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As Time Goes By
Update of day to day life in transition from the west to east. Politics, business, and travel updates of a farang in Thailand.
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Saturday , February 20 , 2010
It's Friday
Posted by TimeTraveler , Reader : 2915 , 00:00:33  

Today is a sad day as Vee returned to Thailand.  He is now at the airport for his return flight.  He was so emotional this morning becuase he had to say goodbye to Aidan(the dog).  Vee and Aidan are best buddies.  They tease each other, take naps together and when it is bath day, they get into the tub and have fun in the water.  Vee was crying today when he left and it made me cry.  I wish we could t....

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Thursday , February 18 , 2010
As Time Goes By
Posted by TimeTraveler , Reader : 2473 , 23:22:53  

Finally we have sunshine here in Chicago.  This has been one tough winter and my last here in the cold midwest of the US.  Vee loves the snow and cold, but for me give me the humid heat anytime, except at night.  I guess that when you grow up in a hot, humid climate you enjoy the cold.  When I first moved to Thailand I think I got rid of 90% of my clothing since it was mostly cold weather items.  Ove....

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Time Goes By!
Posted by TimeTraveler , Reader : 2549 , 05:23:11  

It's Wednesday and it's only 1 more day until Vee goes back to Bangkok.  I think we are both very unhappy about this, but he has to go back to work.  One of the good things about being an independent contractor, he can pick and choose his jobs way in advance.  He will be busy from next week through July, with very little time off.  He will be from one end of the world to the other.  He get's cranky w....

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Wednesday , February 17 , 2010
Away for a few days!
Posted by TimeTraveler , Reader : 2486 , 03:02:18  

Took a short break from the day to day life and went to New York City for a long weekend.  I stayed with my partner at a hotel that looks down at "ground zero".  I was amazed at the progress that has been made in the last 2 years.  It still is a reminder of the human toll that this disaster caused and the continued trauma for many almost 10 years latter.  We were up on the 42 floor and coul....

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Friday , February 12 , 2010
Just a word to happyjack
Posted by TimeTraveler , Reader : 2687 , 04:39:21  

I may be new here, but people like happyjack and his comments are the same old, lame, negative crap that floats in the Ping River.  Happycrap needs to mind his manners.  Most of the replys were very helpful and I thank those who have a positive outlook on life.  If your life is crap, then keep it to yourself.  ....

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