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Friday , June 10 , 2011
On the hustings
Posted by Al , Reader : 2796 , 20:39:07  

What happens in Thailand at the moment? Is there anyone interested in any progress in the rule of law, justice and national unity? The present subversive actions trying hard to avoid the election doesn't give much hope that the result of the election will be accepted by the defeated side. After the election the usual distortions will come up. From day to day it's becoming more obvious that there are people - a minority with extreme positions - absolutely not willing to play a constructive role. The fate of the country and the development of its society seems no concern to them. Credit Suisse is already downgrading the Thai stock market to the level of "marketweight" advising foreign investors to reduce there investments in Thailand. They are talking about political risks obviously expecting unrests after the elections.  

What are the reasons for this unpleasant development?

Presently Thailand is ruled by an unelected government. Despite some tries to spread gifts among the voters it is not sure if they will get a democratic mandate again. Particularly their yellow minded partners see their hopes dashed.

But lacking abilities to convince voters are substituted by their uncontrolled will to power, not shrinking back from forcing the country into the next trouble. Rule of law and justice are big words often used but never practised if they are protecting the opposite side. Double standards are surprisingly common to them.

Accepting the result of a democratic election is a matter of justice and strength. Will the people in Thailand be strong enough to overcome those powers in their own rows which are neither able to convince nor willing to accept the voter's will?  

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comment 17
Ian date : 17/06/2011 time : 12.15

Piset, you love to try to analyse people's motives, could it be that their motive is simply to express their views, why look for anything more sinister. I think you have lived in China too long
Have you any idea how your writings come across?
comment 16
Plaadip date : 14/06/2011 time : 13.15

c13, Did Lenin really suffered from cerebral syphilis? Churchill must have been a manic depressive.. Mao was a....and etc..etc... According to Pierre Accoce's book, they were all sick. I can't find the English name of the book, but it was an interesting read.
comment 15
Piset date : 14/06/2011 time : 00.24



Thank you for the honor of clarifying your motives for you.

It is an easy task indeed. Take a look at the timing of your active participation in this blog. First, just around the time when of the Thai court's decision against Thaksin Shinnawatra and Red Shirt's rampaging of Bangkok. Then, again, just before the general election time in Thailand.

If the timing does not say anything conclusively. Look at the subject you participate in, that is, politic, and politic only.

Then, take a look at your general stances on issues and compare that to the slogans and claims from Thaksin's camp. You can not deny they unusual consistencies.

Look at the person you set out to attack, then, it might suggest the direction of your political leanings.

Of course, as a PR man, it is absolutely legitimate for you to exercise your professional skills and professional activities for your client(s). No one can really blame you for doing your bread earning things.

What I noticed was the unusual efforts to hide your mission behind the pretent of a human right and democracy lover in this very small media blog, in a small country.

What would a profesisonal PR man from Germany do here? What for.

Notice your presence and your absence. Alright, could be all accidental and circumstantial.

Afterall, I have not made any accusations nor condemnation here, have I?
comment 14
Ian date : 13/06/2011 time : 08.50


Could this be the future of Thailand?
comment 13
Ian date : 13/06/2011 time : 08.12

I wrote this elsewhere, but it very much applies to Thailand.

How has the world reached its present state? We have a new type of leaders, people with a particularly frightening mental illness. People with this illness were termed psychopaths. (The term nowadays is anti-social personality disorder.) These are terms for people who are smart, personable, and engaging, but who have no consciences. They are not guided by a sense of right or wrong. They seem to be unaffected by the feelings of others, including feelings of distress caused by their actions. Straying from a decent way of treating people, or violating ethical codes causes no anxiety, the anxiety which is what causes the rest of us to moderate our more greedy impulses. If most children feel anxiety when they are pilfering the forbidden cookie jar, psychopaths feel just fine. They can devour the cookies, shatter the jar as evidence and stuff it in the trash can. When accused, they can argue with apparent sincerity that the cookie jar has been missing for at least a week. There suffer no remorse, no guilt, no shame. They are free to do anything, no matter how harmful.

Psychopaths can be very tricky to recognize. As psychiatrist Dr. Hervey Cleckly wrote in his classic The Mask of Sanity in 1941, psychopaths are not technically insane. They don’t have a psychosis, like schizophrenia. They are experts in appearing normal. They can act the role of a caring, concerned executive, even though they actually do not seem to experience such feelings. If they hurt somebody, they don’t modify their behaviour.

In any country in which much of human culture has been rendered into machines for the manufacture of money, psychopaths are the ideal leaders. They are very focused. They are outcome oriented. They are frequently charming, and usually very bright and able. They can be impressively confident. Psychopaths can be dynamic leaders of enterprises, but are handicapped by their lack of feelings for relationships. They may be accomplished captains of industry, or parliamentarians, or surgeons, but their families are frequently abused and miserable. Most psychotherapists have seen as patients the wives or husbands or children of such accomplished people.

Since psychopaths are usually very smart, they can be quite competent at impersonating regular human beings in positions of power. Since they don’t care how their actions affect people, they can rise to great height in enterprises dealing with power and money. They can manufacture bombs or run hospitals. Whatever the undertaking, it is all the same to them. It's just business.
comment 12
iceberg date : 12/06/2011 time : 21.22

Nice Massein, thank you very much. Very kind of you. I guess, you like PM Aphisit as well
comment 11
Al date : 12/06/2011 time : 15.40

Noonin, 10
Thanks for your comment.
I don't like to hear that. I want that you disagree with me!
About my "motive" - pls contact Piset. I am sure he has an idea about that.
comment 10
noonin date : 12/06/2011 time : 13.38


I agree with yo on most issues; I still do not understand your motive.
It seems the Thaksin family will resume the oligarchy as soon asthe inevitable happens!
comment 9
noonin date : 12/06/2011 time : 13.34

Comment 7

That was a Thai posting!
Mr Erik was right.
comment 8
massein date : 12/06/2011 time : 09.42

Iceberg, that was a good post.
comment 7
iceberg date : 12/06/2011 time : 03.40

I don’t like politic that much because like most Thai I have a hard time pronouncing the word election correctly.

I called my mother the other day and asked her if there is anyone had offered monetary compensation for her vote. She told me that there was any. Therefore, I think that this election will be the cleanest election Thailand ever had.

Personally, I prefer to see PM Aphisit leading the country for 4 more years. Because in my opinion, he is qualified than any others. However, if the people elected someone else, namely Ms. Yingluck, that is fine with me as well.

Hopefully, there won’t be anymore of street blocking protests as there had been before. Thailand cannot stand anymore of these types of uprising especially at this year of economic crisis around the world.

Sadly, it didn't happen but I really love to see the debate between the two top contenders. It will be nice to know who is the best master debater of them all. Then again, most of the Thai politicians are a master debater anyway. They can never or hardly satisfied the wills of the people except themselves because most of them are selfish and corrupt.

Lastly, may the Lord Buddha and God bless those that honesty in the race for the good & prosperity of Thailand.
comment 6
ErikOrange date : 11/06/2011 time : 18.12

Because you evade the real important question Alien (and others) and you treat Thailand as it was just another civilized Western democracy; well here’s the news, Thailand’s never been and got no immediate future being a well functioning democracy western styled.

What you see is a façade where everything is beautiful up front, it was designed that way by the oligarchs in charge, a society where you’re destined to bow to your supposed superior and on their desire it’s destined to stay that way. That is why you see military coups every 5 year or so, and that is why elections are nothing of importance in this Land of Smiles. What matters is whose pockets are filled and who’s to follow in line of succession.

That is the reality behind all these coups, why schools are in “bad shape”, why the judiciary is corrupt and everything else bad in LoS and it won’t change until REAL reforms are coming. Elections don’t matter at all, oligarchs and those generals will decide anyway.
comment 5
Alien date : 11/06/2011 time : 09.42

Why did they have "no choice"? Why did Abhisit have "no choice". For him, it seems that he may have picked them just to keep a majority. For them, it seems implied that someone (MAYBE THE ARMY?) forced them. Is this correct?
comment 4
Al date : 11/06/2011 time : 00.13

Thanks, Gothai.
I knew this already. For me confusing. Even more confusing when you read also the other articles concerning this:
comment 3
Al date : 11/06/2011 time : 00.08

same with me
comment 2
gothai date : 10/06/2011 time : 23.34

Mr Abhisit say in an interview that he picked Chartpattana and other parties to join the Democrat-led coalition government because he had no choices.

"It was not that Chartthaipattana wanted to join the coalition. We would definitely not do so if we were not forced to. We were pressured by a powerful force from which we could not evade.


For those who might missed this news
comment 1
massein date : 10/06/2011 time : 23.13

The color coded politics of this nation, has no place for the rule of law, rational thought, no mater what the out come of the election. No one will except it. democracy is going to lose big time in this nation. I currently without hope

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