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Thai Talk
Analysis and comments on political and current affairs
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Thursday , March 24 , 2011
The Dalai Lama is serious about 'abdication'
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 5458 , 07:22:35  

"Are you serious, Your Holiness?" I asked the Dalai Lama last week after he had sent his statement to the Tibetan parliament-in-exile declaring his determination to "abdicate" from his political role, once and for all.Of course I am serious," he declared." This time he didn't sport his usual smile. He didn't laugh his usual, booming laugh."What if the parliament tur....

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Thursday , March 17 , 2011
Social media speed up reality checks against power abuse
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 7916 , 08:21:40  

A debate is raging on the Internet about whether social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can actually bring about a revolution?Previous national uprisings such as the 1979 Iranian revolution and China's 1989 Tiananmen Square protest all took place without the benefit of the Internet. The Eastern European marches of 1988 through the early 1990s erupted without any clear link to the Internet....

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Thursday , March 10 , 2011
A grassroots 'coup' cannot stop at public hearings
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 3636 , 13:13:27  

"Senior Citizen" Prawase Wasi has called for "a new kind of people's revolution" - a quiet revolt through peaceful assembly of people from the more than 80,000 villages throughout the country. He wants them to have the power to run their own communities.Under his grand plan, authority must be taken away from officials at the ministerial or director-general's level - and local peop....

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Thursday , March 3 , 2011
Limiting land ownership? Not a chance
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 4555 , 07:15:46  

It's a bold and admirable move, but a populist government won't have the audacity to put it into practice: putting a 50-rai limit on land ownership to launch the country's land reform programme.The proposal presumably would help to bridge the rich-poor gap and would eventually reverse the dangerous trend of a handful of wealthy and influential families owning the majority of land in the country.Will ....

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Thursday , February 24 , 2011
What does Abhisit mean by 'When it's done, it's done'?
Posted by Yoon , Reader : 4300 , 07:23:47  

He said he was just thinking aloud. But as the Democrat Party's chief election strategist, Korbsak Sabhavasu won't have the luxury of floating a political balloon, especially when it's seen as an attempt to change the rules to benefit the incumbent party.The opposition Pheu Thai Party was quick to jump on him when Korbsak suggested that perhaps it would be more "democratic" if the next gove....

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