necronx99
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Posted Today, 12:47

Semper is a renowned eyebrow model.
I do db work and data analysis.

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#7 smokie36 smokie36
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Posted Today, 12:50

I bore people to sleep.

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#8 transam transam

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Posted Today, 12:50

I can open a bottle of Chang with a lighter.

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#9 h90 h90
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Posted Today, 13:54

And what about Kosmonauts? Any here?

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#10 arthurwait arthurwait
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Posted Today, 13:58

I've got skills and they're multiplying.

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#11 arthurwait arthurwait
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Posted Today, 13:58

and I'm no airport control.

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#12 chrisinth chrisinth
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Posted Today, 14:00

transam, on Today, 12:50 , said:

I can open a bottle of Chang with a lighter.

I can drink a bottle of Chang thats been opened with a lighter..........

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#13 Semper Semper
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Posted Today, 14:01

h90, on Today, 13:54 , said:

And what about Kosmonauts? Any here?

Probably a couple in Pattaya and a few astronauts in CM.

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#14 Soutpeel Soutpeel
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Posted Today, 14:07

Ex-SAS, Navy seal for a while and ended up with MI6 after a short time in the CIA

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#15 chrisinth chrisinth
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Posted Today, 14:38

Soutpeel, on Today, 14:07 , said:

Ex-SAS, Navy seal for a while and ended up with MI6 after a short time in the CIA

Amazing! We may have bumped into each other. My span was Spetsnaz, Mossad, GSG 9, ending up with the Irish Navy Synchronized Diving Team.

Would prefer not talking about the last assignment, still get flashbacks..

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#16 BigJohnnyBKK BigJohnnyBKK
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Posted Today, 16:19

I guess the main conclusion is that it's hard to get a straight answer out of these guys.

I've worked in over thirty separate job descriptions, but won't bore y'all. . .

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#17 Payboy Payboy
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Posted Today, 16:28

Bulding contractor - especially temporary erections.

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#18 nocturn nocturn
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Posted Today, 16:34

transam, on Today, 12:50 , said:

I can open a bottle of Chang with a lighter.

i can open a bottle of beer with pretty much anything

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#19 buhi buhi
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Posted Today, 16:40

Soutpeel, on Today, 14:07 , said:

Ex-SAS, Navy seal for a while and ended up with MI6 after a short time in the CIA

Amazing I was in the SAS and then became a troll.

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#20 maxme maxme
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Posted Today, 16:43

Payboy, on Today, 16:28 , said:

Bulding contractor - especially temporary erections.

Payboy, on Today, 16:28 , said:

Bulding contractor - especially temporary erections.

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#21 CharlieH CharlieH
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Posted Today, 16:58

I could tell you but I would have to kill you, and yes I do know where you live

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#22 Soutpeel Soutpeel
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Posted Today, 17:32

buhi, on Today, 16:40 , said:

Soutpeel, on Today, 14:07 , said:

Ex-SAS, Navy seal for a while and ended up with MI6 after a short time in the CIA

Amazing I was in the SAS and then became a troll.

Actually I am a BTS guard who hates farangs carrying ballons...

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#23 LucidLucifer LucidLucifer
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Posted Today, 17:54

I was a world renowned and critically acclaimed piss artist.....you can see my works in pubs and bars the world over

Edited by LucidLucifer, Today, 17:55 .

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#24 anterian anterian
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Posted Today, 18:07

We seem to have quite a few experts at converting Chang into a less savoury liquid, now does this qualify for professional or amateur status.
I's nice to know none of you have diabetes, I do so am banned beer, but whiskey is ok , no sugar.

Big Johnny, I rather expected this response

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#25 LucidLucifer LucidLucifer
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Posted Today, 18:12

Maybe a poll with clozed questions would have been a better idea.....I trust you can do polls on TV
comment 28
Ian date : 17/04/2012 time : 18.09

Oops my mistake, just checked and 23 replies.
comment 27
Ian date : 17/04/2012 time : 17.53

Noonin, as far as I know I have not had any, or perhaps I forgot to tick the box.
comment 26
noonin date : 17/04/2012 time : 17.12

So what do you think of the responses to your first post on TV?
comment 25
Ian date : 17/04/2012 time : 08.35

Noonin, HJ. Thank you for your comments. As you say it is a massive forum, so to track down an old comment of mine, or any other come to that would take a lot of time. However there is no reason why you cannot copy and paste any comment you see there into this blogsite, after all they are both run by the Nation group.

As to the Mods, one has to accept that they need to keep a squeaky clean attitude towards LM transgressions, although I have successfully pushed the boundaries a few times.
As you know I have run several forums in the past which like TV had Mods. So one interesting question is what motivates a Mod. For some it is a power trip, for others a way of helping an organisation they enjoy, others see it as an intellectual challenge. Many are just bored with lots of time on their hands, after a while you learn which Mods are in which category, some you can argue with, some you can't, some allow their personal bias to show, others don't.
Using ThaiVisa is an exercise in walking on eggs, an interesting exercise. HJ you saw it more like walking on broken glass so you missed out on the fun.
comment 24
happyjack date : 17/04/2012 time : 07.16

Yes Noonin, see you can occasionally make a good post..I dont have a L.M. Opinion.This spot as i recall was ruined by Mods at one time banning anyone who was none P.C. ,not just those near the L.M. Fence.Lucky i wasn't one. As for Thai input there's only been a couple worth reading, plus we all have favourites,i show mine by response .Ian is My Gen,and Alien, Ice + a few others are also.Nothing lasts forever , there were some good fiery posters on Thai Visa, now it bland, the Prefects issue constant warnings at the behest of Weak Management .Id rename it VANILLA SKY.The Daily Mail online is all U.S News these days as well.For me posting is a Coffee, Fag and quick banter during the day
comment 23
noonin date : 16/04/2012 time : 19.30

To be fair Ian, you did post an excellent comment on Thai Visa regarding the Thai dilemma, where you stated you were neither red nor yellow.
It would be appreciated if you posted it here.
The TV is such a large and active forum, I have no idea where you posted it.
This (The Nation)site is dangerous; it has no moderators any more and a few slips could see you sentenced to a long time in gaol, even HJ is not so stupid to risk that.
Yes there is a lot of rubbish on TV, yes it is impossible to discuss the really important aspects of the present situation on TV, which is why few bother to.
There is another site which those of us interested in an academic take on SE Asia know about. No one actually living in Thailand should be foolish enough to post there.
I like your more moderate tone on TV, it becomes you.
The Nation site always seems to me Ian's face book, twitter input, with an immediate reply from HJ.
It is a dead site now, no Thai input and as you rightly remark it is over the top with US issues.
To have a bit of fun, TV is far better.
comment 22
wch date : 16/04/2012 time : 18.39

In school, children are taught about the magnitude as "7 is 10times of 6 in terms of destructive power". This is easy way to teach them.
The quake occurs deep under crust, say 50-500km (core) and send 3 different waves. Virtical point on ground surface above core is called epicenter from which the most destructive wave, virtical, runs along surface. Other two waves, horizontal and shock pulse follows in half speed of the epicenter wave. Waves is like electromagnetic waves with photon pulse.

I give more score to the new idea -rhombus structure of building (plan section). More acute ancle is placed against predictable direction of quake incoming. The ideal ratio is 1 : 3 between longer vs shorter diagnals. This structure is more effective in the thick mud layer. Unfortunately no high rise buildings adopted this structural design in Thailand. They only concern about retals per square wah, 555
comment 21
happyjack date : 16/04/2012 time : 09.40

With Honours , i might add !! .
comment 20
Ian date : 16/04/2012 time : 08.06

HJ, As a teacher I had to master the art of being rude politely
comment 19
happyjack date : 16/04/2012 time : 06.59

C13. You're quite right , but its long been my opinion . Blessed are the Weak, for they shall Inherit Bugger All.I do look in now and then,mainly to smirk at the Mods. They are PATHETIC. E.G. A guy aked in the C.M. section for a good Dentist. Some daft Tart moved it to Medical , or similar, yet one can ask for a good Resturant ,and not get moved to the Food Section. I got a permenant Ban in no time. Cant Question the Mods, has resulted in a Vanilla Wimp Read , no fire or youre out Lucky you Moderate your tone , i note.
comment 18
Ian date : 15/04/2012 time : 21.41

Noonin, I'm not sure what you mean, on TV I usually stay in the political forums, so it gets heated.Here most politics seem to be American politics which does not concern me.
comment 17
noonin date : 15/04/2012 time : 19.13

entries typo
comment 16
noonin date : 15/04/2012 time : 19.12

So did you post on TV?
Every post of yours on this forum is tame by your posts here.
Plus I do not see any enries, only replies ,
As Margaret Thathcher said "frit"!
comment 15
Ian date : 15/04/2012 time : 17.58

wch, indeed Bangkok is sitting on a mud matress to cushion any shocks, however for the same reason she does run a risk of soil fluidation.

For the non technical, rest a stone on some unset concrete, it will sit there. Now vibrate that wet concrete and the stone will rapidly sink from view.
comment 14
wch date : 15/04/2012 time : 17.11

log curve, it is good point but 'Thai people' feel 9.0 richter less seriously than do Japanese'. Reason is clear. Japan quake epicenter is along the southern shoreline fault that shake up immediately all the Japan version's 'Riveria belt' where most people and industrial facilies are centered.

Thai case, most of quake occur along the Andaman sea fault and its shock is bumped by the long mountain range, many cross rivers and more importantly Chao praya river basin on which Bangkok sit, on the thick 50 meter mud layer.

Bangkok highrise design is exactly like pencil being poked into thick Swiss cheeze and people feel 9 scale quake is like a mosquito flips a string of hair on leg,
comment 13
Ian date : 15/04/2012 time : 14.48

Hj, for students of human nature Thaivisa is a rich goldmine. It's a pity you prefer a sledgehammer to a nutcracker, you miss a lot of fun.
comment 12
happyjack date : 15/04/2012 time : 14.29

Thank you Ian, Science is about the only thing i do understand. Thai Visa i dont !!!!, such wonderful posters there , complemented only by Brain Dead Mods. But should i want to now if i can get my Poodle Clipped , in BKK. or can U Hire a Jet Ski in Shag City,i rush right over to find out.I'm convinced Thai Visa is a Barometer of Ferang Intelligence here.Pot anything Bright yo get Zero Responce, if its a worthy read it gets you banned. WANKERS IMO.
comment 11
Ian date : 15/04/2012 time : 12.05

Noonin, read my opening paragraph. I realise that very few people are interested in science but I do like to make a few topical comments in this area, even if only a few read them and understand them.
comment 10
noonin date : 15/04/2012 time : 11.50

Was this posted on Thai Visa?
Surely that is where it belongs.
comment 9
Ian date : 14/04/2012 time : 21.58

Frankie, a ripple is ok, just avoid a tsunami. Happy Songkran.
comment 8
Frankie date : 14/04/2012 time : 16.10

Sorry folks, it seems I have forgotten how to post, and inded in the end caused a ripple effect of a double posting.
comment 7
Frankie date : 14/04/2012 time : 16.07

Not wishing to cause a ripple, I am posting only to wish Ian and his readers a Happy Songkran.
comment 6
Frankie date : 14/04/2012 time : 16.06

Not wishing to cause a ripple, I am posting only to wish Ian and his readers a Happy Songkran.
comment 5
Plaadip date : 14/04/2012 time : 10.16

The report varied from 8.4 to 8.9, according to which source they chose. The error of measurement and analysis itself is too inaccurate to assess the intensiveness of an earthquake in its initial stage.

Haiti's earthquake is just 7 M or something, but it cause a huge damage, because it took place in her capital. It was impressive that "public buildings" , like schools, were completely destroyed, even when other buildings in the area were largely intact. They were most fragile buildings becaue of massive corruption, which is unthinkable in our country.
comment 4
iceberg date : 14/04/2012 time : 09.12

Thanks Khun Ian. Its interesting what really killed all the dinosaurs, which of the meteor impacts.

My home in Los Angeles is about 88 years old. I went through a few earthquakes. When I moved in, the house encountered another big one. We called it the Northridge earthquake.

The FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) gave me $6,500 to help out with a repair, after the inspector came to check at my home. I kept the money and spent it on food instead. I didnt do any repair but the house still standing nice and strong

Happy Songkarn Day!
comment 3
gothai date : 13/04/2012 time : 16.21

Bamboo management styles had never fails me but only beware as it attracts fires.
comment 2
Ian date : 13/04/2012 time : 14.35

thank you Gothai, A traditional Thai house will do fine, I'm sure you know the saying about bamboo. "it bends but does not break".
comment 1
gothai date : 13/04/2012 time : 12.47

Enjoy happy Songkran to you & Happy New Year to all Thais.

Most if not all buildings in Thailand are unable to withstand an earthquake tumor. Any direct hit will be a very sad scenario.

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