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Wednesday , August 12 , 2009
Next question please...
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 8286 , 10:37:25  

He usually has no problems responding to the toughest political questions posed by the most probing reporters. But PM Abhisit Vejjajiva seemed tohave to do a lot of verbal juggling when he was asked a very simple, direct question:

"If you have to appoint an acting police chief simply because he has to go down south to do some work, wouldn't it be necessary to name an acting prime minister if you should take a trip to the provinces next time?" a veteran reporter on the Government House beat asked him.

Abhisit tried not to appear hesitant although he was obviously caught off-guard.

"It depends on whether I can still perform the tasks of the prime minister when I take a trip out oftown...." was the neither-here-nor-there answer from the prime minister.

Of course, he might have been tempted to reply: "But my name isn't Patcharawat..." But that would have attracted many more embarrassing questions.

Police Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan, the national police chief, was in China for a few days. An acting police chief, Police Gen Vichien Poteposri, wasnamed in his place. Then, he flew back to Bangkok unexpectedly on Aug 8 (ahead of the earlier scheduled Aug 15 date). The "acting police chief" was suddenly rendered unnecessary. But then, he was immediately due to go the South for an official mission.The premier said an acting police chief would have to be put in his place again.

That's why the premier was bombarded with a load of awkward questions.

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comment 11
notdisappointed date : 13/08/2009 time : 15.25

Isn't the result what matters most? Maybe the shoot'em up style used by westerners isn't to your approval or liking but at the end of the day; Patcharawat is nowhere to be seen. Next time when you are PM or president, you can do as you wish

And AV still gets to restructure the National Police as his legacy. Reaching the destination is what matters not the route that was taken.

br, you yourself took a long road to reach your new home in Thailand. Were all your decisions the correct one?
comment 10
BangkokRay date : 13/08/2009 time : 13.16

WOW !!
Such a bold and powerful move on behalf of Mr Indecision. Our esteemed blogger is so impressed with this dynamic man's show of strength.
Guess I will no longer refer to him as AV. Perhaps IM(for Iron Man) is more appropriate. hahaha
comment 9
notdisappointed date : 13/08/2009 time : 10.29

When have you ever never disagreed with br or fior that matter hermione or maxwell or pj. I say never.

Let's see what transpires. That he's done it at all; against this silent 'resistance' by the pol chief shows his stance and that he won't take shit from his 'subordinates'. He got himself into this situation beacuse he was trying to be to 'nice' and to save face for Patcharawat . If Patcharawat , resisits he'll be spanked and was spanked therefore he lost his face.

Can you see where the pol chief is now? Nowhere in sight!

comment 8
Ian date : 13/08/2009 time : 03.24

ND, I have to agree with BR on this one, he has won a skirmish but is losing the war. If Abhasit had real strength this confrontation would not even have happened. The fact that people are challenging his authority means that his weakness is becoming apparent.
comment 7
BangkokRay date : 13/08/2009 time : 01.40

A pile of shit in the barnyard is good enough for some to believe that they are still alive. You actually believe he is alive without life support? He's in the "shits" and evading the disaster.
comment 6
notdisappointed date : 13/08/2009 time : 00.45

It doesn't matter what the question was.

It only mattered that AV showed alot of maturity by moving aside the pol. chief. A pol chief who having nothing to lose but his honor; tried to be the final say on the police transfer list.

Patcharawat wasn't he back at work for what a couple of hours to pen his memo to his subordinates that he was back and now in charge again? Where is he now?

If you don't like AV's answers just look at his actions. Good enough for me. It's a Thai thing; you wouldn't get it looking at it from a western point of view. But at the end of the day; it shows who's in the driver's seat.
comment 5
Hermano_Lobo date : 12/08/2009 time : 19.00


In that, he is very similar to the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown ; he doesn't do decisions.
comment 4
catch22 date : 12/08/2009 time : 18.50

Being bombarded with awkward question comes with the job. He's either up to it or not.
comment 3
wch date : 12/08/2009 time : 14.41

Appoint him, Minister of Defence, acting,,,,
comment 2
wch date : 12/08/2009 time : 14.38

" In the south, too much rain too !."
Then PM could send him in Dubai,,,,,

"Thaksin told he is not there,,",
Then send him in Burma,,,

" Suu Kyi does not want to leave her house,,".

Then give him,,, certificate of graduation, Amataya kidnergarten,
comment 1
Steven_ date : 12/08/2009 time : 11.59

Abhisit is a PM who just could not make any decisive decision. He has to rely from influencial forces to do it for him

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