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Friday , August 14 , 2009
What's the price tag for a police promotion?
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 9044 , 10:53:56  

No, Police Chief Police Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan isn'tgiving out the secret on the price tag of any particular position in the National Police Force. In fact, when questioned about the allegation first hurled by the PM's right-hand man, Sirichoke Sopha,Patcharawat said: "I have not heard about such rumours in my 30 years in the police force..."

Sirichoke, a Democrat MP from Songkhla, has yet to produce evidence to prove hispoint. But a columnist of Thai Post, Pakkadom, remined his readers this morning that the"price tags" for getting promoted to senior police ranks two to three years ago were somewhere between Bt300,000 to Bt10 million.

The "asking prices" vary in accordace with whether you can use that policeposition to make money. He said if a police officer wanted to be upgraded to the inspector's rank (without any choice of which police station to be assigned to), the under-the-table payment was Bt300,000. If you specified a particular "lucrative" police station, then the price would be doubled.

To be promoted to be thechief police officer of a "Grade A" police station, the columnist wrote, the police officer would need to offer "tea money" of up to Bt10 million.

"These are numbers Iheard being bandied about two to three years ago.One would have to multiply those numbers by two for now...." he wrote.

On Patcharawat's comment that in his 30 years as a police officer, he hadn't heard about positions being bought at all, the Thai Post writer only commented:

"Perhapshe hasn't really absorbed the idealism: There is nothing under the sun that Thai police can't do..."

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comment 6
BangkokRay date : 15/08/2009 time : 23.27

nd has come out against corruption her on TN. Has he seen something happening in LOS? he's the first to announce that there is corruption in his beloved society's regime. This boy has had a "revelation". Congrats Einstein!!
comment 5
notdisappointed date : 15/08/2009 time : 15.19

deceitful steven; and you wish to impart what words of wisdom to us?

Isn't stopping the police list the first in the attempt to stop or defuse the buying of positions?

Can you tell the differnse between morality and immorality? Is it moral to extra-judicously kill innocents or immoral? Just one question; answer in the Y/N only.
comment 4
wch date : 15/08/2009 time : 12.39

Let me continue more.
Teachers, 300,000 teachers,
They sell and purchase the seat of city school at 100,000 to 50,000 baht.
They are rather better. They open 'website' through which they trade, only the ones who need badly to move.

Shall I continue in the military ?
Shall I continue the monk world ?,
Shall I continue the student admission in high school and university ?.

This country is rotten even in bone marrow.
comment 3
Steven_ date : 15/08/2009 time : 11.56

What is PAD, the Democrat and Abhisit doing now. I thought that their rally and protest is about Thaksin corruption. Now they seem quiet. So you see its not about Thaksin corruption. Its about how they can get hold on to the loot
comment 2
wch date : 15/08/2009 time : 07.09

Then, what about the seat of many 100 seats of permanent official such as directorate in every ministry, state enterprises and state banks ?.

I heard it is booming market, especially in this time every year.
I heard gold laying post is in auction between 10 - 50 million baht. One of them is the director seat of national forrest department or national zoo department.

Also in such gold laying seat, many of royal relatives (ML, MR) sit there.

Aslo I heard, many bosses of small political parties die hard to let his nephiews, youngers sit in the seat because if have a relative in there, they can collaborate easily to pocket tax money.

This is what the journalist must dig out, this time, reveal open in the day night, this whole crime syndications.
comment 1
wch date : 14/08/2009 time : 13.02

Disappointed, so cheap,
What about this,
A MP 40 m baht
Old boss of 30 MP small party : 200 m
Old boss of 6 MP tiny party : 10 m

480 x 40m = abt 20,000 m baht = 600 m dollar.

Whose seat price this ?.

Investing 600 m$ and scoop, 2,000 m$ !.
It is good investment.

Anyhow this phrase is worrisome,
"Under sky, virtually nothing Thai police can not do".

I think PM AV and several people must keep their families in SAFEST PLACE !.

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