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Wednesday , May 13 , 2009
Coffee War: Starbucks, Au bon pain and True
Posted by Jaratpan , Reader : 5155 , 14:14:10  

Now the 50% Starbucks promotion is coming back and the competitors are joining in!

Starbucks : after 1pm 50% off any drink with a receipt, until 30 June
au bon pain : after 1pm 50% off coffee, until 31 May
True coffee : 50% off all day with member card, until 30 June

Dont you just love shopping during recession? Many things are cheaper!
My friends and I got around 30% discount on new arrivals (not items on sales) from Paragon & Emporium. BTW, anything bought without asking for a bag get 10% discount on Wednesdays (5% in supermarket). I wish Central would be more aggressive on their discount.

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comment 22
happyjack date : 16/05/2009 time : 03.39

Ian, Hitachi do a wall mounted all in one unit,that sucks n blows,can safely say anymore.Early start,Cheers
comment 21
PasaNINJA2499 date : 16/05/2009 time : 01.14
Keep walking forward. Don't give up. Don't fed up.



comment 20
Ian date : 15/05/2009 time : 07.48

Most ultramodern cars have a jet aimed between the legs, stops overheating and impotence.

Filters will remove particles and smells, cannot remove Carbon monoxide and nitric oxide.
comment 19
happyjack date : 14/05/2009 time : 21.05

P.S. its either on or off,no leavers,just Face or Feet - ish.
comment 18
happyjack date : 14/05/2009 time : 21.02

Ian in a Benz,you cant smell exhaust fumes [depending on Model],or fags,in my Wife's Civic you can choke in Bkk.A B.M.W. 7 is Pong Free to.,the filters cost a fortune,don't know how it works,but it does.
comment 17
Ian date : 14/05/2009 time : 20.32

HJ, the aircon in a car has a lever which converts from recirculating to external intake. It is annoying that house aircons only recirculate. The problem with external intake with a car is you end up breathing the exhaust from the car in front. You can't have an extractor unles you have an intake.
comment 16
happyjack date : 14/05/2009 time : 14.48

They dont have propper Air Con,just cold Air so you cant smoke, a good facility has air extraction,and smokers dont bother non smokers.Thats what Air Condition Means, my Car is Air Conditioned,my wifes Car has an Icy Blast Maker, or as Yanks say Fridge Only,and that aint Air Con.
comment 15
xena date : 14/05/2009 time : 09.43

i will not called it a war. i think is a rip-off by all but then again that is only if you are talking about coffee alone. Somebody has to pay for the sofa and air-con and the usually friendly smile. Also the encouragement of the box in front of the order counter to part with whatever change you get.
Well it is your choice? However, I do feel that the coffee from the street vendor is better, though I would always drink it hot.
comment 14
happyjack date : 13/05/2009 time : 23.02

C9 Jaratpan,you are happy to pay,and i quote for - risk of diarrhea,always thought the patronsi looked tense.and fertive.Checking if the Bogs Engaged or not,You can sit alone at homeas G.G. sas 400 Bht for sod all.
comment 13
panalwayscute date : 13/05/2009 time : 23.00

Jaratpan-I bought a shirt on sale at Central, and if I don't want a paper bag for it, I got another 5% discount.

True always send us a True coffee member card along with our phone, internet and True visions bills. The new member card normally gives us a FREE drink and 30% discount for future coffee orders. However, this card will expire in a month, and with Bht. 200.- renewal fee for a new member card, you will automatically get 3 more FREE drinks and the 30% discount. I am a coffee addict and I find TRUE's coffee the cheapest. Starbucks is getting too expensive these days.
comment 12
Hermano_Lobo date : 13/05/2009 time : 22.37


That reminds me, I need to buy some shoe polish !
comment 11
Ian date : 13/05/2009 time : 21.25

In the absence of public toilets, coffee bars do offer a useful service, sometimes
comment 10
noonin date : 13/05/2009 time : 19.01

Comment 7 I wish you were right. It always seemed to me that the poor Thai look up to the rich, and try to emulate them in the simple ways they can. Cell phones come to mind. I have one, it receives calls sends calls and is my alarm clock. Cost 2000baht. A wonderful useful appliance. Not much good for posing though.
comment 9
Jaratpan date : 13/05/2009 time : 18.17
Proudly Pink.

The price we pay is not for the coffee alone:
- taste/taste consistency
- risk of diarrhea
- a place to sit alone or meet other people (They never chase clients away even if 5 people buy one cup and sit there for hours)
- convenience (in some areas, these coffee chains are easier to find than street vendors)
- etc.
comment 8
Ian date : 13/05/2009 time : 17.59

Just got back from the airport (seeing my son off), a glass of mango juice 100Baht. Iced coffee 100Baht, tea 60 Baht , service not included in the menu but included in the bill (cheeky).
comment 7
xiuxiu date : 13/05/2009 time : 17.17

most Thai people do not afford starbucks even if 90% off and much rather keep the coffee money for urgent rice for the family - they do not understand how importance of beeing seen in a window. Paragon shopping is for Thai people who love to look down on other Thai people, but I think they do not understand that the poor people think them just stupid to pay 5000 baht for shoes they know are made for 50 baht and it is them that look down on the foolish.
comment 6
GGrass date : 13/05/2009 time : 17.02

Oh, and I didn't meet her by accident. We had an appointment.

I'm not joking.
comment 5
GGrass date : 13/05/2009 time : 17.01

Guess who I met at the Starbucks...

Ppoey (เป้ย) the dara (star). For real... I met her in person... very pretty. She was wearing a large sunglasses, which I thought was a bit strange, given we were inside a shopping mall.

But overall, she was OK. But very short and small... I thought she would be taller...
comment 4
GGrass date : 13/05/2009 time : 16.57

Re C2 HJ: I was the idiot last weedend... 400+ B for two glasses of ice coffee and a ceasar chicken wrap... -_-,,,

Everytime I goto Starbucks, which is not very often, I am reminded why I shouldn't come again.

But sometimes it's inevitable when you meet some people who like to say,

"Shall we meet at the Starbucks? Say... 1 o'clock?"
comment 3
Jaratpan date : 13/05/2009 time : 15.27
Proudly Pink.

I usually pay Bt20 for iced coffee at my neighborhood street vendor. Once I went out of route and bought iced ovaltine for Bt15 from a seem-to-be-okey street vendor - ended up having diarrhea for a week! I think harder now.
comment 2
happyjack date : 13/05/2009 time : 15.23

50 % of at my Local Coffe Shop ,and i would only pat 7.5 Bht per Cup.Starbucks is for idiots,who like to be seen.
comment 1
BangkokRay date : 13/05/2009 time : 15.17

Hope my local watering hole has a similar offer for my Singha.

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