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Thursday , March 11 , 2010
China to " Ban" Eating of Cats and Dogs
Posted by MediaWatcher , Reader : 2215 , 09:48:43  

Now if we just get the world to stop eating all animals. ..


Guangzhou, China (CNN) -- Dogs bark and whine behind high chain-link fences, some of them gnawing the wire so hard they bleed at the mouths while cats packed into crowded cages cower in fear if anyone approaches.

This isn't a pet store -- it's a meat market in Guangzhou, a city in southern China where eating cats and dogs is common practice.

At the Han River Dog Meat Restaurant in central Guangzhou, diners can choose from a long list of menu items, including dog soup, dog steak, dog with tofu and more. In the kitchen, the chef chops up meat for dog hot pot, one of the more popular dishes. Most customers like it spicy.

"Dog meat is good for your health and metabolism," explains Li, the hostess who declined to give her first name. "In the summer it helps you sweat."

Should cat and dog meat be banned?

But these local restaurants may have to find a new specialty. The Chinese government is considering legislation that would make eating cats and dogs illegal.

Professor Chang Jiwen of the Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences is one of the law's top campaigners. "Cats and dogs are loyal friends to humans," he said. "A ban on eating them would show China has reached a new level of civilization."

Gallery: Cat and dog meat in China
I would never eat dog meat
--Louisa Yong, cocker spaniel owner

Eating dog meat is a long-standing culinary tradition not just in China, but also Korea. Cat meat can be found on the menu in China, Vietnam and even parts of South America.

The Chinese government has signaled a willingness to take the meat off the market. To avoid upsetting international visitors during the Beijing Olympics, officials ordered dog meat off the menus at local markets. Officials in Guangzhou have warned vendors to stop selling it ahead of the Asian Games which will be held there later this year.

The ban on eating dog and cat meat is part of a larger proposal to toughen laws on animal welfare. Individual violators could face up to 15 days in prison and a small fine. Businesses found guilty of selling the meat risk fines up to 500,000 yuan ($73,500.)

The legislation is gaining support from China's growing number of pet owners. With living standards rising and disposable income growing, more Guangzhou residents are investing in house pets.

"I would never eat dog meat," said Louisa Yong, as she clutches her pet cocker spaniel. "It's so cruel!"

Meat vendors have a different view.

"The dogs you raise at home, you shouldn't eat," said Pan, a butcher who also declined to give his first name. "The kind raised for eating, we can eat those."

Many of the dogs and cats sold for meat are specially raised on farms. But Chang said there is always a chance they're someone's lost or stolen pet.

In anticipation of the new ban, dog and cat meat has become more difficult to find, though some vendors say they will keep selling it as long as they can.

"The legislation will definitely affect our restaurant," said Li. "We'll just wait to see the result."

And it seems restaurants don't necessarily need to change their menus anytime soon. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the law prohibiting cat and dog meat could take as long as a decade to pass. Until then it's a la carte, from the cage into the kitchen.

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comment 27
Ian date : 13/03/2010 time : 20.04

wch, is that your problem
comment 26
wch date : 13/03/2010 time : 18.15

what about monkey brain?
comment 25
Ian date : 13/03/2010 time : 16.00

"water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink" , modified from the "rhyme of the ancient mariner".
Water is not disappearing, drinkable water is.
comment 24
FelixQui date : 13/03/2010 time : 13.15

You speak as though you think water is disappearing from our planet, that there is significantly less water on the planet now than there used to be. Is that right?
I'm guessing not, because it would be in a class not merely of falsehood, but of silliness far exceeding your other false beliefs.
comment 23
Ian date : 13/03/2010 time : 12.45

Comment 21. In which case I will be gone also.
comment 22
FelixQui date : 13/03/2010 time : 12.43

MediaWatcher, re. c.20,
You are right that meat is a less efficient food than vegetables. However, your other wild assumptions are wrong.

1. The world's population is extremely unlikely to double in the next 40 years as you predict - populations are stabilising and in some countries decreasing. You are wrong with your 2060 guess.

2. It is not selfish to eat meat if you use your own assets to cover the cost, especially not if those assets have been justly acquired by the free exchange of value for value, which is how most wealth is created; that is, it comes from a corresponding creation of value. The creation of more value is better for all - it's what makes it possible to lift people into a higher standard of living, one that, for example, puts meat on the table for those who desire it, whilst leaving those with preference for soy beans to gobble them to their hearts content.

3. Following 2, above, you belief that your personal preferences, or the personal preferences of otehrs, perhaps a large majority, take precedence over any right that individual human beings have, and that any deviation from your assessment of what constitutes the good life is immoral and wrong. You are wrong. Human beings have rights and are not, as you presume, merely the property, the slaves, of yourself or of society at large: it is your way of thinking that reduces all to the status of tools, of slaves, that is deeply selfish and dehumanizing. And as we saw in practice in the Soviet Union, in Cambodia, in Mao's China, the results are morally vile in practice, as well as in principle.

4. Even if there are water wars coming, which is possible, but by no means certain, it is far more likely that the rational and technologically adept will be the winners, not the those who base their policy on false beliefs and oppressive ways of thought.

We will not be the last generation only if the likes of Felix Qui can sufficiently spread the word on critical thinking and moral decency.

I'm sorry, but I can't match your closing comment.
comment 21
MediaWatcher date : 13/03/2010 time : 10.23

Off topic, boring and/or trolling comments are deleted.
comment 20
MediaWatcher date : 13/03/2010 time : 10.19

C 17,

Meat takes a lot of water and grain, people are starving in other parts of the world, sure we have it good here, now how long will that last?
YOu think water will be abundant forever?
The world's population is gong to double by 2060 or so, you cannot seriously believe the current habits are sustainable.
Of course you could just be selfish and greedy in which case I predict you and you type will be eliminated in the coming water and food wars.
The purge is coming. ( if a new virus doesn't do it ..) I recommend anyone under the age of 20 consider the world will be vastly different as they approach middle age.
We may well be the last generation, because of folks like Felix Qui - to enjoy a life of selfishness and greed.
What an asshole .
comment 19
Ian date : 12/03/2010 time : 19.03

Felix 21. Actually it makes cannibals the least efficient
If people want to pay silly prices to eat dog meat that is their concern.
But for me another description of efficiency is cost effective.
I have eaten roast pork and also dog, I find pork much tastier, I also dislike champagne and caviar, truffles are also over rated.
comment 18
FelixQui date : 12/03/2010 time : 16.03

And of course, that makes us the least efficient of all. Is that why murder is wrong - the cost?
comment 17
FelixQui date : 12/03/2010 time : 16.02

Ian, re c.18,
No, I understood your point perfectly well, which is why I went to the trouble of pointing out that although it was likely to make the food more expensive, that was not a reason to think that there was anything wrong with eating it, unless you argue that there is something wrong with eating more expensive (needlessly expensive?) food.
Is eating caviar more wrong than steak simply because it costs more?
Is it wrong for those who can to use their resources less efficiently than they might?
Are Rolls Royces immoral because a needlessly costly and inefficient way of getting from one point to another? (I'm tempted to insert a Krajog like warning here, but I think it's probably safe to answer this and my other questions.)
comment 16
Ian date : 12/03/2010 time : 13.49

Felix, 16. You are missing the point, the higher up the food chain you eat the less efficient it is.
Let me start with this link:-

Here we see a 400kg cow producing 140kg of edible meat.
The rest goes for many things including petfood.
But dogs are not fed raw offal, the meat is processed cooked and tinned, for storage and transportation. Call it about a dollar a tin (UK price).
Say the dog is reared for a year before butchering and weighs 20kg, thats 365 dollars for 20kg of unprocessed meat, now throw out the offal, skin and bones, you are left with about 6kg of edible meat, at 60 dollars per kilo.
Compare this with 5 dollars per kilo for cow's meat and I see this as inefficient.
It's like killing a shark just to eat its fin, downright inefficient, on a par with nearly exterminating the Bison just to eat their tongues.
comment 15
FelixQui date : 12/03/2010 time : 13.16

MediaWatcher, re c.13,
My daily walk around Tops Supermarket suggests no problem at all with the feasibility of producing plenty of meat.

Clearly, even on our overcrowded planet, a lot of meat can be and is being produced. If those who can afford are happy to pay whatever it costs to do that producing, why isn't that freely determined allocation of resources as acceptable, and as just, as any other?
You might prefer avocadoes for various reasons, but why should your personal preference be required of everyone else?
comment 14
FelixQui date : 12/03/2010 time : 13.12

What's wrong with eating cats and dogs?
Or elephants, lions and emus for that matter?
(In Australia, we eat both our kangaroos and our emus - the national animals are actually of some use!)

How much are panda paws in Thailand?
comment 13
Ian date : 12/03/2010 time : 11.32

GG, the word carnivore is reserved for animals, for example the pirana is sometimes called a carnivorous fish because it will eat animals.
You eat meat or seafood, you do not eat seameat.
The Japanese eat whalemeat, they do not call it seafood.
Carnivores are meat eaters. "Carne" means meat, as in the Mexican dish, "Chilli con carne".
comment 12
GGrass date : 12/03/2010 time : 09.45

"In nature carnivores very rarely eat carnivores."

Let's look at this statement.

I'm thinking,

How about in the ocean? The fish?

Almost every fish lives on another fish... so carnivores not eating carnivore is entirly not true.
comment 11
MediaWatcher date : 12/03/2010 time : 09.23

C 7 Ian

It is no longer feasable for meat to be raised for consumption in this increasingly overcrowded world. Humans can eat anything , meat is not necessary, an avocado has a much protein as a steak, gram for gram .
Water, and feed must go to humans, not cattle.

As for keeping cats in cages fattening for slaughter- horrid- horrid.
l I think Asian culture breeds callousness and a distinct lack of compassion .
comment 10
happyjack date : 12/03/2010 time : 06.05

Oh, i forgot,any ferangs out there with decent Broadband,try TAN Network, its in English,the Thai Reporters are Cheerfull,theres a Forum,not as funny as the where can i hire a Girl in Thailand,lot you get here..I ask you, are they Real.?. Where do i catch a Train in Bkk to go to C.M.?. At the Kin Buss Stop. you Ars.....!Nice and light Worth a Look at their website, Its, Panda Free Zone
comment 9
happyjack date : 11/03/2010 time : 23.13

Thanks,the 44,is the reference to Phitsanulok Airport, now its clear why the mist is greater the lower the Number.No pun intended.
comment 8
Ian date : 11/03/2010 time : 22.09

HJ, Elevation in this instance means height above sea level, I entered Chiang Mai and it said 324 m. that's nearly a 1000 ft.
You seem to be in a deep valley if it is 44m.
comment 7
happyjack date : 11/03/2010 time : 16.38

Ian.wunderground.com.Google under Thai Weather Forecast, i like it because it specifies Airport Details.Top Left info Sq.
comment 6
Ian date : 11/03/2010 time : 16.09

sorry I obviously meant "not" cost effective.
comment 5
Ian date : 11/03/2010 time : 14.58

HJ, No idea what elevation 44 means unless you can give a link.
I do not support Vegans or vegetarians, humans are carnivorous omnivores, we are designed to eat meat.
I object to eating dogs and cats simply because it is inefficient and cost effective. It is like sending a messenger when one can use a mobile phone.
comment 4
happyjack date : 11/03/2010 time : 12.07

Ian, Ah, there you are.What Does Elevation 44 refer to on a Weather Map.?.Not a very P.C. Statement but why ars Vegans slightly retarded,and Left Wing.
comment 3
Ian date : 11/03/2010 time : 11.46

My objections are based on logic, not emotion. Cats and dogs are carnivores, this means they are at the top of the food chain, they are meat eaters and have to be fed birds, rodents or domestic animals (herbivores).
Normal human meats are pig, goat, sheep, beef, duck, chicken, all vegetarian, we humans are at the top of this food chain. Other carnivores are competitors, not another link in the chain.
In nature carnivores very rarely eat carnivores.
In a domestic environment it does not make economic sense for humans to eat dogs, hence the high price.
comment 2
GGrass date : 11/03/2010 time : 11.40

Not much meat in the world leaders these days... Look at Obama...
comment 1
GGrass date : 11/03/2010 time : 10.28

"A ban on eating them would show China has reached a new level of civilization."

That was very funny....

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